Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the UK. Dubbed the Second City of the British Empire in Victorian and Edwardian times, this metropolis has the largest economy of Scotland, mostly due to growth in the financial and service sectors.

This economic growth is derived in part by higher education, and that is how you can profit from tutoring!

Glasgow is a major centre of higher education and academic research, so if you have a background in the sciences, literature or engineering, you have a potentially large student cohort to mentor in those fields.

If you are wild about tradition, think about the High School of Glasgow, the oldest school in Scotland, founded in 1124. Maybe you are passionate about speaking Gaelic: you could tutor students attending the Glasgow Gaelic School, the only institution in the city that teaches strictly in that language.

In short: with the wealth of opportunity in Glasgow and the variety of unique situations, establishing yourself in the UK home tutoring business or finis sure to bring you success.

Tutoring Agencies in Glasgow

Offering supplemental instruction through tutoring agencies offers the benefit of matching your skills to pupils' needs. If you are looking for (more or less) steady work with a guaranteed paycheck, you might consider registering with one Glasgow's many tutoring centers. Here we list three, with no particular recommendation or endorsement:

ICS Learn offers tutoring in all academic subjects. Although this is an agency with a physical location, all tutoring is done online, from Maths and test prep to personal training and fitness. Through them you can help learners prepare for university, advance their career or change careers altogether.

Glasgow Tutors, located in the city center connects tutors with students who live within a ten-mile radius of central Glasgow. You can either travel to students' homes or other arrangements can be made, such as meeting at a mutually convenient location, or the student can travel to your home. Generally, student tutoring happens during the evening or on weekends; adult learning occupies daytime hours.

Kip McGrath Education Centers (2 in Glasgow) focus solely on Maths and English learning. The sessions are geared more toward younger pupils, and are generally held in-house. Students can receive individual tutoring or learn in small groups, with other pupils of the same aptitude and at the same level of learning.

A word of caution about applying to agencies: you might have to furnish a University degree, even though the law does not require any special licensing, certification or degree to tutor. These companies are merely seeking the best talent, just as any other employer might, to be demonstrated through higher education achievements.

Please note that, while working through an agency has its benefits, you might be required to visit and work in clients' homes because in home tutoring is more convenient for clients. Also, your pay may be lower than if you were to work independently because the agency will likely keep a portion of your fee as commission.


Home teaching is beneficial to you and your students.
Tutoring in your pupil's home adds to their comfort level. (Source: Pixabay)

Independent tutors in the Glasgow area earn an average of £18.60 per hour. Of course, this is commensurate with tutors' education level, experience and the subject matter being taught, as well as students' levels. The best tutors, or a tutor of sought after subjects such as calculus or foreign languages could command more.

With that thought in mind, let us explore freelancing as a tutor.

You can choose to tutor in your home, in the clients' home or online, or any combination thereof. Regardless of where and how you choose to work, you will first have to find tutees.

Thinking about moving South? Take your tutoring business with you! Check out tutoring agencies in Manchestertutor jobs in Leeds or our guide on tutoring jobs in London.

How to Find Students in Glasgow

  • Visit local schools. It is not out of the question that schools would partner with independent tutors. In fact, school administrations in the Glasgow area may well keep a list of qualified tutors on hand to recommend to parents seeking extra help for their children.

  • Go door to door in your neighborhood. Nothing says your neighbors can't be your clients! This is an especially good idea if you live in a community with a lot of school-aged children or higher education students.

  • Post on bulletin boards. Supermarkets, libraries, even your local laundromat all have bulletin boards for service announcements. Make sure your ad is visible – not crowded out by other posts. Of course, it helps if you design an eye-catching and professional-looking announcement.

  • Print fliers. Give them out at shopping centers, bus stations, the subway. Don't forget to visit the four universities within sixteen kilometers of the city center.

  • Promote your business. Word of mouth is a powerful and useful advertisement medium. Do you visit a certain cafe or pub regularly? Shop at the same neighborhood grocery every time? Maybe the staff there could help get word out that you are in business for yourself.

Learn about where to teach English online.

Online Tutoring Jobs

The 'Net is has a wide selection of sites that list all manner of tutors with skills to teach just about any subject. Superprof is a case in point: there you create your tutor profile, find online tutoring jobs and list your specialties – anything from singing to SAT preparation.

Other sites, such as Gumtree, Vivastreet or, more locally, Glasgow Scotland Classifieds will permit you to place an advert for your burgeoning business. Beware though: some of those sites charge a fee for a simple posting while others demand payment for premium placement of ads.


Help younger learners gain computer skills early.
Teaching online is an effective way to reach more students (Source: Pixabay)

Tips for successful Online Tutoring

  • Make your profile outstanding! How are you different/better than every other tutor? What skills are you offering that no one else is? Do you offer only one to one teaching? Will you accept drop ins? To attract clients, you should put forth qualities and abilities that are not commonly found.

  • Be responsive! In general, if someone makes an inquiry on the web, they are looking for a quick answer. Don't let potential clients get away! Answer them quickly.

  • Manage feedback! If a student or parent leaves a comment on your page, you should respond.

As a business tool, the Internet is a double-edged sword: if you can teach Glaswegians online, so can someone from Leeds, Lancashire or even London – language and dialects notwithstanding.

Tutoring fees are higher in Scotland than in England simply because there are fewer tutors in Scotland. That is what permits you and your fellow teachers to command a higher price.

All things being equal, a student or parent might opt for distance learning over local talent, simply because of cost and convenience. That is why it is really important to present yourself as an indispensable and accessible educator.

With all of that being said, even the most dynamic tutor won't necessary achieve a full schedule at the outset. If time and energy permits, perhaps you would consider volunteering.

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience in tutoring, and to see what it takes to be a mentor. It will put you in touch with community organizations who have their finger on the pulse of Glasgow and possibly provide you with networking opportunities.

Tutor Volunteer Organizations

The Marie Trust to advance education and opportunity for homeless and socially excluded people. You can find them at 32 Midland street, Glasgow, G1 4PR.

Volunteer Glasgow offers ongoing courses in adult literacy and numeracy, as well as Information Technology courses and learning English. They are located at Abbey House First Floor East, 10 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 6LU.

Reading together is a great way to build rapport as a tutor.
You can volunteer in libraries around Glasgow. (Source: Pixabay)

What about coaching a sports team?  You can assist in training young athletes at any of the sixteen sportsplexes scattered throughout the city.

Or maybe you prefer a more sedate pastime, such as reading. You could volunteer with Falkirk Community Trust to read for Storytime at any of their nine libraries, or as a reading tutor.

Through Falkirk you could exercise either of the above-mentioned options, working with children from various backgrounds and abilities, and meet people who share your interests and drive. Perhaps you could even make a business connection or two.

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Summary: Tutoring Jobs in Glasgow

Tutoring is rewarding and lucrative. There is nothing like seeing understanding dawn in your pupil's eyes as you render complicated subject material easy to understand.

If you work independent of any agency you can set your own hours and rates, working as much or as little as you wish. You can set up an office in your home to welcome students, or you can work with them in their home or dorm.

You can choose to operate strictly as an online presence, thereby reaching all of Glasgow and beyond, to learners who need you. The great thing about online tutoring is it can be done from anywhere. You can tutor students in Bristol from your home tutoring business in Birmingham, or your tutor job in Liverpool.

No matter which method you choose, which age group you teach and what skills set you have, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to ensure academic success of pupils you tutor.

You are shaping the future of Scotland, one pupil, one session, one lesson at a time.

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