Most of us struggle a great deal with this subject, and it may not come easily or intuitively to you too! To do well in this tough subject, you must dedicate a lot of time and a lot of effort into maths learning, a time we'd all rather spend doing something a bit more fun! Like, going to your favourite sushi or Italian restaurant?

Why is Learning Maths so Tough? 

  • Maths is always the subject we dread on our timetable as it's very boring!
  • A lot of us find it hard to follow maths lessons and we can easily fall behind.
  • During our school years, our teachers often move onto more complex topics too fast.
  • Maths is just overall a confusing subject!

Let's get to the bottom of this tricky subject and see how you can get the best maths tutor in Glasgow.

Kumon Maths Tutors

Kumon is the UK's largest educational provider. They offer maths and English lessons and help for those of all ages, strengths, and abilities. There are over 680 Kumon centres across the UK, including in Glasgow:

Learn maths in Glasgow with Kumon
Which one is your nearest Kumon centre? (Source: Kumon)

"The Kumon Method" was coined in 1954 by Toru Kumon, who was a teacher from Japan.

Kumon continues to follow Toru Kumon's principles to make teaching maths to children a fun experience. These principles convince students to look forward to their maths lessons!

They follow the ethic that every child has the potential to succeed in maths, by developing their mathematical skills, and they will, therefore, be able to do well through endless amounts of maths help and support.

Kumon only employs the best of the best maths tutors out there, they are all extremely skilled and experienced in the field of teaching maths and dealing with students who struggle with the subject, for example, those with dyslexia and dyspraxia.

These tutors do their utmost to see children make an effort and succeed in maths. 

"At Kumon, we care about each individual child and giving them the opportunity to succeed in the global community." (Source: Kumon).

Find a Maths Tutor on Superprof

Superprof is the perfect website to learn maths from our experienced maths tutors Cardiff. With over 30 tutors teaching maths to choose from and average price of £19 an hour, Glasgow is one of the cheaper cities to perfect your maths skills.


Online tuition is the best way to learn Maths from your sofa
Superprof is by far the best tutoring website for maths tuition (Source:

We offer a free UK service that helps tutors and tutees find each other via a secure and easy-to-use online tuition platform. You can either take maths lessons locally, face to face, or online, around the UK or the world!

With the help of internet, online tuition is becoming more and more popular. Online tuition can also work around your busy schedule, all you need is an internet connection and you're all set!

Superprof has tutors offering tuition in more than 1000 subjects, and of course, including maths! 

Whether you're a beginner in maths or are more advanced, Superprof is the right place for you as our tutors will tailor their classes to your Maths needs and requirements!

Learning Maths at Glasgow Clyde College

Are you based in Glasgow and looking to learn maths? Glasgow Clyde College offers maths lessons that can provide you with a qualification, which can support most applications for becoming a primary school teacher.

The level 5 maths course is separated into 3 units, and you will be assessed on each unit as you go along. It works a bit like a maths GCSE, the first paper is non-calculator and in the final two papers, you can use a calculator.

You'll attend maths classes in Belfast once a week and each lesson will last 3 hours, from 6pm-9pm, which is great as you can participate in these classes after work. The maths course isn't cheap (£250), but it will be worth it in the end and it last one year.

Explore Learning Maths & English tuition

Whether you need maths help, a confidence boost or support with your exam prep, Explore Learning offers all of this in a calm, fun and friendly environment.

They appreciate that every student is different and everyone learns through different methods, which is why Explore Learning has the outlook to help every single one of you!

Whichever stage you may be in your maths learning, Explore Learning can provide you with a maths tutor that will make the difference. They have a unique and tailored approach for each student to strive for the best maths result.

Find your closest maths teaching centre in London
Call them today to subscribe to your first maths lesson in Glasgow (Source: Explore learning maths & English tuition)

Each class has around 6 students with 1 maths tutor Edinburgh, the classes are small and the tutor has time for each student, you won't feel left behind and you'll be able to keep up thanks to the continued maths support you'll receive. You'll also receive frequent feedback on how you're progressing in your maths lessons, which is great to see how you're progressing.

Learn maths in London
It's time to conquer your fear in maths! (Source: Explore Learning Maths & English)

Explore Learning only hire experienced and skilled maths and English tutors, they can guarantee you you'll be in good hands and will receive some of the best maths help!

"We learn best when they are engaged and comfortable. Explore centres are lively, vibrant and full of positive energy, but most importantly they’re a safe place where members can feel at home." (Source: Explore Learning Maths & English tuition)

Super Maths Glasgow

The Super Maths Acadamy in Glasgow offer a friendly and fun, yet educational maths course and progress a great deal throughout the maths course.

The maths revision classes are held in the Children's Abacus Maths Classes Glasgow, which is in centre of the city.

You'll learn to grasp mental theoretical concepts as well as learning how to use your calculator properly! Each maths course lasts at least 12 weeks, so it is rather intensive but you'll see results in no time.

Their maths course is divided into 8 levels:

  1. Level 1: the first level offers the chance for those with absolutely no understanding of maths to start from scratch.
  2. Level 2: similar to level 1, you will start to consolidate what you have already learned, whilst also starting on the time's tables.
  3. Level 3: starts to become a little more advanced, for example, you'll be introduced to decimal points.
  4. Level 4: this level also consolidates what you learned at level 3, and you'll work on decimals in more depth, using more numbers.
  5. Level 5: you'll be introduced to dividing numbers, for example: "3 divided by 1".
  6. Level 6: this is where it starts to become a little harder, as you'll be introduced to fractions.
  7. Level 7: you'll cover everything you have done so far, as well as percentages.
  8. Level 8: you'll learn mixed calculations, for example "10 divided by 4 plus 6 minus 9".

Saturday School Glasgow

Saturday School in Glasgow offers maths classes every Saturday from 9am-midday, and they run annually from January until May. Throughout the course, you'll receive feedback for all SQA National 5 and Higher courses, as well as for the SQA Personal Development Awards. 
Learning maths in Glasgow
Subscribe today to maths courses in Glasgow (Source: Saturday School Glasgow)
Each maths student studying at the Saturday School in Glasgow will receive a learning and stationary pack, so you'll be all set with the necessary equipment!

Each Saturday class costs £75, which is rather good for a 3-hour intensive course, where you'll receive excellent maths tuition and help. Additionally, you can also opt for maths classes during Easter (from 10pm-2pm) and each class costs £90, you'll also receive an SQA text book to read at home.

We know that this course isn't cheap, but their hours are flexible, you can work in the week and participate in maths courses at the weekend. They also offer discounts for those who find this course rather pricey, so there's a maths course for everyone and everyone is given the chance to succeed in the subject! 


You have now seen that wherever you live in Glasgow, you'll easily find a maths centre where you can either learn maths from scratch or get GCSE maths revision. It's time to stop panicking and time to throw away your boring maths text books and go and find yourself a maths tutor!

Learn maths in Glasgow
Get your calculator out and turn on thinking mode! Photo Via Visual Hunt

By attending these maths classes, you'll excel in maths in no time, your confidence will improve and you'll open new doors to a brighter future. Employers will appreciate your maths GCSE or maths qualification and will take your job application seriously and you'll no longer feel like the last in the class.

You're one step closer to your ideal job, so get studying!

Are you moving around the UK? Find maths tutors in Manchester, Birmingham & London.

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