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Student guitarist with 6 years experience giving personal or group lessons in Glasgow

My teaching methods will be very practical, I have a lot of exercises that were given to me by my teachers and I know that they work. I also have a lot of different music and arrangements that I can give to students of varying levels.

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Holistic Vocal Practitioner tutoring in voice work; singing, improvisation, songwriting and performance skills

Community Music: I have worked with with teens, young people and vulnerable adults of diverse backgrounds. I have Experience in; Youth theatre, Women's groups, Live-in communities and Retreat spaces.

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Operatic Mezzo Soprano offering Singing, Music Theory, and Piano lessons in the south side of Glasgow

I teach singing, music theory, and piano. My number one aim is to create a rigorous, yet supportive learning environment for my students. As a working opera singer I can provide insight and advice for students wishing to follow a performing career. Having studied and performed internationally, I can help prepare serious students by imparting a global perspective of what it means to be a performer.

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Learn to play let yourself flow and enjoy the music with your instrument . Be friend with it

My teaching method is very simple fun and also easy you will need to follow first few lectures and then you can have it your way all the way to your passion . You will learn to connect to your instrument also you will have opportunity to understand your music genre while learning, exciting and fun enjoying what you really wanna do with these learning techniques . It's quite functional yet easy .

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Professional musician and music teacher offering music theory, piano and singing lessons

I believe that one of the most important things about learning music is understanding how to translate the energy and emotions through it. Therefore I pay a lot of attention to both the technical aspect and performance . Every individual is different, and I believe that creating individual lesson plans is the key to achieving the best results.

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In a world of kardasians be a musical theatre student... pretty please

Ill plan out my class, part by part. Get to know the class and then ask them questions like “are you there to serve the arts? Or is the arts there to serve you” just to see if theyre in the right mind for a musical theatre student. All my classes would be extremly active and fun.

Glasgow City
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Vocal tutor here to help improve your performance in N5, H, AH

I am young, friendly and hard-working student with a B in Advanced Higher Music. I am willing to help offer techniques to strengthen performance and to offer my advice. I also have knowledge of good exam prep for music, written and performance.

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Singing teacher based in Glasgow. classically trained and a degree in Musical Theatre - will teach at home, online or will consider coming to you!

My teaching method is 1-1, I will work on vocal techniques, repertoire, style and sight reading. I like to be encouraging and fun and will offer guidance on any steps outside of our lessons as well. I will listen to what you want to learn and improve on.

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Trained vocalist with BA Honours degree in music looking to teach Vocals, theory and more

I am a music graduate who studied primarily in vocals for 4 years. I am qualified to teach anything from beginner to advanced in this subject along with Music theory at any level.

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Passionate musical theatre girl sharing the joys of singing for fun or professionally

My teaching method is to work to people’s strengths and build from there I believe that if you want something bad enough you can achieve it by working hard

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Singing Tuition For All Ages and Abilities in the Southside of Glasgow

My approach can cater to all ages and abilities, as I aim to train the voice through both repertoire and exercises, finding the right balance for the individual pupil.

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Music student offering music theory and performance tutoring for all secondary school students

My teaching methodology is the direct method. I will achieve success through reinforcement to make sure the student can pass any high school level of music. I will also use rewards as a way to reinforce my students answering correctly.

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Conservatoire of Scotland Opera Singer giving singing lessons, language coaching, teaching music theory and flute!

I have been studying Classical singing at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for five years. I have been trained as a flautist since I was 7 before I was a singer. I have held different theme-based recitals, and performed in opera. I would like to give singing lessons for different styles, language coaching for singing in English, Italian, German, French and Chinese of course.

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Want to improve your self confidence? Always wanted to learn how to sing, take part in a drama class or learn the basics of piano? Glasgow based performance-nut Helene is your gal.

Want to improve your self confidence? Always wanted to learn how to sing or take part in a drama class? Well Helene enthusiastically creates a safe, fun and artist environment in which students can push their own boundaries, develop their skills and confidence whilst enjoying the wonderful world of theatre and music.

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Highly experienced youth worker and multi instrumental/performance tutor seeking piano and vocal students.

Graduate of the academy of music and sound, experienced piano, vocal and performance teacher. Also teach beginner/intermediate guitar and drums. Lessons will be catered to each individuals needs and wants taking people's preferences of musical styles into account for example.

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Music Student offering Bagpipe tuition in the Glasgow and central area. Also available for keyboard/piano and singing tuition.

My teaching method is based on a climbing frame. I feel it is important to have a structure for pupils/ students to follow that allows them to build on their past and current achievements to allow them to continue to improve and grow as a player. I aim to keep lessons fun and interesting and do this by using active learning techniques.

1st lesson offered free !

Vocal masters student at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland offering lessons in classical voice and musicianship

I use the Kodály musicianship method in all my classes, which encourages strong musicianship skills through singing. I also ensure to adapt each lesson for every individual student as I am aware that everyone learns in different ways.


Jessica - Hillhead - Singing

After reading Music at Cambridge I formed a strong interest in teaching music and music making, especially singing and accompanying. I have had over five years of teaching experience with great success of pupils of all ages and abilities. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Piano up to grade 8, singing, theory, violin, GCSE Music, Maths and A-Level Music. - Tell me about your qualifications.


Miriam - Langside - Singing

Singing lessons and voice coaching with Londons West End professional. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach singing (all styles but with a classical technique base) and speech/voice I can help you with:Breath control, Vocal quality, Range, Confidence, Performance Technique, Audition prep, Repertoire, Preparing for exams and competitions - Tell me about your qualifications.


Aimee - Springburn - Singing

My teaching philosophy is simple - I believe in giving students the tools that they need to progress and achieve in their chosen discipline, while nurturing a love for music and having fun! - Which subject(s) do you teach? Singing (classical singing, musical theatre, and popular styles), piano, musicianship, and theory.

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Private Piano Paisley. Piano and vocal tutor in Paisley and surrounding areas.

My name is Fiona and I am a qualified Music and Drama teacher with over 10years experience. I teach piano, voice and flute to all ages, experience and needs. Each lesson is designed on a personal level to fit every individual and their needs and their level. I have experience in a variety of musical style, whether you are interested in jazz, classical, contemporary or popular piano.

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Professional Singing Lessons for all ages in Clydebank Believe it Acheive it!

I do one to one lessons as well as group lessons. I use backing tracks and piano for vocal warmups.

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Enthusiastic Advanced Higher Ukulele Player Offering Ukulele Lessons in Glasgow At Home/Online

My name is Xian and I am still in high school where I teach a class to young people on the ukulele. I am currently doing Advanced Higher Music at school and have been very passionately playing the ukulele for several years now.


Hugh - Linn - Singing

I'm an experienced guitar tutor who has recently moved to the South Side. I have been playing for over 20 years and decided to offer lessons about six years ago. As I really enjoyed working with students I have kept on doing it. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Guitar, acoustic or electric, Pop vocals, Bass, Mandolin. - Tell me about your qualifications.

Newton Mearns

Singing Teacher Glasgow | Singing Lessons Newton Mearns

I am a young enthusiastic teacher who is looking to teach classical singing in a relaxed and fun enviroment. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Singing, Music Theory and Beginners Piano - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Professional training in vocal techniques for singing in Musical Theatre. If you are looking to develop your singing ability and knowledge of your voice, reserve now!!

I base my lessons entirely on you! I have many different approaches and like working with you to achieve your vocal goals. Although I have training in Musical Theatre vocals, these techniques can be applied to all forms of your voice, including pop, rock and even your day to day speaking voice.

Rachel elizabeth
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1st lesson offered free !

Enthusiastic Singing Teacher who tutors those of any age or experience !

I believe the best way to tutor someone is to make sure they are confident with me and in themselves so they can perform to the best of their ability.

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Drew - Clydesdale - Singing

I can teach anyone to play guitar to any level in all genres. I am a very patient teacher and I believe in only teaching in a one-to-one situation for best results. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach guitar and singing. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Where to take singing lessons in Glasgow

Your voice is able to awaken over 300 muscles.

Officially designated UNESCO City of Music for its legendary music scene, Glasgow is famous for inspiring and harbouring artists from across the musical spectrum, from urban and hip-hop, to electronica and indie through to classical and celtic. The city hosts about 130 music events a week, which generate about £75 million a year to the city’s economy.

Among the musicians and bands that hail from the city are Franz Ferdinand, Primal Scream, Travis, Teenage Fanclub, and The Vaselines.

With a city like that, who can’t resist whistling a happy tune (or singing one, altogether)?

Glasgow music schools and the national conservatoire

Glasgow has the highest density of higher education institutions offering courses in music, and the largest population of music students in all of Scotland.

Ranked among the world’s top 10 performing arts centres, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is nestled in the heart of Glasgow. The school houses students of dance, drama, music, production, film and performing arts education, all under one roof.

With over 500 performances throughout the year, the RCS encourages its students to practice their skills from the get-go, offering multiple performance opportunities, not only on campus, but also throughout the country and internationally. The teaching staff also gives students the chance to get a sense of the professional world, as most of them combine teaching with their own musical work. And numerous industry specialists visit the campus as Visiting Artists for special lectures to provide students with real industry experience.

The conservatoire also offers classes for adults throughout the year, from beginners courses to short study courses that coach those who wish to integrate the conservatory and embark upon a career in the arts. The Lifelong Learning department offers courses in a range of different topics, from Piano and Conducting Skills, to more specified courses like Composition, Audition Preparation, or even Introduction to Sitar, for adults wanting to learn something new or perfect their skills further.

By way of example, a full day audition preparation course costs £85, while a week-long full time summer school course can cost anywhere between £520 and £550.

Other music schools, such as the Glasgow School of Music, offer lessons in singing, as well as various instruments, such as guitar, piano, and violin. Singing lessons focus on using vocal exercises and practicing the appropriate techniques to promote voice projection.

Music schools may be the ideal solution for you if you’re thinking of combining your newfound gift of song with a particular instrument.


Singing schools in Glasgow

If what you’re looking for is to truly focus on your voice, a better option could be a more specialised singing school.

In Glasgow, several independent schools scattered throughout the city centre offer voice lessons to children and adults alike. Unlike some music schools, there is no audition required - everyone is welcome! All you need is motivation and a passion for singing.

One such school, the Singing Fiddles, offers one on one tuition to hone in on students’ individual goals, whether they are preparing for an audition, practicing their singing to eventually perform onstage or at karaoke, or just wanting to become more confident singers. Beginners are more than welcome, as no previous musical knowledge is required to take lessons, and the school offers low-cost trial lessons, so you can give it a go before committing to the standard lessons.

Another singing school in the area, Happy Voices, was founded by singer and actor Hannah Howie, a Royal Conservatoire of Scotland alum. Hannah places confidence and health at the centre of her lessons, teaching her students how to find their voices in a happy and healthy way. She starts her lessons with multiple vocal exercises, some of which are even available on her website, such as the Lip Trill. This exercise works to mimic the vocal cords coming together in the larynx, ensuring that your air flow is consistent, your diaphragm is busy working and that your body is relaxed.

The best associations to learn how to sing in Glasgow

The Traditional Music and Song Association of Scotland (TMSA), founded in 1966, is a membership organisation open to all that works to promote Scotland’s unique musical heritage. The association allows anyone and everyone to participate in various cultural traditions, both as performers and as audience members, by running festivals, concerts, workshops, tours and competitions throughout the country. Different branches, located in various Scottish cities, are also responsible for promoting the specific musical traditions of the area.

Shapenote Scotland is an informal association, created by people who like to sing, workshop, and promote shapenote music in Scotland. Shapenote music includes unaccompanied three- and four-part harmony pieces, typically religious in nature, dating back to eighteenth-century America. The association meets in Glasgow on the first Friday of every month and holds annual All-Day Singings, as is the tradition in the United States, where anyone is welcome to come sing.

Joining a choir in Glasgow

Another option to let out some energy through song is to join one of the many choirs that call Glasgow home.

The Glasgow Phoenix Choir, for example, is one of the oldest established choirs in the UK! With about 120 members of all ages, the choir covers titles ranging from musicals, Scottish opera, sacred music, pop, and everything in between. Beginners are welcome, as the group doesn’t require previous musical knowledge (many of its members don’t necessarily know how to read music). Even if you cannot actually sing, but you are interested in forming part of a larger group of music enthusiasts, you can also join the Glasgow Phoenix Choir as an Associate Member.

Other choirs, such as the City of Glasgow Chorus and the Glasgow Contemporary Choir, have more specific repertoires, although both are also open to all, with no audition required. The City of Glasgow Chorus, one of the biggest independent choral groups in Scotland, focuses on less familiar, mainstream choral pieces. They also partner with several different orchestras across the UK, and work with them for many of their concerts. The Contemporary Choir was launched in Glasgow in 2014 to allow people with no musical experience to come together, meet new people and perform in public. With no sheet music, they sing contemporary songs accessible to all, and they hold about four performances per year. They also offer free taster sessions, so you can even see what’s it all about before signing up to become a member (for only £25 a month!).

And why not learning to sing with a private singing tutor?

Many different online platforms can now put tutors in touch with students from all over the country needing extra help in a particular subject.

One of these platforms, Superprof, has identified over 3,200 instructors offering singing lessons throughout the United Kingdom, with about 15 of them based in Glasgow. The average hourly rate for these tutors is £25, but certain variables, such as experience or the degree the tutor holds, will influence the final price. For example, an hour-long lesson with a self-taught tutor or a current student will likely cost less than a lesson with an instructor who has over 20 years of professional singing experience.

Contrary to singing in a group, which we covered above, a private tutor will help you work on more technical and precise topics, and, above all, will focus on your specific goals. It’s also important to note that it’s possible to take lessons online, thanks to our instructors who are available to teach via webcam.

Another advantage of Superprof is that most of our instructors offer their first trial course for free, which can turn out to be extremely useful to assess the tutor’s teaching methods and style.

Why should you learn to sing in Glasgow?


  • Not only is Glasgow a UNESCO City of Music, but it has also been voted the world’s friendliest city. So, even if it’s your first time trying to warble a tune, you can be sure that your instructor and/or fellow choir members will be nice about your skills and will encourage you to keep going. 
  • For those of you for whom singing is more than just a mere passion, we advise you to look into the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, which will be able to more closely answer your needs. If your goal is to better understand how to sing, in order to shine at a party or at karaoke, the different associations and singing groups mentioned above are likely to be a perfect fit. 
  • Finally, the large offer of private lessons you can find throughout the city can also prove to be quite complementary, if what you want is to progress quickly and enrich your musical palette in a specific technical domaine or musical style.