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The average price of Biology  lessons is £8.

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From a sample of 7929  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Finding the Perfect Biology Tutor

Biology is the study of life and living organisms, how they operate, and how they interact with the world around us. This can include looking at plants and animals or microscopic life in the form of cells, viruses, and bacteria.

It's an important subject and students will study it in some form or another at school and while there are plenty of students that love the subject, there are others that end up hating it on account of just how much they have to study it.

Biology can be a hugely fascinating subject but with so much for students to study, it's understandable that it can't all be interesting.

Let's see how studying biology can help you get ahead, the challenges you'll face while learning about it, what a typical student would study about biology at GCSE, and how tutors can help students do better in the subject.

Why It's Important to Study Biology

As living beings, studying biology gives us a better understanding of who we are, our place in the world of the living, and how we operate as organisms. Biology also helps an awful lot when it comes to learning about health and medicine. A better understanding of how life operates can teach us how to take better care of our physical organisms.

Such importance is placed on biology and the sciences that they remain an obligatory subject until the end of schooling. If you want to finish your obligatory schooling (up to GCSE level), you have to study biology until the day you leave. Whether you study this as a single subject or as science in general, you'll spend a lot of your time at school studying biology.

There are a lot of jobs you can get by studying biology, too. From teaching to research, a degree in biology can open a lot of doors. Biology graduates can also transition more easily into medical careers than other science degrees.

Biology, like chemistry and physics, can also teach a whole host of transferrable skills that can be used in other subjects and later life.

Challenges in Biology

Biology is a broad subject so there are a lot of different areas and there are a few things that can be challenging for students to grasp. There's a lot to know and remember and even with a great teacher and a private tutor, there's no guarantee that a student will excel.

Biology also views life at a microscopic level, which can be difficult for some students to comprehend. It isn't like chemistry lessons where you can sometimes see the results of reactions and what happens. Much like when studying the whole universe in physics lessons, it can be tricky understanding things on a very small or very large scale.

There are also ethical issues that some students may face or just a few things that will make you queasy. As biology studies life, sometimes you may have to examine and dissect once-living things. Most schools will allow students who have any ethical concerns to not participate but it does mean that you'll miss out on a potentially important lesson.

Areas of Biology Studied At School

During their last years of compulsory education, most students study GCSEs. Those studying their GCSEs have a few options when it comes to science and they can study science together as combined science (which counts as two GCSEs) or biology as a single science with physics and chemistry.

Which option you choose will affect what you learn but there's a lot of overlap. On a double award course, students will study cellular structure, the living processes of plants and animals including photosynthesis, nutrition, digestion, breathing, respiration, the nervous system, and hormones.

Students also cover genetics, genetic engineering, and chromosomes as well as body systems such as the circulatory and immune systems. In a single science GCSE, most of these topics are covered but in more depth.

The exam board (AQA, CCEA, OCR etc.) will also affect what topics are studied but generally, they all cover the main core topics.

Private Tuition in Biology

If you need help with biology for school, sixth form, or university, private biology tutors can help an awful lot. As the only student in their class, the tutoring will be tailored to you, what you need help with, and how you like to learn.

Be it for maths, chemistry, physics, or biology (a lot of tutors teach all of them), you can get private tutorials for any level of study and a qualified and experienced tutor can provide unparalleled teaching in a wide range of subjects.

In private tutorials, you're the boss and can choose what you study. Talk to a private tutor about biology lessons and the topics you're struggling with or would like to learn more about.

Tutorials can be used to complement schooling or university study and if you're looking to improve your grades at GCSE, A Level, or degree, so whether you're at school, university, or beyond, you can always get help from top-notch tutors.

Finding a Biology Tutor

If you're looking to improve your biology grades or just study more about the subject, finding a private biology tutor has never been easier. Just search on Superprof for tutors working near where you live or work and you can start getting in touch with them today.

A lot of the tutors offer the first hour of tutoring for free so you can try out a few different ones, talk with them about what you're after, how you like to learn, and the time and place you'd like your lessons to take place.

View each tutor's profile, read reviews left by their other students, and get in touch with a few different ones before you make your final decision.

Make sure you get along with your tutor, too. You can't put a price on having a good rapport with your private tutor. After all, you may be seeing them quite regularly and you'll learn much better if you enjoy their tutoring.

Biology Tutorials in the UK

More and more students are opting for private tutorials in the UK. Due to difficult teaching conditions, many teachers struggle to effectively teach all of their students and in a large class of students, not everyone will get the attention they need or deserve.

This is why there's been an uptake in private tutorials and the stigma of getting extra help from a private tutor is a thing of the past. There's no shame in wanting to improve your grades or get more about your education.

An experienced and qualified private tutor can work wonders and it's probably the most cost-effective way to improve your academic performance in any subject, not just biology!

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