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What Does UCF Offer in Terms of Language Proficiency Certification for the Spanish Language?

From Jon, published on 20/02/2018 Blog > Languages > Spanish > University of Central Florida’s Language Proficiency Test in Spanish

Maybe you are a student about to complete your schooling who thinks that Spanish will occupy an important place in your career. If that’s the case, there will be many certificate that meet your expectations.

For employees, the logic is always the same: competing with other candidates for jobs.

In both cases, it is recommended that you take a closer look at these Spanish certificates by reading our article. They may prove to be a worthwhile investment for your (future) career.

The Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (FLPE) evaluates skills in the areas of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammatical accuracy. There is no credit awarded for this exam. Students can earn up to 2 semesters equivalency at a college level, which will be important for the job applicant.

The Specifics of the UCF FLPE Spanish Test

The total time limit is 2.5 hours. Although each exam is unique in its contents, most contain listening comprehension, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammatical accuracy of the first two semesters of any given language.

Before you register for a FLPE exam, check with your academic advisor to make sure the FLPE examination you wish to take is appropriate for your needs. For updated information regarding this and all other important FLPE policies, please visit the UCF Undergraduate Catalog section on FLPE.

  1. Review the FLPE requirement in the UCF Undergraduate Catalog and University Testing Center polices.
  2. Submit written documentation of a documented disability from Student Accessibility Services to make accommodated testing arrangements at least two weeks prior to your scheduled test dateContact UTC for more information.
  3. Complete the registration process a minimum of one day prior to the test date (providing there are no special testing arrangements).
  4. Complete registration and payment online.
  5. After completing the registration process, check your email for the test registration confirmation.  The test registration confirmation is required and must be presented on test day to be admitted to take your exam.

This test aims to show the test taker’s mastery of the Spanish language. It will give the test taker’s some pretend situations in a professional context in order to allow them to understand what working for a Spanish speaking business might be like.

Passing this diploma is interesting for a middle-level student wishing to validate his achievements who is planning to work with Hispanic companies, whether it be in Spain, South America, or Latin America.

Test Day

Arrive 15-minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Examinees arriving more than 15-minutes late may not be admitted and will forfeit any costs paid.

You are required to bring two forms of identification. Your IDs cannot be expired and must be in the name in which you are registered to test.

  • Primary ID: Must be a government-issued, non-expired photo ID.  Acceptable documents include a driver license, passport, state-issued identification card, or military identification.
  • Secondary ID: Must have a photo OR signature, such as a Social Security Card, student ID, employee ID, or a debit/credit card in the examinee’s name.

Bring your Test Registration Confirmation sent to your email by RegisterBlast.

This test is a good opportunity for people to visit sunny Florida while also taking a test that can secure them a job in the field of their choice!

Do you know the DELE Spanish Test?

You should also have a look at the make-up of the DELE Test…

Why Is a Spanish Proficiency Test So Important?

successful-spanish-speaker Being bilingual is a plus in a business world where languages are utterly important!

According to a Huff Post, here are 12 reasons every American should learn Spanish:

Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

A rising number of employers prefer individuals who can speak Spanish fluently. A 2013 survey of high level managers and executives conducted by Strategy + Business found that 96 percent of respondents “thought language skills are either “very important” or “somewhat important” for professional success in the current business environment.”

Expand Your Horizons

With 329 million native speakers, according to Ethnologue, Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the world after English. Get to know your hemispheric neighbors in Latin America, and fake your with through Portuguese in Brazil with your new language skills.

Do Your Job Better

business-meeting Imagine how much more smoothly your business meetings would go with your Spanish colleagues if you had Spanish under your hat!

Doctors, lawyers and social workers work with diverse individuals and families day in and day out, many of whom may speak Spanish. According to the U.S. census, 12.9 percent of Americans speak Spanish at home.

Communicate With Your Children

By 2050, the U.S. will be the largest Spanish speaking country, according to the Association of Spanish Language Academies. That means that if if you have children in the next decade or so, they will likely speak the language or at least have friends who speak Spanish. Now, wouldn’t you like to understand what your children and their friends are saying to one another when they’re not speaking English?

Work Abroad

If working abroad or traveling for work is one of your career goals, learning how to speak Spanish fluently will help you get there. In an increasingly global market, being bilingual will help you speak with international clients, negotiate business deals abroad, and collaborate with experts across the globe.

Watch Foreign Films Without Reading Subtitles

Once you master the Spanish language, you’ll be able to understand the subtleties and get the jokes in real time whenever you watch a film from Latin America or Spain.

Improve Your Cognitive Skills

Not only does learning a second language improve your brain, but it helps your mind stay sharp longer. That’s right — several studies show that speaking being bilingual improves cognitive skills unrelated to language.

Keep Your Brain Young and Healthy

Researchers at the University of Ghent in Belgium recently published a study that added to the growing evidence that bilingualism can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and it “contributes to cognitive reserve and postpones the symptoms of dementia.”

Become a More Independent Person

Ever find yourself in downtown Laredo, Texas or somewhere in Miami without an English speaker in sight? Learning to speak Spanish will help take care of that problem.

Understand Spanish Song Lyrics

Want to know what Shakira is saying when she sings in Spanish? Interested in knowing what the salsa song you’re dancing to means? Learn Spanish and find out.

Make New Friends

linguistic-skills Make friends with Spanish speakers in order to improve your Spanish linguistic skills!

Latinos are one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. Though English may be the country’s most commonly spoken language, many Latinos in the U.S. come from Spanish-speaking households. Learning Spanish may help you get to know your neighbors and make new friends.

Improve your English

Learning the Spanish can help boost your vocabulary by familiarizing you with English words that have Latin roots.

Up your Game

kissing-couple True love can happen in different languages too!

Nothing says romance like taking the time to learn how to communicate with a potential partner or significant other in their native tongue.

It’s Relatively Easy to Learn

Spanish is spelled phonetically and many of the words are similar to English. And because so many people in the U.S. speak the Spanish fluently, you don’t have to go very far to find someone with whom you can practice or some place where you can fully immerse yourself in the language.

You Can Put it to Good Use All Day Everyday

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S. You’re bound to run into someone who speaks only Spanish in your daily life. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could communicate with them?

Advance Your Career with the Spanish Language

The University of Central Florida could help you reach your entrepreneurial dreams. If you have Spanish under your belt, you can decide to start a business in Spain or a Latin American country. If it’s not based in the country itself, you could start a branch there, or speak with locals who may want to franchise your idea.

Once you are linguistically equipped with the UCF diploma, you have many options open to you! These options could mean more work, more money, and more meetings.

Don’t pass the opportunity up! Invest in the FLPE Spanish diploma today. You are only online steps away from making your Spanish language dreams come true! 


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