"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." -Martin Luther King Jr.

Learning new academic concepts is not a walk in the park for all individuals. Some students struggle throughout their entire school career to acquire the fundamentals of compulsory subjects.

Difficult subjects such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, foreign languages, and physics require hard-work, determination, and a brilliant educator. 

Nevertheless, even if students struggle academically and don't enjoy school, they need to understand that education is the key to a prosperous future. Without the practical skills acquired at a secondary school or university level, the possibility of employment at prestigious jobs is practically impossible.

Therefore, to help the next generation the best teachers have the goal of equipping pupils with the necessary skills to become persons of character and intelligence.

A brilliant quote by William Arthur Ward beautifully explains the outstanding work that teachers have, "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

Inspiring unproductive students is easier said than done; nonetheless, if teachers have the aim of stimulating, any academic subject can become intriguing, and pupils will ensure success.

Without further delay, Superprof will aid curious individuals to find the best and most inspiring educators teaching physics in the Glasgow area at universities and private homes via personal tutoring.

Studying Physics at a Secondary School Level in the UK

the best results
There is no greater joy than receiving fantastic results on your GCSEs to further your education at a university level. (Source: pixabay)

Secondary school is a very turbulent period marked by pimples, puberty, first loves and heartbreak. In particular, the last years of secondary school are a critical time to decide upon a future career path.

Will you be a teacher, doctor, lawyer, engineer, veterinarian, dentist, scientist or physicist? The sky is the limit, and the choice is up to each youngster.

Hire a physics and maths tutor S1 now.

A firm foundation in mathematics and basic concepts of the physical world are necessary to study physics as part of further education at an accredited university. 

Can youngsters study physics while in secondary school? Most certainly!

Students in their last two years of secondary school or Key Stage 4 are required to pass through the GCSEs to receive their diploma. There are core subjects that every student must complete such as English, Mathematics, Languages, Humanities and Sciences.

When it comes to Sciences, pupils may choose between Combined Science or three of the following: biology, chemistry, computer science, and physics.

If the youngster decides upon reviewing physics from one of the exam boards, there are many essential topics learnt and physical concepts grasped such as energy, electricity, particle model of matter, atomic structure, forces, waves, magnetism and electromagnetism, and space physics.

All of the previous topics set the young pupil up with all the necessary qualifications and knowledge needed to study an undergraduate degree in physics at a university level.

Even if the student decides not to pursue a career in the sciences, successful completion of the GCSE Physics curriculum is well received by many employers and university admission teams since individuals reviewing physics develop problem-solving and reasoning skills that are invaluable and can benefit them in any job force.

Accredited Universities Offering Physics Courses in Glasgow

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There are much higher education physics programmes offered in Glasgow. (Source: pixabay)

When visiting the United Kingdom, Glasgow is a city worthy of your attention. It is one of the UK's largest metropolitan areas and has a lot to offer. A lively nightlife, friendly people, an unrivalled gastronomic scene, eclectic architecture, and a wide variety of art galleries and museums make Glasgow an intriguing city to visit for solo travellers and families.

Glasgow is also known for its football clubs and ancient universities. The city's lovely inhabitants known as Glaswegians know to enjoy the more beautiful things in life such as literature, arts and education while at the same time getting rowdy at a football game cheering on their favourite club.

Glasgow has been a Scottish educational hub for centuries. For example, The University of Glasgow, the city's most recognisable educational centre, was established in 1451 and was part of the Scottish Enlightenment in the 18 century.

Various academic subjects such as education, languages, mathematics, economics, biology, chemistry, and physics can all be studied at one of the universities of education centres in the Glasgow area. 

Superprof will now focus its attention on the academic discipline of physics and determine the best universities offering qualified physics courses in the city of Glasgow.

School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Glasgow

Offering one of the highest rated physics programmes in the UK, the School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Glasgow has many appealing courses for undergraduates and postgraduates.

By attending a physics course at this school, students develop a fundamental understanding of physics topics and how the universe properly functions. 

The research at the School of Physics & Astronomy is world renowned for their research and use of technology to discover new concepts of the physical world.

Check out their website to discover more about essential information for the staff and students, equality and diversity, and PhD opportunities.

BSc Physics Degree at the University of Strathclyde

Founded in 1796 as the Andersonian Institute, the University of Strathclyde is Glasgow's second oldest university; it is also Scotland's third-largest university with pupils and staff originating from over 100 countries.

The University of Strathclyde is prestigious and admission is very competitive. Nevertheless, students should not be discouraged to reach for the stars and attend the BSc physics degree at Strathclyde.

The four year BSc physics programme at Strathclyde covers a wide range of topics in physics and modern physical principles. Students develop core skills in mathematics to create a firm foundation for more complex concepts of the physical world. 

Pupils that are undergoing the BSc physics degree at Strathclyde, develop skills to become a world-class physicist and maximise their career options. Past graduates have found careers in research and development, production, and management in every field of science and industry.

The Best Online Resources to Find Private Tutors Specialising in Physics

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With online learning, those who are advanced in years can learn new academic concepts from the comfort of their own home. (Source: pixabay)

The educational world has changed drastically since the development of modern-day technology that makes e-learning more accessible to all.

Our grandparents, and sometimes even parents, are blown away by the fact that we can learn new essential academic concepts via Skype with a tutor that is miles and time zones away. 

Online tutoring services offer one-to-one private tuition online or face-to-face at a location most convenient for the student. 

Without further ado, here are the best online tutoring resources that can be utilised to find a private Physics Maths tutor in Glasgow and its surroundings:

  • Superprof: a fantastic resource designed to help individuals find qualified tutors working in the Glasgow area. According to the site, there are currently 161 physics tutors located in Glasgow. Many of the recommended tutors have physics degrees and years of experience teaching struggling pupils how to prepare for physics exams. Hourly rates range from approximately £20-50 and Superprof has the reputation of providing the most affordable prices in the UK for tutors since there is no commission taken from the students; all the money goes straight to their pockets,
  • Tutorful: an online tutoring resource to find accredited working private educators in all of the UK major cities and towns. Tutorful currently boasts 35 physics tutors working in the Glasgow area. Various instructors have repeat students and plenty of hours taught. It is highly recommended to view the profile of each tutor to find one that best suits your specific demands and needs while learning physics.

The three previously mentioned sites are fantastic resources to learn the fundamentals of physics via private tuition.

Glaswegians are extremely privileged since they also have the opportunity of completing face-to-face physics lessons with qualified educators from the company of Glasgow Tutors. Glasgow Tutors has accredited teachers offering remedial help in physics to students of all levels.

The professional physics tutors know how to maximise results and ensure exam success using the three fundamental pillars of success. Book a free, informal consultation with a professional instructor from Glasgow Tutors to discuss your academic goals.

Citizens are spoiled for choice when it comes to university level and private tuition courses that specialise in physics. Reviewing physics is a wise decision for all individuals curious about understanding how the earth behaves.

Not sure about studying physics in Glasgow? Superprof has written the following articles to help students find physics courses in other UK cities:

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