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Find a Voice Coach Anywhere in the UK for Vocal Training

From Sophia, published on 19/01/2018 Blog > Music > Singing > Where to Take Singing Lessons in the United Kingdom?

Our lovely country is famous for so much, not the least of which is her contributions to the international music scene.

Several music movements actually originated on our island, creating a global impact on musicians and music lovers worldwide.

From the mountainous regions of China to the deserts of Africa, people know who the Rolling Stones, Adele and Ed Sheeran are.

The British Invasion, Punk and Grime; Heavy Metal and Britpop have revolutionised the very definition of music.

Should there be more innovation in music? Would you add your voice to it?

Let us take a look at some of our country’s most musical cities; where you might find opportunities to train your voice and your ear, and why you should.

Singing in a choir is a good way to train your ear Joining a choir is a great way to pick up singing tips Source: Pixabay Credit: Dimitri Vetsikas

Learn to Sing in Manchester

Madchester, as this metropolis is lovingly known, derives its nickname directly from the 80s music scene.

At the time, the industry was at a low point, recovering from the disco era, and not quite sure where to turn.

Manchester is credited as the driving force behind the British Indie music scene.

Acts such as The Outfield and Simply Red drove the charts: simple lyrics sung by soaring voices set to melodious riffs.

Those artists and others from the Madchester scene, their compositions, and the success of such songs on the music charts led to today’s alternative music becoming a genre onto itself, distinct from pop music.

If you wanted to learn how to sing in Manchester, there are several ways to do so.

Learn to Sing in a Music School

Royal Northern College of Music or RNCM, as it is affectionately called, is an internationally renown music conservatory that, in its current incarnation, is only a little over fifty years old.

Today, RNCM is one of the world’s leading conservatories, polishing such talents as: Jon Cristos, Mary Ann Kennedy, and Barry Banks.

With a teacher to student ratio of roughly 1:3, you can be sure to get the attention you need to cultivate your singing voice.

Through them, you would learn everything from breathing to performing, with a special focus on the posture vital to singing powerful notes.

Sing with a Choir in Manchester

How does singing with a choir equate to learning?

Members of this choir are all experienced performers with a vast repertoire. Neither choir members nor the director are averse to sharing singing tips and offering vocal coaching.

You could say that that group is in fact a band of singing teachers.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned performer, the Philharmonic Choir of Manchester welcomes you.

Perhaps the best part of their programme is that they do not require you to audition as a condition of joining them.

Nor do they demand that you purchase a choir robe!

Find a Voice Coach in Manchester

What if you are not at all confident in your singing voice?

Perhaps, rather than rehearse with a group – no matter how welcoming they are, you would rather learn to sing from a qualified music tutor in a studio.

Active in the music industry for the past twenty years, Neil Maunder now puts his name to an unrivaled experience in vocal training.

Besides helping you refine your vocal techniques, his voice coaches can teach you how to sing:

  • Jazz and Blues
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Soul and Funk
  • Country

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to refine your diction and delivery, Maunder’s will be there to help you hit the high notes: you can take lessons on evenings and weekends.

Provided you are not jamming with your own band or working your vocal chords at your local karaoke club.

Also on the condition that you are not attending a concert at any of Madchester’s music venues.

The more tragic note of Manchester’s musical landscape: We celebrate those who anticipated a fun musical evening and instead, were confronted with carnage.

Can you make a musical splash like the Fab Four? The Beatles are only one highpoint of Liverpool’s musical landscape Source: Pixabay Credit: Skeeze

Learn to Sing in Liverpool

Can you name three things this fab city is known for?

The Beatles, football and the Titanic.

Besides those obvious distinctions, The Pool is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Capital City of Pop Music!

Some of the most famous music acts either originated in, or were discovered in Liverpool.

The Merseybeat, the name given to the unique fusion of Chuck Berry guitar style, with jazz and soul riffs thrown in, became the foundation for the standard rock group of today.

All over the world, pop and rock bands of today owe their format – lead, rhythm and bass guitars, drums and vocals – to the Liverpool music scene.

Would you like to join the roster of illustrious Liverpudlians who have made their mark musically?

The best place to start is with singing lessons in Liverpool!

Singing Lessons in a Music School

The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts’s focus is on contemporary and commercial music, with a curriculum targeted to all aspects of songwriting and performance.

LIPA gives you a choice between a three- or four-year degree program, so you can learn everything from breath control to ear training – connecting the sounds you hear with notes on a paper.

Are you troubled with stage fright?

LIPA has a solution for you: weekly one-on-one voice training sessions with a vocal coach.

This individual attention will help you improve your technique, find your pitch and help you become a better vocalist.

Upon graduation, you would be a well-rounded professional singer, as adept at songwriting as with facing an audience.

What if you don’t have time for a three year commitment to formal vocal training?

Learn to Sing with a Choir

The Choir With No Name might be a fun bunch with whom to kick your musical ambitions into high gear!

You do not need to be an accomplished vocalist to join them; in fact, they do not require you to audition at all!

If you are at least somewhat confident in your singing voice and are looking for vocal coaching in an informal setting, this choir could be for you.

Their repertoire includes everything: from Rock and Soul to show tunes, and they even range to gospel numbers!

As a bonus, this choir hosts regular singing workshops, open to beginners and advanced singers alike.

That all sounds so good, but what if you would rather…

Take Singing Lessons with a Private Instructor

Have you ever had a music teacher that would have you start singing when your throat does not feel in tip-top shape?

Or one who would expect you to sing out of your range?

Maybe in secondary school?

You would not experience any of that at Balance Vocal Studio.

Their method of instruction is nurturing and supportive; they embrace all aspects of voice training.

For instance, they would not have you start singing if your throat feels the least bit scratchy, nor would they arrange for you to sing out of your range.

Finding a singing teacher suited to your particular vocal range and singing ambitions need not be difficult, especially if you know what you are looking for.

The ideal singing teacher for you would emphasise:

  • How to breathe – each session should start with breathing exercises.
  • Good posture: a stoop-shouldered stance can compromise your air intake and capacity for resonance
    • speaking of which, your music teacher should explain head voice, chest voice and range
  • Music theory – the methods and concepts used in creating music
  • Confidence: even famous singers are sometimes plagued with bouts of self-doubt; it is up to voice teachers to help their performers feel more relaxed
  • Vocal health: rest, moisture and muscle tone are the three key ingredients to healthy vocal cords

Taking care of your larynx is an important part of your development as a singer. You should avoid straining your voice at all costs!

Sing with confidence in your voice training Build your confidence by learning good vocal techniques Source: Pixabay Credit: Krimifreundin

Learn to Sing in Bournemouth

Unlike other cities around the UK that are heavily associated with music, Bournemouth is better known for its tourist culture and nightlife.

Previously discussed The Pool and Madchester being two cases in point of fantastically musical cities in the UK.

Still, there is a rich musical heritage in Bournemouth, with members of internationally renown bands like Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and Supertramp calling it home.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Bournemouth’s social climate is that, according to a survey conducted in 2007, it was reportedly the happiest place in the UK.

Does that mean that everyone there has a happy little tune on their lips?

Singing has been proven to positively impact mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Isn’t that a good reason to take singing lessons in Bournemouth?

Find Vocal Coaching in Poole/Bournemouth

Whether you want to be a classical performer or prefer performing covers of popular songs, The College offers full time or part time enrolment for music lessons.

Studying vocal techniques with their voice coaches, you would become a part of a large group of musicians learning fundamentals, who even gig on the weekends!

Another place you could take fun and engaging music lessons is…

Bournemouth School of Music, set in the trendy Pokedown area, has a solid reputation for turning out singing talent.

In their soundproofed rooms, voice teachers impart vocal techniques to beginners as well as more advanced singers.

Or, you might prefer one on one lessons with a voice teacher.

Take Private Singing Lessons

If you are looking for dynamic teaching style and passion for singing, you might want to seek out Brittany Soriano.

She gives lessons to aspiring singers of all ages and genders, individually or in small groups.

And, if Country music is your preferred genre, working with her could well lead you to singing success!

Sing with a Choir in Bournemouth

Let’s say you have had a brush with singing – maybe at a party or as a part of a training exercise at work.

You have discovered that you quite enjoy singing and are not bad at all.

Where can you turn to indulge your new passion, without the formality and fees that lessons would necessarily incur?

The Funky Little Choir Co actually has three different divisions: Children, Youths, and Adults.

While not exactly professional, they have a polished sound that can only come from a tight-knit group who just wanna sing!

They will happily give you a trial session on Mondays or Thursday evenings.

Please check their web page for times and locations.

Learn to Sing in Glasgow

Glasgow has been voted the world’s friendliest city! Isn’t that something to sing about?

So much musical genius puts Glasgow on its tour itinerary, as much for her atmosphere as her eclectic venues!

From the legendary King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, where Oasis was discovered, to The Cathouse – where Pearl Jam has been known to play, Glesga makes loving music easy.

Rather than sit in the audience, why not ply your voice to this fabulous city’s musical landscape?

Take Voice Lessons with the Singing Fiddles

How very Scottish to blend voice and violin!

Singing Fiddles can teach you singing, fiddling or both.

This dynamic group of voice teachers takes vocal novices all the way to a performance-ready voice, with a firm grounding in vocal health and warm up exercises.

They welcome students of all ages and genders and, never tell you what you should sing!

Any style of music; every vocal range: every voice coach will work with you to realise your best singing skill.

Sing with a Choir in Glasgow

Voicebeat is Glasgow’s only multinational choir that sings music from different parts of the world, in different languages.

If you are not a native Glaswegian, this could be your chance to make friends and introduce your culture!

They will not require you to audition, and have no formalities other than rehearsals which, in themselves, are pretty informal.

The Glasgow Contemporary Choir does not require you to wear a choir robe. Nor do they demand that you read music or audition prior to joining them.

They would like it if you had a good ear for rhythm and a strong desire to have fun with music.

They sing a pop and rock repertoire and even provide opportunities to solo, if you so desire!

There is little to keep you from developing your vocal range in Glasgow.

And now that you know where to turn to cultivate your singing techniques, you can find your best voice instructor and start singing in Glasgow!

Cardiff has a strong tradition of musical excellence Cardiff has been voted the UK’s second most musical city! Source: Pixabay Credit: Pixel2013

Take Singing Lessons in Cardiff

Cardiff has been dubbed the UK’s second most musical city.

As though in testament of that fact, the world’s oldest record shop, Spiller’s Records, is located in Cardiff.

In fact, Budgie, the heavy metal band that pioneered the genre, are from Cardiff!

Of course, not every Cardiffian goes around in leather trousers, smashing guitars and engaging in pyrotechnics.

There are so many styles of music pulsing on the Cardiff scene, and so many ways to learn how to sing in Cardiff!

Let us now point you in the right direction, so you can start improving your voice today in Cardiff.

Sing with a Choir in Cardiff

Canton Chorus is a choir of renown that puts on concerts at least twice a year.

This group trends more toward classical music: Gospel, cantatas and opera.

Canton Chorus has been performing in and around Cardiff for quarter-century.

Singing with them, you could get a lot of coaching and tips for a stronger voice from more experienced members of the group.

And, of course, their choir director would lead the group through warm ups and breathing exercises before the first note is sung.

All in all, the steps you take to start singing with a choir are not so different from those when taking formal lessons, one on one, with a voice coach.

Among other reasons, singing in with a group is fantastic ear training.

Training your ear involves recognising pitch, tone, tempo, intervals, chords and rhythms, all without your conductor signaling them or sheet music to read them from.

Cultivating your relative pitch – as the ability is called, is essential in learning how to sing because a singer must be able to hear and identify musical elements as you listen to it, or perform it.

In spite of the fun to be had in singing with a choir, perhaps you would prefer learning to sing in a more reserved, formal setting.

Find Singing Lessons in Cardiff

Angharad Kathy Davies sings opera, and also teaches singing at her studio in Cardiff city centre.

Although a soprano herself, she welcomes all ages and vocal ranges, to learn fundamental vocal techniques.

Good basic singing technique is transferable to any style of singing. – Angharad Kathy Davies

Those techniques include:

  • posture

  • breathing

  • phonation

  • registers

  • resonance

  • expression

Vocal pedagogy comprises of eight fundamental steps. Following them exactly leads to singing success.

With Singing Lessons Cardiff, Ms. Davis will walk you through each one.

Would you maybe live in the country’s most populous city, established more than two millenia ago?

Take Singing Lessons in London

The global city called London blends so many musical influences from so many places around the world into her own, distinct sound.

Music genres that originated in London herself include Punk and, more recently, Grime.

In fact, the style of music known as Urban Contemporary has gained such a foothold that BBC radio set up a station expressly broadcast and promote up and coming musicians like Stormzy and Bloc Party.

Still, not everyone in London raps, or pogoes to electronica.

Let us now find out where you can learn to sing in London and learn other types of music in Olde London Towne.

Voxbox would be a great place to find your voice because they offer group training sessions at no cost.

Whether a novice vocalist, intermediate or already an established singer, you can attend their workshops to glean singing tips.

They also give private lessons and teach formal classes. Naturally, there is a fee associated with them.

Once the head voice coach at London Music School, Samuel Nichol is intent on helping as many as possible to reach their full potential.

Child or adult, whether you want to sing, build your confidence or learn to use your voice more effectively, you can study everything from breathing techniques to voice projection with Mr. Nichols.

Obviously, this article addresses aspiring singers and vocalists in specific cities.

However, if you do not live in or near any of these locales, you still have plenty of opportunity to find and develop your voice, anywhere in the country.

From anywhere in the world!

Learn to Sing Online

With so much that can be learned from the Internet, it stands to reason that you could also learn how to sing online.

A stipulation to querying the Internet is that you must ask the right question in order to get the desired answer.

How should one sort all of those search results? Is the first hit always the best result for your needs?

How to zoom in on that one voice coach that would provide you the musical knowledge and voice training you need?

Look no further than Superprof for your online singing lessons.

Do you want to sing opera, or rock?

Maybe you just want to wow your mates at your next karaoke night.

Whatever reason you seek to develop your voice, any of our more than seven hundred tutors would be sure to help you.

We are talking about a risk-free proposition: most Superprof tutors give their first hour of lessons free.

All you need is Skype, and a sincere desire to cultivate your singing voice. The rest is up to your Internet connection.

Whether you want to improve your tone quality or find exercises for vocal health, there are many opportunities, all over the UK, to find your singing voice.

Why should you restrict yourself to singing in the shower?

Isn’t it time to discover how effective your voice could be through singing lessons?


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