People who choose to study maths are often regarded as highly intelligent.

This is usually because these are the people whose brains are wired in such a way that they can get to grips with mathematical concepts more easily.

However, not everyone is born a maths wizz. Some prefer English literature or are able to quickly learn a new language.

Everyone has their own gifts and talents, but there's no denying the importance of maths topics in real life. Mathematics is a part of our everyday lives, so having a good understanding of the subject can come in very handy.

This is probably why private maths help is a best seller in the market for home tuition.

If you're thinking about calling on the expertise of a online tutor or in home math tutor but are unsure of where to start, follow our guide!

What Makes a Math Tutor so Important?

As a parent, you're probably wondering how to choose the perfect maths tutor for your child.

Maths serves as a base for sciences and many professional careers in the world of work, so getting the hang of the basics at an early age is essential to succeed in your academic career and maybe even later on in life.

Having one to one maths lessons from primary school to university can be incredibly beneficial to those who are worried about falling behind or just need to improve their confidence in school.

The tutor can show their learner that maths is fun and there is a math genius in us all - we just need to cater for each learning style by using the right maths drills and cool maths games.

Maths Lessons for Primary School Children

In an Ofsted press release about the importance of an education in mathematics, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw said:

" I want all children to have the best education they can and mathematics is a fundamental part of that. It is essential for everyday life and understanding of our world. Too many pupils do not fulfil their potential, including many of the most able, and those who get off to a poor mathematical start or fall behind in their learning never catch up."

The way national curriculum maths is taught does not take into account the individual needs of each pupil. This means that some get bored because the pace is too slow, and some get left behind as they need more time to understand. These two groups end up underperforming in routine maths tests.

Get extra maths lessons for primary school children
What are the objectives of the national math curriculum? ¦ source: Visualhunt

The one-size-fits-all approach is not the most effective - this is where private academic tutoring comes in.

Core maths lays the foundations for building up scientific knowledge with fractions, decimals, geometry, probability and algebra. Each of these concepts helps us make sense of the world in which we live.

With so many benefits of being educated in maths, and with the pressure placed on year 6 maths pupils to do well in their maths SATs papers, we simply cannot ignore the need to educate ourselves and our children in the field of mathematics.

GCSE Maths Tutoring

When children make the leap from primary maths to year 7 maths, the level of difficulty increases steadily. The same cannot be said, however, for the jump from high school math to GCSE maths exams.

Math tutoring aims to:

  • Lay the foundations to give children the ability to understand the world around them
  • Be able to take an interest in scientific advancements and understand the challenges the world of science is faced with
  • Be able to see things from a mathematical perspective
  • Apply their mathematical skills in other areas including physics, chemistry and geography
  • Structure their thought processes

These are all vital points for teenagers and young adults who, with maths help, will learn, bit by bit, how to decode their environments.

This is exactly what makes the job of a online maths tutor so important.

Whether it's helping students with My Maths homework, maths revision GCSE, or simply introducing them to topics such as trigonometry and calculus, the types of supplemental help a maths tutor can provide are endless.

Tutors can even coach students in test preparation by focussing on a specific exam board and working through Edexcel maths GCSE past papers, for example, to prepare them for the format of upcoming exams.

A Level Maths Tutoring

Sixth form is a time of choosing which channels you want to follow. You may want to study three sciences and maths, or English literature, art and languages, or why not have a bit of everything and do music, physics, maths and French at A level?

The leap from GCSE to AS level is another big one.

Many students are attracted to the the more mathematical route of studying for A levels in maths, further maths and physics, for example, since there subject all complement each other.

But what if you're struggling to keep up in class?

Having extra lessons with a private physics and maths tutor, for example, can be highly beneficial for A level students.

Work through AQA maths A level past papers and find the best ways to tackle the maths problems you find toughest at your own pace.

Finding a Maths Tutor Near Me

Demand for tutors is growing like never before.

Maths lessons are a best seller in the market for one on one tutoring as pupils and parents alike recognise the importance of maths not just in a child's academic and future professional career, but also in day-to-day life.

Find private maths tutors in your local community
Look around you and find the right tutor for your needs ¦ source: Visualhunt

But just how difficult is it to find a maths tutor? Whether they are a maths undergraduate, a certified maths teacher or hold a math PHD, tutors come from all kinds of backgrounds  - you just need to know where to look!

Start by looking within your local community for someone who can provide in home tutoring.

These days, it's all too easy to head to the internet to find what you're looking for, but try the old-fashioned way - this means you'll be more likely to find someone who lives in your area and therefore won't have to travel too far to deliver their lessons. Tutors often advertise in shops, on notice boards and in the local newspaper, so see if you can pick up any contact details!

You could even head to the local college or university which may have undergrad students looking for tutor jobs while they study.

Choosing an Online Maths Tutor

The internet is full of information and advertisements for online tutors. You will find all kinds of online tutoring including those who can provide help in more than one area. Find chemistry and maths tutors or tutors who specialise in engineering - you'll be spoilt for choice!

We recommend that you have a look at the tutors available on Superprof, who are based all over the UK.

Be spoilt for choice and check out a range of different teachers
There is an abundance of private maths tutors online ¦ source: Pixabay

Getting started on Superprof is simple: type 'mathematics' into the search bar and choose your location and click 'search'.

You'll be given a list of tutors in your area with their hourly rates and a bit of information about themselves.

Some are researchers, others are at university, and some have formal teaching experience in the education system.

The advantages of finding a tutor this way are:

  • Find a maths tutor near you: The website shows you how far away this person is and whether they come to you.
  • Find a tutor with the right skills: Superprof lets you have a look at each tutor's CV so you can get a feel for their level of maths expertise and their teaching experience.
  • Choose between different price points: private tuition can get expensive. Thankfully Superprof displays tutors with various rates so you can select your tutor depending on maths tutor prices.
  • Try before you buy: A stand-out advert doesn't always guarantee the ideal tutor. Superprof allows you to consult several tutors before you decide which one has the best methods to suit your needs.

Free Online Maths Tuition with Youtube

Online learning doesn't always require a personal tutor, many teachers such as Mr Barton Maths give free tutoring services on Youtube!

These are mainly certified maths teachers or those with appropriate teaching qualifications, so you're in safe hands!

It's understandable why some people may feel sceptical about this. However, for those who are bored of textbooks and don't have the means to pay for private tutoring, Youtube can be a godsend.

Study maths for free on Youtube
Youtube: a fantastic resource for free online maths lessons ¦ source: Pixabay

Instead of scheduling a one to one session, why not type 'maths lessons' in the Youtube search bar? As soon as you do, you'll see dozens of teachers who have uploaded their lessons for your benefit. There are tutorials for all levels, from KS1 maths all the way up to studying for a maths degree.

So why not follow a few of these lessons as a refresher course? Or have a look at something unfamiliar if you're feeling curious.

It's not a conventional teaching method since there is no interaction between the tutor and tutee, but it's interactive and completely free!

Another advantage to learning from videos is that you can pause, rewind or fast-forward them according to how you are progressing. Do the questions with the teacher, or have a go before you watch their solution.

Learning maths online will open you up to a world of knowledge. So dip into polynomial equations or find out how to calculate the surface area of a cone - you're in the driving seat of your academic success!

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