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How Easy Is It to Progress in Spanish?

From Jon, published on 20/02/2018 Blog > Languages > Spanish > How Fast Can You Learn the Spanish Language?

Would you like to communicate with more than 400 million Spanish speakers around the world?

You’re in luck: Spanish is one of the main foreign languages ​​taught in American schools alongside French and German.

But do you know why?

Because the Spanish language is:

  • The 2nd most used language in international trade.
  • The 3rd most spoken language in the world.
  • There are 400 million people whose mother tongue is Spanish
  • A language spoken in more than 20 countries and on 5 continents.

Enriched by its Latin culture, Spain is a warm and dynamic country that attracts more and more American students in order to discover the Iberian Peninsula and progress in the language of Don Quixote.

Learning Spanish means also having the opportunity to discover South America and its treasures!

Because Europe is such an interesting destination, it is not uncommon to see Americans visit the country of Cervantes and its flagship destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona, or Seville.

But before taking full advantage of this kind of trip or professional expatriation to Spain, it is important to master the Spanish language and vocabulary as much as possible.

So, how does one learn to speak Spanish quickly?

You got it: if your vocabulary boils down to “vamos a la playa,” it’s high time to take Spanish lessons!

Today, Superprof will show you that learning to speak Spanish–with a little effort and a good method–is a real breeze!

Easily Learn Spanish From an Early Age at School

In the United States of America, schools ask students to start learning Spanish in 6th grade.

Spanish learning continues into high school, and even into college depending on your chosen curriculum.

flag-spain In America, most high school students opt for the Spanish language.

The school curriculum provided by the Spanish teachers in middle school is adapted to the students. Before getting to the heart of the subject, students get to know the language and Hispanic culture in order to stir their curiosity.

They will start learning the Spanish language with:

  • The alphabet and its Spanish pronunciation
  • Punctuation and accentuation
  • Generations and numbers in Spanish
  • The apocopation
  • The construction of Spanish sentences
  • Spanish linguistics and its culture via easy Spanish classes
  • Etc.

In all US middle and high schools, Spanish is the most popular language, far ahead of French and German.

American college students are more likely to learn Spanish because of the presence of Spanish speakers in the American culture, and their curiosity for its culture and history. Additionally, the Hispanic culture and Spanish pronunciation seem more accessible to American students than French or German.

Taking Spanish Classes in the USA

How do you learn Spanish in the USA?

Apart from those Spanish classes taught to students in middle school, one can easily find Spanish courses and private Spanish tutors in the United States in order to progress with the language.

Specialized Foreign Language Classes

If you are looking for Spanish courses on the internet, you will find many specialized sites and private organizations offering their services to enable you to learn the Spanish language easily.

These sites are easily found on the web via the following Google searches:

  • “Free spanish course”
  • “Easy spanish”
  • “Learn to speak spanish”
  • “Free spanish”
  • ” Speak spanish quickly”…

Free or available for a small subscription fee, these learning sites are open to everyone, regardless of the level or skill of students.

And yes, of course you can learn the language of Cervantes for free!

For beginners, courses containing fun and educational exercises will allow you to learn the basics of Spanish.

For those who wish to add to their Spanish language knowledge, grammar, tests, and even essays are offered.

To study Spanish online, you can start with:

  • Rosettastone.com,
  • duolingo.com.

Smartphone Apps For Spanish Classes

Private Spanish tutoring organizations can also be found on smartphones. That’s why today, the Apple Store and Google Play are full of Spanish course apps.

It is very easy to revise your Spanish vocabulary and grammar directly from your phone or tablet, while you are comfortably seated at the back of your sofa.

phone-app Perfect your Spanish skills thanks to handy language apps!

These fun language learning applications often take the form of tests, voice-overs, games, quizzes, courses, etc.

Spanish smartphone applications are:

  • Babbel,
  • MosaLingua,
  • Spanish Nemo.

They are often free or affordable and allow you to carry a Spanish tutor in your pocket everywhere.

Learn to Speak Spanish with Superprof

Superprof gives you the opportunity to find your Spanish tutor anywhere in the States and progress easily and quickly.

One of the best methods to learn Spanish!

Unlike websites and applications, calling on a private tutor means having someone along for the ride of learning.

You can find teachers, higher education students, and even native Spanish teachers on Superprof.

The following things are on the schedule:

  • Learn Spanish vocabulary by heart
  • Spanish spelling, grammar, and conjugation
  • Irregular verbs
  • Dialogue
  • Spanish translation
  • And many other elements…

Nearly 3,700 Spanish teachers are waiting for you for an average price of 20 USD per class.

The first class is very often free!

However, is it possible to learn to speak Spanish in 6 months?

Full Immersion in a Spanish Speaking Country

What’s better than immersing oneself in Spanish culture to learn to speak the language?

A trip to Spain is the best way to learn to speak Spanish.

Of course, before you leave, we advise you to know some language basics and to have some Spanish vocabulary that will be useful to start your new adventure.

Spanish bilinguals will tell you that there is no better way to learn Spanish than to live in the country and to immerse oneself in culture.

A Spanish immersion in Madrid, for example, will allow you (through work and daily life) to progress very quickly by being totally exposed to a new linguistic environment.


spanish-building How about living in Madrid a year in order to learn the Spanish language?

You can also buy some books to learn Spanish before you leave. These Spanish books will allow you to acquire the basics of the language. They are often accompanied by CDs for faster learning.

Studying the Spanish Language In Order to Stand Out Professionally

Today, in the business world, English remains of the utmost importance. However, professionals are also beginning to emphasize the importance of Mandarin and Russian.

Spanish, like English, is accessible. However, the same cannot be said of Chinese and Russian, which will require much more work before a language learner becomes perfectly bilingual.

As the 2nd most used language in international trade after English, learning Spanish can be a real advantage and help you to build a future career.

Being a Spanish bilingual will mean you can occupy important positions in major international companies, especially with regards to trades with Latin America, which is a growing market.

Spanish language skills will open many doors for you and your professional career.

Note that, when it comes to working in the United States, Hispanic Americans now represent more than 16% of the country’s population. It’s also important to note that nearly 39% of Californians speak Spanish! You could find your dream job in San Diego or Los Angeles!

In addition to learning in the classroom, there are many tools available to students and adults to deepen their knowledge and vocabulary in order to learn the language of Pablo Picasso.

So, how difficult is it to learn Spanish?

Well, it will take a little bit of work–and could prove difficult in some cases, but you are more likely to learn Spanish than Russian. At least you won’t have to learn a whole new alphabet. It’s not Chinese either, which would be even harder.

If you think that learning Spanish will be hard via a tutoring service or through a class, then why not join a Spanish film or book club? Watching movie in the original Spanish with English subtitles could open up whole new linguistic possibilities!

It’s just an idea, and could be fun! Especially if you make new friends in the club who help you to learn faster. The key to any friendship is communication, and communicating could definitely learn new vocabulary words and get you on the way to being a full bilingual!

Once you get a hang of the language, nothing can stop you! Make sure you take your time and practice the phrases that are important for your learning progress.

You are almost there!


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