"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." -Pele

As time goes on, it becomes more challenging to acquire complex academic topics. Professional working individuals claim they do not have the time or the energy to continue learning new academic disciplines after they have started working on the job force.

Nevertheless, additional education about important academic concepts should never be discouraged since the brain is like a muscle and to keep it in pristine shape it needs to be exercised.

Interesting. But, how does one exercise their brain?

The brain can be exercised continuously by learning new languages and new academic topics. We will never stop learning new things; knowledge is beautiful, and no one likes a daft individual who has nothing intelligent coming out of their mouth!

Mastering a new subject, even after further education courses have ended, is possible with the help of invaluable suggestions from qualified scholars. For example, Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, stumbled one a three-step formula to learn things faster and more profoundly for learners of all ages.

Firstly, Feynman claims that if you explain an elaborate theory to yourself as if you were explaining it to a child, you will avoid the complicated words you don't understand and focus on a simple vocabulary to establish a clear comprehension of the facts. Secondly, by reviewing your knowledge gaps in the previous step, you can spend more time explicitly analysing the correct answers. And, thirdly, by organising and simplifying your newly grasped facts, you can provide an explanation that even a young child understands.

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The Feynman learning technique, mentioned above, exercises the brain and causes individuals of all learning styles to attain accurate knowledge of new academic concepts. 

With the Feynman technique, even difficult scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry and physics can be understood. Consequently, without further ado, Superprof will now analyse where interested students of all ages can review physics courses at a university level or through private tuition in the city of Leeds.

Why Study Physics

degrees in physics
Employers prefer employees who have physics degrees. (Source: pixabay)

Physics is an essential scientific discipline that can be studied during secondary school and at a university level. Reviewing the basic concepts of physics is necessary to understand the world around us and the world beyond us.

Combined science that encompasses physics is one of the core subjects that pupils are required to study during their last years of secondary school as part of the GCSEs. Many pupils complain throughout their years of revising physics that it is too complicated and that it will not be useful in the future.

Nevertheless, the previous thoughts shared by many young pupils are erroneous since the fundamentals of physics can be understood through the careful guidance of a qualified teacher and the challenging efforts put forth reviewing physics extend past the classroom.

Being a scientist or distinguished scholar is not necessary to acquire the basics of physics!

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Without further delay, the following are some of the best reasons for studying physics:

  • Science Began With Physics: are you a science lover? Well, as an admirer of science, it's important to know that science started with physics. Physics is a vast scientific discipline that encompasses the most massive galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles. Other sciences such as chemistry, oceanography, and astronomy all have roots that stem from physics. Without physics, many concepts of other sciences would not be understood; think of that next time you openly diss physics or claim it to be too difficult,
  • Physics Challenges Our Minds: concepts such as relativity and string theory challenge our mind and lead humans to great discoveries. Theories that are difficult to attain challenge our brain to work harder to find the correct solution; remember nothing worthwhile in life comes without its challenges,
  • People Love Physics Degrees: since the study of physics hones problem-solving skills among students, they are valued by any employer. Problem-solving abilities create a fantastic foundation for careers in journalism, law, finance, medicine, engineering, computer science and biology. Never doubt that the study of physics will only be useful in a scientific career, the sky is the limit,
  • Physicists Make More Money: university graduates with a physics major earn more money than those with other scientific degrees. Employers know that physicists are usually driven, disciplined and highly intellectual individuals that bring a lot to the workforce. Physicists can expect similar salaries to those with computer science and engineering degrees.

Those with a physics degree have the possibility of enjoying a challenging yet rewarding career with a large salary and high esteem from their employers; what's not to love?

Physics can be studied at a higher level in many UK cities. London, one of Europe's greatest educational hubs, offers great physics courses for all, and universities in Birmingham, the UK's second city, provides physics students with the education they desire.

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Acquiring the Concepts of Physics at a University in Leeds

learning about physics
Learning more about physics can be done in many universities across the UK. (Source: pixabay)

Leeds is one of the United Kingdom's most important cities. With a population of over 2.6 million inhabitants in its urban area, Leeds is the fourth most populous city in the UK. Outside of London, Leeds is one of England's most significant financial, business, legal and manufacturing centres.

Many students from all parts of the UK, Europe and other parts of the world flock to the city of Leeds to receive qualifications in an academic discipline. 

Some of the most renowned institutions providing higher education include the University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Trinity University, Leeds College of Music, and the University of Law.

Without further ado, whether you are applying for scholarships to attend other UK universities, we will consider some of the best universities and higher education centres in the city of Leeds offering physics programmes to interested students.

School of Physics and Astronomy University of Leeds

Located in the Sir William Henry Bragg Building on the University of Leeds campus, the School of Physics and Astronomy is a highly recommended further education programme for individuals interested in acquiring the basics of physics at a world-class physics department.

According to their website, they have over 140 years of experience in both teaching and researching concepts of the physical world. The School of Physics and Astronomy boasts 60 accredited members of staff and over 500 students from 30 countries around the globe.

The School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds has been recently considered by university rankings as one of the top ten schools in the UK to study physics and astronomy.

Educational programmes are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students with additional courses offered to those who want to continue their physics investigation and earn a research degree.

Leeds City College

Leeds City College offers many interesting academic courses to a wide variety of students.

Pupils who did not study the fundamentals of physics and now wish to acquire the basics can attend A-Level classes at the Leeds City College to become better equipped. The course is delivered in well-equipped teaching rooms in the at the Park Lane Campus near the city centre of Leeds.

Pupils analysing the A-Level Physics subject at the Leeds City College will attain a firm grip of various topics included in the physical world such as atomic structure, radioactivity, vectors, forces, thermal physics, and electrical and gravity fields. 

Mathematics skills are also honed to create a firm foundation for more complicated physical theories in the future. Students also acquire other basic skills to become appealing to future university admission teams to achieve an undergraduate degree in physics at a reputable institution.

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Private Tuition in the Leeds Area to Learn More About Physics

Since physics is one of the most demanding academic disciplines, remedial support is at times needed to ensure success. Nuclear gravity, astronomy and astrophysics, quantum physics, and classical mechanics are all challenging concepts of physics that can make anyone's head spin!

Leeds is a major educational hub in the UK, and many accredited educators are offering private tuition in a range of academic subjects to make a little extra quid or to pay off their substantial student debts. 

Without further delay, the following are some of the best online resources to find professional physics tutors working in Leeds and its surroundings:

  • Superprof: on this highly recommended website there are pages of qualified physics tutors offering their services to students needing remedial help or wanting to learn the basics of physics. Some of the tutors travel some miles to teach classes in the comfort of their students home and have been members for years with glowing recommendations from past pupils featured on their profile. Prices for hourly private tuition range from £15 to 40 greatly depending on the professional qualifications of the tutor,

Learning more about physics at a university level or through private tuition in the city of Leeds is exceptionally accessible, engaging and of the highest level. The best educators working in Leeds have the goal of making students acquire physics in the most enjoyable way possible.

Study physics today to achieve academic excellence now and become a sought after professional in the future!

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