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The average price of Singing  lessons is £17.

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Find Coaches For Private Singing Lessons Anywhere in the UK

Many times schools are always under pressure to make budget cuts, and music programs are often top on the chopping block. Now according to a recent study students who took music lessons in high school performed better in other subjects like English, Science, and Mathematics. We are, therefore, at the forefront in helping you find the best private tutors who will help you excel in your singing lessons. We offer contemporary private singing lessons to all levels ranging from beginners to professionals. Whether you are a complete novice, intermediate, or an expert in singing, you need not worry because we care! Therefore take your classes at the place of convenience. Whether at your home, at the tutor’s house, or online through the webcam, enjoy the best of courses we have to offer you.  

Benefits of Taking Private Singing Lessons

  • Make a Career Out of Singing
Where could voice training take you? Many have indeed made a career out of singing. The singing world offers a multitude of career opportunities. Therefore the skills you acquire in singing, such as knowledge of music theory and performance skills, will equip you for a career in music. You could consequently become a professional musician, a private singing teacher, a voice coach, a school music teacher, a music researcher, or even a songwriter or composer.
  • Develop Your Vocal Style
Everyone has a different voice, and this is the reason it is challenging to produce song covers that are identical to the original versions. Majority of singers like their own production. I mean creating and finding a way to make an existing song by using their own musical style to the lyrics and the melody.
  • Improve your Public Speaking
Have you ever found yourself in a situation unable to speak before people? Or are you familiar with an overwhelming feeling that comes when your voice is trembling, and you want the ground to open and swallow you alive? Sometimes and those times are many, giving a speech before an audience is a fear-inducing experience for many people. Lacking self-confidence on the part of the speaker is something that our private singing lessons can help remedy. You will also learn how to use breathing techniques to stay calm, and as a singing student, you will be able to know how your voice works in three vocal registers that are; chest voice, passagio, and head voice.  

Reasons Why Our Private Lessons are Different

Since every student’s voice is unique, so is everyone’s learning approach. Our instructors work on each-skill-at-a-time to ensure that all the critical elements of vocal release are grasped. We offer variety in our lessons learning through practical application with exercises and songs, visual aids, kinesthetic imaginations, listening, science learning, and many more ideas that you have to help you in your knowledge. Our lessons are therefore tailored to each individual, and combine technique and intuition to uncover genuine vocal freedom, musicality, expressive tone, and grounded confidence. Through studying with us, you will build yourself a toolkit that em[ploys creativity and physiological knowledge to achieve healthy and authentic vocal and musical expression. There is a universality to what makes a good voice and a beautifully expressive tone- relaxed, instinctive breathwork, and whole-body alignment creating the support that provides true freedom to the larynx, which itself moves between intricate and detailed shifts of posture and position throughout the singing act. These intricate laryngeal postures can be explored and understood physiologically, and then incorporated back into a healthy primal, emotional vocal expression.  

Why Choose Us For Private Lessons?

Our private lessons are simply the best. Our tutors offer these lessons with great professionalism anywhere in the UK. No wonder our tutors have an average rating of 5.0 and over 1136 reviews. Besides, unlike other institutions, we offer the best prices in the market, with 89% of our tutors offering their first lesson free of charge. The lessons are also affordable, with an average lesson costing $19/hr. We also offer a free vocal initial Assessment lesson in the first lesson. This lesson includes an assessment of your singing ability from one or two songs you bring, which is then followed by a discussion about your strengths, areas that we would work on, your aims and your goals. You will also get to learn our instructor’s background and teaching methods, which are based on ‘knowledge, is power”. We are passionate about providing an environment that is safe enough to support curiosity and experimentation, and to balance between discipline and playfulness, thereby creating the perfect conditions for personal and creative growth. We simply uncover the skills and knowledge for all areas of music and sound-making. Superprof tutors are as fast as lightning, and our tutors usually respond in under 4 hours. Therefore, you need to consult your tutor profile free of charge. Next, contact your ideal tutor depending on your needs, which might be prices, qualifications, reviews, home, or webcam lessons. You can then exchange with your tutor, explaining to them your needs while discussing availabilities. Once done, you can then schedule your lessons and pay them right through your inbox. Enjoy your lessons, and if you pass, then you have unlimited access to all tutors, coaches, and masterclasses. You will never be alone! Superprof tutors will always be there in your hopes and your fears. Don’t delay to communicate with your ideal coach to discuss your doubts. Always ensure that you find a tutor who will diagnose the main trouble areas in your learning to advance your preferred music style. Therefore, depending on where you live, you can find tutors who are specialized as performers, in one method versus another. Our lessons are in line with the singing instructors who are professional classical music or musical theatre singers. These instructors will allow you to make progress at your own rhythm. They will also adapt to your artistic ambitions and your level during your lessons.
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