Why Might You Need Extra Tuition?

While Biology is a truly fascinating subject offering endless opportunities to learn about our race and all of the other organisms living all around us, the complexity of biological life can sometimes throw students off course.

If you started off your studies well but then began to fall behind the rest of the class for one reason or another, then you might well benefit from a little bit of extra help.

For instance, you can attend after-school classes held by your school to help with homework, revision and other coursework materials (some schools run such classes at lunchtime too so that pupils can drop in during their lunch hour). Alternatively, you might benefit from group study sessions with your peers or from some homework help from a parent or neighbour.

These are great solutions if you simply need some guidance with your prep, but what if your pace is beginning to affect your assessments? This is when you might need to consider hiring a private Biology tutor to help you get your education back on track.

Do I Really Need A Biology Tutor?

The many a level biology tutors are not just there to help those struggling students though. Even if you have a good grasp of the basics of Biology and have a fair understanding of many of the more complicated concepts of the science, you can still gain a lot from having sessions with a tutor.

For instance, even if you are already lucky enough to benefit from a high-class education at a renowned school, a tutor can help you to further improve your final grade by offering you extra classes to support those offered at school or college.

Having additional time to cover the content could be the difference between you getting an 'A' or a 'B' grade. Although this may not seem much now, it could equate to the difference in you being eligible to study Biology at your next stage in education or even the deciding factor on whether you get in to your top university choice or not.

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Tuition offers pupils extra time to go over things they didn't quite grasp in class.
For many students, class time is like an hourglass and when it is over, their time for learning and understanding the weekly topic is up. Photo via VisualHunt.com

For many, grades are very important as they determine whether or not personal and professional goals can be achieved in the long run, so you need to consider if tuition is a good investment for your future or not.

What Can Private Tutors Offer That Class Teachers Can't?

In theory, teachers are supposed to have the resources to drive all of their students to success in their exams. In reality, however, we all know that this is practically impossible.

With every individual working at a different pace, having different levels of competency, having varying levels of knowledge and having undergone different educational experiences prior to the course, no two students can be performing at exactly the same level.

That said, some pupils manage to work their way up to the level expected of them with ease, but others are not so lucky. Once you start to fall behind, it is all the more difficult to get back on track as you are always playing catch up with the rest of the class.

Pupils who find their studies challenging should not be deterred, though. It is perfectly normal to find some subjects or topics easier than others. The main thing to remember is to never lose faith in your ability, as a positive approach to your studies will have a huge effect on your school life and will ultimately be reflected in your grades.

However, if you arrive at the stage when you think you need some extra intervention (whether to prevent you from failing or to ensure you meet the grade you set out to get), then hiring a tutor is a simple and easy process.

Private tutors are usually trained teaching professionals with expertise within a particular field of study. A combination of teaching techniques, knowledge and a personalised study programme can help to significantly improve your performance in the subject, which many would agree is money well spent.

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The main attraction of choosing biology tutors near me is that they can offer tailored sessions to suit the needs of the individual student, rather than adopting teaching methods designed for a classroom environment. This student-led approach means that any lessons that are more complicated for the pupil for one reason or another can be revisited whilst other areas can be skipped if appropriate.

A student-led adaption to teaching can offer the all-round learning experience that you need.

Why Don't Educational Establishments Offer In-House Tutors?

While most schools or colleges have a department which specialises in helping children with additional needs, the general consensus among educational professionals is that pupils should be getting everything they need to pass exams from class input and independent study.

Although this may be the case with a large percentage of pupils, as we have discovered, many students still cannot keep up with the demands of their course. This could be due to a number of factors like a learning difficulty, because they are affected by circumstances at home or thanks to other subjects taking up their spare time.

Regardless of the reason, private tutors recognise that not all students work in the same way, nor do they all learn things at the same speed. As such, they can tailor their one-on-one classes to you, the student, and re-teach topics that you struggle with.

Getting some extra help from a tutor doesn't mean to say that your Biology teacher isn't doing a good enough job though (although many teaching professionals would admit to being swamped and often lacking in resources), it just means that you are serious about your education and in finding success with the subject.

Teachers have limited time to teach their syllabus in the academic year so can't spend time going over topics again and again.
Teachers are often overloaded with work and extra-curricular activities so don't have the time to dedicate to tutoring pupils in need. Photo credit: Jorge Franganillo via Visualhunt.com

How Much Does A Biology Tutor Cost?

Despite what you might think, tuition does not have to cost an arm and a leg. This is particularly good news if your parents or guardians are unable to support you financially or if you make the decision to pay for additional classes yourself (perhaps you have not quite put in the effort you should before now and realise it is up to you to get your education back in order).

Privately hired tutors can cost in the region of £20 per hour, however anything less than this and you should hear alarm bells ringing. If you decide to consult an agency that specialises in hiring tutors, you can expect to pay anything upward from £40, with some very qualified members costing as much as £60 an hour.

Obviously, the more expensive the tutor, the more qualified or experienced they will be. It is up to you to decide what you can afford to pay and whether or not the expenditure is worth it in the long run.

Many would agree that education is a very worthwhile investment, but that does not mean to say that you and your family can afford the service, let alone the best.

One thing to keep in mind, however, when considering tuition and the related costs is that private tutors offer benefits that you can reap for a lifetime, because they are trained to give you the best start in terms of your academic pursuits. Paying someone who is not a trained teacher or tutor could end up being a costly venture that doesn't deliver much in the way of benefits.

Is Tuition Money Well Spent?

Ultimately, it is down to each specific scenario to determine if tuition is money well spent. Some students might pay for a tutor and end up with a merely satisfactory 'C' grade, having expected more from their investment in time and money.

However, the important thing to remember is that a tutor can only do so much in the given time, and it is equally up to the student to put the effort in too in order to see a significant improvement.

A tutor is never going to be able to turn a failing student into an 'A*' student over the course of a few months, so try to be realistic with your goals. Getting 'A*'s isn’t the be all and end all of education though, so don’t be put off considering a tutor just because you don't think you'll ever reach the top grade, even with the extra guidance. Many students with average grades have still gone on to find great success!

Although an expense, tuition is an investment into your future.
Looking back, you will be pleased that you invested in some extra help for your studies. Photo credit: benjaflynn via Visual hunt

Private tuition has become increasingly popular, even among those who are already paying thousands of pounds for a high-class education, as it offers students the best possible start in life.

With the jobs market so competitive in this 21st century, young professionals need every edge possible to compete for the best roles.

If you just want some temporary help, why not hire a tutor to help you with revision in the run up to your exams.

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