Spanish is an interesting language to learn, particularly if you want to travel in the future, but mastering it requires plenty of practice. Finding resources that can help you to improve your listening and pronunciation skills can be particularly important, but there are some great sites that can help you to boost your language skills online.

1. BBC Bitesize has a really useful section for students studying GCSE Spanish. The site includes a section on study skills for the different exam sections, as well as reviews of what you need to know for the speaking, listening, reading and writing sections of the course. As well as notes on each topic, you will also find some useful tests and activities to help you to check how much you have learned.

2. The BBC also has a separate site for language learners, which has some extra games and resources that might help you with your studies. The video content is particularly useful, but there are also some tips on pronunciation, some online tutorials, and a tool to test your abilities. You can also find some links here to some good news sites that can give you a chance to improve your listening skills.

3. Spanish Revision has a good selection of resources, including reading, writing and listening activities as well as practice exam questions. This site is particularly useful if you want to practice what you have learned in class, as it is all about active learning.

4. Don Quijote runs Spanish courses, but their website also has some useful resources for GCSE students, including a tool to help you with verb conjugation, a word of the day to boost your vocabulary, and some word games, jokes and sayings that can enhance your understanding of the language. You can also sign up for a free membership to access weekly lessons, videos and exercises if you want to learn more.

5. Languages Online has a useful Spanish section that has plenty of activities to help you with your vocabulary. Some of the material goes beyond what you need to know, but there are some good GCSE level resources that can help you to remember the vocabulary you have been learning in class.

6. Spanish Resources is a good website if you want to practise your listening skills. It has a selection of different listening tests covering the topics that are covered at GCSE level. If you explore the rest of the site, you might also find some useful material in the sections intended for students on other types of courses.

7. Lingolex has a selection of different language resources, not all of which are designed for GCSE level students, but one tool that is particularly useful is the pronunciation guide. The vocabulary and grammar pages can also be useful, and you can read a few texts that are presented in parallel with the English versions, which can be useful if you want to work on your reading skills.

8. Oye! has lots of games and activities that give you a chance to practice your language skills in a less serious way. Many of the topics covered at GCSE level are covered on the site, but rather than reading vocabulary lists or reading about grammar, you can challenge your knowledge against the clock or complete a few word games.

9. Memrise has some good Spanish courses that can help you to improve your vocabulary a little at a time. The site is designed so that you can learn a little at a time, coming back regularly to boost your memory. There are plenty of courses to choose from, although some of them are a little bit too basic for GCSE level, but this site can be a great addition to your revision schedule.

10. Listening to news reports or watching TV programmes in Spanish can be a great way to improve your listening skills. You will get a better feel for the language, even if you don’t understand every word, so you listening and speaking skills can improve. RTVE provides plenty of good quality content online, so you can spend some time immersing yourself in the language. The newspaper El Pais also has an interesting site if you want some more material to read.




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