The purpose of this blog post is to share with you what we believe are the best resources websites for students about to take GCSE Physical Education exams:

  • GCSE Bitesize: PE: Let the prowess of top athletes impress you and discover what a triple jump, discus throw or back foot drive looks at, thanks to the handy set of videos on this site. Sports covered include cricket, basketball, football, rugby and even boccia! It’s not all about the visuals, though; this resource also offers useful revision, activities and tests on everything from training skills, tactics and strategies, right through to observation and analysis, applied anatomy and physiology. Students will also benefit from learning about the factors (both negative and positive) that affect performance. The subjects of safety and risk prevention nares lo covered.
  • Class Clips – PE: Teachers will find a host of videos for streaming in class. Topics covered include aquatic activities, combat and dance activities and leadership. One of the most interesting aspects of the videos are that they do not just cover the physical aspects of sport, but also mental and psychological themes like how to discover from disappointing results in sport and the importance of respecting oneself and others while playing sport.
  • Teach PE: This free resource contains a host of GCSE Physical Education revision lessons. The site divides the subject into the following categories: The Human Body, Health and Fitness, Training and Sports Skills, and Sport in Society. Handy text information and illustrations are provided, making this resource equally useful for students.
  • William Ellis School: You will need to download Dropbox to access the vivid revision material created for free use by the William Ellis School. The resources are colourful, practical and easy to understand. Each downloadable page reads like the perfect set of notes, complete with colour coding, tables, headings and sub-headings.
  • Revision World: This resource covers the main topics included in GCSE PE, and includes handy text information, illustrations and even videos on important subjects like anatomy. The site will provide students and teachers with enough material for hours of revision, but those seeking even more information should check out the site’s ‘Related resources’ section, which refers readers to OCR or AQA Physical Education material. The Download Zone offers free downloadable teaching resources, though users are asked to register beforehand. One unique aspect of the site is that it delves into the social and cultural aspects of sport, analysing the difference in the motivation of amateur and professional competitors, and revealing the extent to which spectators can influence the outcome of a match. Important topics discusses include hooliganism, sporting behaviour, etiquette and violence.
  • GCSE PE Revision Booklet: This excellent slideshare presentation features colourful images, graphics and mind maps, which make memorisation of key features easier and more appealing. There are over 20 slides to enjoy, with topics ranging from how to lead a healthy, active lifestyle to the relationship between participating in physical activity and having a healthy body and mind. The illustrations in the anatomy section are particularly impressive. The section on the advantages and disadvantages of using performance enhancing drugs, is particularly interesting.

We hope that you have found the above list interesting. Please feel free to tell us about other websites that you have come across that you think should also be included on our list.


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