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It’s true: today it is possible to easily learn Spanish!

Why? For many reasons. First of all, because fluency in Spanish is more easy than Russian or German or Chinese  for American students. Both languages ​​have many similarities in vocabulary and spelling. This means it is easier to master Spanish quickly!

For this reason, progressing with Picasso’s language is within reach of everyone thanks to the following solutions:

  • Spanish classes online,
  • Apps to learn Spanish while having fun,
  • Native Spanish teachers,
  • The possibility of organizing a trip in order to learn Spanish in Spain…

Even if becoming a Spanish bilingual remains a complex adventure that will take time and energy, if you put the right energy towards your goal, you will see results very quickly! It is possible to learn the language of Dalí in just a few months!

400 million Hispanics around the world have all learned to easily master the 3rd most spoken language on the planet.

Superprof will now sum up the different methods that can help you to easily learn Spanish!


Is Spanish Easy to Learn?

With a little work and rigor learning Spanish can be a total breeze!

It can prove to be even easier than learning French, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, or Japanese…

Easily Learn Spanish From an Early Age at School

In the United States of America, schools ask students to start learning Spanish in 6th grade.

Spanish learning continues into high school, and even into college depending on your chosen curriculum.

spanish-class “Has everyone done their Spanish exercises?”

This is a great initiative because the mastery of one or more foreign languages is highly appreciated by work recruiters. It will also no doubt be more and more requested in the years to come.

This additional year of Spanish classes aims to introduce students to the basics of Spanish and Hispanic cultures to arouse their curiosity. Curiosity is essential for learning a foreign language easily and quickly.

In order to introduce the youngest students to Spanish, you can use the following classes/methods:

  • Discovery of Spanish linguistics and Latin culture (Spain and Latin America),
  • Initiation to the Spanish accent and pronunciation,
  • Introduction to spelling, vocabulary, and grammar,
  • Highlighting the subtleties of the Spanish language (accents, apocope, double negation, etc.)

This is done through easy Spanish exercises.


Is Spanish Easier to Learn When You Are an English Speaker?

Learning a foreign language is not always easy, but Spanish remains an easy language for an English speaker to learn because:

  • Spanish and English are both spelled how they sound,
  • Spanish is a phonetic language,
  • We find similar words in both languages.
  • There are many Spanish speakers in the U.S.

Americans have more facilities to understand Spanish. With a little deduction and practice, one can find the meaning of a Spanish word (libertad = liberty).

Can children also learn Spanish?

There is evidence that children learn a foreign language more easily. Their brains are more flexible than adults, allowing them to retain knowledge more easily. Spanish is no exception to the rule.

Upon awakening, the child will be able to learn Spanish vocabulary at the same time as English.

It is important to set up this learning through stories, games, and entertainment in Spanish.


Is It Possible to Learn Spanish in Six Months?

To improve in the Spanish language quickly there is no secret, it is necessary to practice and train!

Learning the Language on a Study Trip

Learning Spanish in Spain is the most effective way to progress in the language.

A linguistic study trip can scare more than one novice about learning Spanish, and it’s normal to get the jitters. Before leaving, we advise you to take a look at an English-Spanish dictionary as to get familiar with some keywords for your trip. This will greatly facilitate your learning once you arrive on site.

Traveling in Spain will allow you to learn Spanish through direct immersion in its culture.

spain-streets What if you could learn Spanish right in the middle of Spain?

Once you are on site, enroll in intensive Spanish classes to deepen your linguistic knowledge faster. With this system, you will quickly learn the basics of the language, which will be ideal to start speaking and communicating in Spanish.

Irregular hispanic verbs will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Once you feel confident about your basic speaking skills in Spanish, reduce your course time and try to find a little job. Working in Spain will allow you to be confronted daily with the language and to progress faster.

For living arrangements, choose a flat-share to reduce costs and share your experience with native Spaniards who will teach you a lot about Spanish culture and everyday expressions. This is the kind of knowledge you would not find in your business environment or in your private lessons.

Progress Quickly in Spanish with a Private Tutor

If you want to learn Spanish quickly, you should also take private Spanish tutoring lessons.

It is a suitable solution for students who wish to progress quickly with teachers whose mother tongue is Spanish.

Aimed at both beginners and experienced students, Spanish tutoring sessions given by private tutors allow students to learn Spanish and improve their Spanish language skills in just 6 months through grammar and vocabulary oriented classes.

The advantages is that the Spanish teacher will be there along the way to guide you with your learning adventure. You will have support over time in the form of revisions and tests in order to monitor the language learning and its progress.

On Superprof, you can find many Spanish teachers ready to guide you on this new adventure for an average cost of 20 USD per class.

And, don’t forget that the first Spanish class is free in 93% of cases!

Is It Possible to Easily Learn Spanish Online?

Is Spanish available to learn online via trustworthy websites?

Today, the web has a lot of websites and applications devoted to learning Spanish.

Learn Spanish Easily with Specialized Sites

Their use remains simple:

  • courses and lessons in Spanish,
  • tests,
  • multiple choice tests,
  • Spanish-English translation tools free of cost for visitors.

Some websites offer fun and educational Spanish lessons in the form of podcasts or MP3 lessons.

Learning Spanish online is one thing, but is there any monitoring of the learning ? Are students not left to fend for themselves?

Not in the traditional sense–but most sites offer discussion forums where students can interact directly with Spanish teachers or native Spanish speakers.

The content is accessible via a monthly subscription, but some do allow for free learning of the Spanish language.

Here is a selection of the main websites to progress in Spanish:

  • babbel.com
  • duolingo.com
  • studyspanish.com

How Can Your Smartphone Help You to Learn Spanish?

It’s been tried and tested, most Americans have their smartphone on them at all times. When it comes to teenagers, it’s even more than “at all times”! So, if your smartphone never leaves you, why not learn to speak Spanish with it? This will be very exciting to the younger generations, who have tons of experience with apps. But it will also be intriguing to older generations, and you can’t beat learning on a cell phone that travels with you to Spanish speaking countries.

Foreign language learning applications have revolutionized the sector by making teaching fun.

learn-spanish Who said learning Spanish wasn’t fun? You can do it anywhere!

In addition to finding traditional courses online in order to revise your Spanish conjugation for example, there are many fun new methods such as being guided by a native Spanish voice or setting up your own Spanish “life” like you would do with the SIMS video game.

The leaders of Spanish learning apps on smartphones and tablets are:

  • Babbel
  • Duolingo

With a little effort, using these websites and applications allows for a very easy progression in the language of Cervantes.

Spanish is therefore within the reach of us all. Whether you are more interested in private lessons, online courses, or language courses, there are many solutions in order to learn the language of the Iberian Peninsula.

Why should you learn Spanish?

Beyond adding to your knowledge and personal culture, learning Spanish may help you with your professional career.

Spanish is the second language used in the international business world, and mastering the language could open doors for you with positions in large international companies.

You now know all the tools to learn Spanish easily. With seriousness and hard work, you can quickly get ahead!



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