Have you decided to give a career in acting a serious try but don't know where to start? It's time to put yourself to the test and see if you have what it takes to play the part. If this sounds daunting and scary don't fret we are here to give you some tips on finding acting auditions around the UK.

First off make casting calls and auditions your bread and butter, they will come to be an intensive part of your routine. Even fully-fledged actors and actresses still have to go through the dreaded process.

Learn to take each as a learning experience and you will soon be on your way to earning the role credit that will kickstart your career. Begin by putting together a good acting resume, get some professional headshots taken.

All performers will agree that auditions, be it for a shot at being a contestant on a talent show or for legitimate acting jobs are definitely anxiety-inducing. Because your valuable time is better spent on mental preparation and polishing off your material and skills, we have concocted a cheat sheet for finding castings.

So how does one go about finding an upcoming audition around the UK? Surprisingly, Equity seems to be the word on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Applying for the country’s most reputed union for performers means gaining direct access to acting job announcements.

Other useful benefits include administrative and legal guidance, likely to become important once you start to secure regular work in the UK's entertainment industry.

The union actor status also means better protection of pay rates and access to a professional name. Eligibility requires previous paid work or a diploma from a recognised performing arts course.

As a comedian looking for acting auditions in London, you will have your work cut out for you. Be it for screen acting or on stage performance, casting auditions are held every day across the big smoke and will have performers running from the West End to indie far-flung venues.

The sheer volume of "nowcasting" and "actors wanted" postings can be overwhelming at first. How do we make sense of the wealth of opportunities out there?

We suggest you zero in on the acting discipline you wish to pursue. Are you looking for tv commercials or would you rather work for the big screen? Are you looking for easy and regular extra acting work or to compete with other talents for a chance at a credited role? Can you respond to a dance audition or are you violin virtuoso? Have a good think about the skills that will set you apart and capitalise on them.

Navigating Acting Auditions in London

A myriad of websites claim to offer auditions for acting jobs in the capital of British drama. But not all offer quality work. As you may expect, legitimate websites for casting calls are subscription-based and will set you back a few hundred pounds a year.

If you are serious about acting and haven't signed up with a talent agent yet, it is encouraged to sign up to at least one of these platforms: Spotlight, Backstage, Starnow and Casting Call Pro. The aforementioned names are trustworthy and are a lot less likely to post fake audition listings.

For those running on a minimal budget, Mandy and The Stage offer free registration. If you’re more about jazz hands and dancing feet, Pineapple Studios also holds auditions for music videos and musical production.

In need of practice and are looking for nationwide exposure? Sharpen your solo and register for a round at Britain’s Got Talent. That’s like one step away from international stardom right? Just ask singing sensation Susan Boyle or Simon Cowell himself.

Heading North with Auditions in Manchester

You do not need to be living in London to find acting jobs. Finding an audition in Manchester, for example, is a piece of cake as big industry players have grown attracted to Northern performers. Agents now include Mancunians to their nationwide talent scouting.

Look for agencies that cover several cities in their search, Mad Dog, for instance, has offices in London, Cardiff, Manchester and announces open calls all over the United Kingdom.

Local agencies like Urban Talent or Lime Actors are renowned for being Northern England talent pools. Consider joining their cluster of actors and actresses to be amongst the first to hear about an audition, some may be by appointment only and fill up fast. London based agencies will also extend beyond to Manchester like BBA Management who likes to audition a broad spectrum of performing artists.

Scotland and its movie friendly landcapes has many audition opportunities.
Compete with Scottish talent at local acting auditions. (Source: Unsplash).

Scotland's Got Talent and Auditions

If you’re Glaswegian and dream of the spotlight now is your chance to audition for some great parts right in your hometown. The city has welcomed filming for major motions pictures (Fast and Furious 6, Cloud Atlas and The Wife with Glenn Close) and wildly successful tv series like Outlander.

Due to Glasgow’s open and supportive attitude towards the entertainment industry, it has rapidly developed into a leading film hub. The cooperation of local authorities and the Glasgow Film Office has created a welcoming atmosphere over the years and seduced Hollywood’s production companies. But what about the talent ? Well we’re glad you asked, there is plenty and you can be part of it!

Media Zoo Scotland is a Glasgow-based creative agency and regularly scouts for fresh talent for new screen jobs. Fully equipped with a tv studio, state of the art lighting and sound recording. The home of the best local talent boasts a friendly, energetic and creatively stimulating atmosphere, it's just the perfect place for budding actors.

Other talent agencies like Real People Casting Scotland usually display actor profiles on their website. If you are committed to finding acting auditions in Glasgow it may be a good idea to send them your resume as a submission to be part of their talent pool. Be aware that an entrance rate or renewable fees may apply.

Actors in Northern England head to Liverpool

Known as the Hollywood of the North, Liverpool has developed into a film production hotspot. Blockbuster Fantastic Beasts and many period dramas chose the city for its architectural gems and air of mystery.

This means regular acting auditions in Liverpool for credited speaking roles but also large open calls for background actors. A smart way to learn about the business for aspiring thespians, extra acting work provides rich on set experience. Take background work as an opportunity to find your marks.

Because casting agents remember the way an actor delivers at an audition and not just whether they won the role, talent agencies like All Stars Casting in Liverpool have begun to offer workshops for actors of all ages and backgrounds. These master classes help nurture a pool of talent by familiarising budding actors with the audition process. Talents meeting regularly also fosters collaborations within a potential cast. Seize this opportunity to get a foot in the door!

It can also help you get tips for you own drama coaching business by watching other professionals teach the craft.

Actors and actresses in costume wait for their scene.
Auditions in Northern England often cater to period drama film production. (Source: Unsplash).

Develop a habit of regularly checking social media groups for publications of open auditions near you. You can also follow the accounts of local theatres and companies in your city.

The Every Man Playhouse in Liverpool for examples posts open audition calls on their social networks.That said acting opportunities are not solely restricted to the city, The Liverpool Film Office, for example, links up to several agencies across Merseyside.

Acting Auditions for Teenagers

Do see yourself being the next Harry Potter or Hermione Granger? Want to have a try at teen acting before deciding to apply for drama school? Acting for teens is a great pathway to a career in the film industry or theatre. It is also good to start working as a young drama professional and see if showbiz is really for you.

If other teenagers hold roles in tv commercials and attend musical theatre auditions then so can you. Here’s what you need to know.

Teenageer need to show their potential as actors at auditions.
Teenage actors should contact dedicated agencies to apply to audition. (Source: Unsplash).

First, don’t let your age stop you from appearing highly professional at an audition for young actors. Do your research on the director, the type of role, get as much information as you can from the casting announcement. Ask yourself a few questions about how you would approach this role.

Practice makes perfect so rehearse thoroughly and memorise your material. Many kids are tempted to present material that will make them appear more mature. Seasoned teen actors advise against that and act younger rather than older at a teen audition.

Pick something that really speaks to you about the role, relates to that aspect and give your interpretation to the best of your abilities. If you think the role requires a bold interpretation then go for it but don’t lose composure and focus.

Show that you are serious about acting, arrive on time and respect the audition process. We all know the teenage years are a difficult time, so don’t worry too much about your appearance. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion of the role and narrative and stand your ground.

Finally, make friends with your parents, they may seem to hail from another planet sometimes but remember they love and support you. Have those tough conversations with them about your desire to become an actor and calmly hear their concerns. This will reassure them and show maturity on your side.

Auditioning day after day is hard so perseverance is key.
Going through the acting audition process will put your perseverance to the test. (Source: Unsplash).

The art of finding the right audition for you is also about who you know. Spend time investing in your professional relationships, maintain contact with people you see yourself working with. Find out about socials, launches, and premieres you can easily get into. Good connections within the industry mean a better chance of hearing about jobs for actors and future opportunities. Register to industry-oriented communities you can join and engage with, like the Linkedin of onscreen performing arts Stage 23.

Fight that post-audition blues, stay active and keep your creativity flowing while you wait for that callback. Take advantage of free time to interact with other performers and professionals in film or theatre production. Get together with a group of performers, stage managers, directors and other drama professionals.

Look for a drama society near you and create work that will make you stand out from the crowd. Rehearsing a variety of material will keep your skills from going rusty. Set up a screening or a showcase of your work, casting directors highly appreciate the initiative and group effort. Thespians should always look to grow their repertoire, get into a routine of polishing a skill or rehearsing a monologue every day.

Auditioning is a marathon so pace yourself because landing a call-back and finally the role is often a toss-up between hard work and sheer luck. Never forget your passion and break a leg!

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