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A Guide on How to Become a Tutor and Find Online Tutoring Jobs in Edinburgh

By Jon, published on 22/06/2017 Blog > Tutoring > Advice for Tutors > Become a tutor in Edinburgh

Interested in becoming a tutor in Edinburgh? Tutoring jobs great way for you to engage with your passions in a beautiful city.

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. It has a population of 464,990 and students make up around 20% of that figure. Thats a huge potential tutoring base – and that doesnt include professionals looking for in home tutoring or online tutoring jobs.

Edinburgh has the highest percentage of professionals in the UK. Almost half of the population (43%) holds a degree-level or professional qualification. The economy is centred around financial services (after London, Edinburgh is the second financial centre in the UK). Other professional industries like higher education and scientific research make up a significant portion, along with tourism. Of course Edinburgh is internationally renowned for it’s festival season from July-September each year. Fit your tutoring hours around shows at the Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Edinburgh International Book Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Tutoring Students in Cardiff

There are four universities in Edinburgh. They are the University of Edinburgh, Queen Margaret University, Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Napier University. In addition, Edinburgh College (a recent amalgamation of 3 long established colleges) supports further and higher education in the city. The range of courses the universities and colleges vary widely, creating tutoring opportunities in almost every field.

Edinburgh has some of the oldest schools and universities in the world.

Tutoring jobs in Scotland are easy to find with Superprof Edinburgh is a great city for students and tutors | Source Pixabay

Edinburgh also has public, religious and independent schools. There are around 135 schools administered but the local council, and a number of independent schools and colleges. Interestingly, around 25% of students in Edinburgh attend an independent school, far higher than the national average of 7%.

Tutoring Professionals in Cardiff

It’s not just students who are seeking the support private tutoring can provide. Professionals in diverse industries are looking to extend their knowledge in different areas.

Edinburgh is a city on the move. It’s the most competitive city in the UK.  Banking has been the historical fuel for this fire, and continues to be so today. Any city that has a strong economy has professionals seeking to increase their skills. The focus can be on professional development, but it could also mean using disposable income on topics of personal interest. The top 10 industries by number of employees are:

  • Wholesale, retail
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Accommodation, food services
  • Professional, technical, scientific services
  • Administration, support services
  • Public administration, defence, social security
  • ICT
  • Transport, storage
  • Arts, entertainment, recreation

Imagine for a moment what these professionals may need. Some may be looking to learn an additional language to communicate with foreign clients, for example. As industries modernise, employees may need to get across coding or other technical areas.

Give Private Tuition to professionals and students a like in Edinburgh Students and professionals in Edinburgh are looking for experienced tutors like you | Source Pixabay

As the service economy grows, complementary business skills like public speaking, or negotiation see increased demand. Full time workers are often time poor, so offering efficient, well delivered peer tutoring is a great way to provide a solution.

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In Edinburgh, theres opportunity to teach almost anything youre passionate about.

It’s a city full of historical sites and lively festivals. The combination of the large professional service based economy and the colourful festival culture means there will be someone out there looking to learn something new.

The city has museums and galleries galore. There’s a strong interest in performing arts with several theatres and companies in Edinburgh. There are established interest groups in just about every topic from language learners to dance groups and knitters.

With this diverse sampling of interests currently found in Edinburgh, there is surely a place for you to share your expertise. And these areas are just the ones supported by local events and organisations.

If you speak a second language, or love to cook a specific cuisine, or even if you know how to juggle, theres probably someone out there looking for you to teach them.

What can you offer? Are you an English tutor? Perhaps your a French tutor new to the city? Whatever subject you teach, from algebra to Spanish, Edinburgh will have jobs to offer educators like you.

Necessary Tutoring Job Qualifications

There is no legal requirement for you to hold a qualification to tutor in the UK. Anyone can teach on any subject, you do not have to be a certified teacher. There is a very diverse range of topics that can be supported with tutoring services. Many subjects don’t have any form of qualification attached, so tutors are judged on other qualities instead. For example, tutors may be sought based on experience, availability, cost and teaching ability.

If you want to tutor in Edinburgh there are some legal frameworks you should be aware of.

Report your income to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Keeping your finances and taxes up to date and accurate is essential.

Insure yourself. Many tutors insure themselves in the UK, although it’s not a requirement

Be aware of health and safety. If you tutor at home, you must provide a safe learning environment

Advertise honestly. Ensure your claims are accurate and correct. Avoid misleading statements.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Having a current DBS check is a requirement for working with some agencies. It’s a smart idea to get one if you plan to work with minors.

See our guide for an in depth understanding of the legalities involved with tutoring from home.

Start a tutoring business in Scotland's capital city Ensuring you are aware of all the legalities helps you start your tutoring business with confidence | Source Pixabay

Thinking about moving South of the border? Take your tutoring business with you! Check out tutoring agencies in Manchestertutor jobs in Leeds, and tutoring jobs in Liverpool.

Volunteering as a Tutor in Edinburgh

If you’d like to build your confidence and contribute to the community at the same time, here are some local Edinburgh organisations looking for volunteer tutors. These organisations help volunteers and students connect. There are plenty of opportunities to share your knowledge elsewhere, too. You could try volunteering to coach a local junior sports team or run sessions in nursing homes, for example.

Volunteer Edinburgh is a website dedicated to connecting volunteers with places available in Edinburgh. You can use the search function (click the ‘activity’ drop down and select ‘tutoring/supporting learners’). Last time we checked they were looking for everything from bicycle repair tutors to classroom assistants.

The City of Edinburgh Council has great resources for finding volunteer tutoring positions. The website breaks down the different programs they run and how to get involved.

Tutoring Agencies in Edinburgh

School students sometimes seek help from local tutoring centres. If you are not equipped to tutor from home or you are looking for regular hours, these could be a solution. Tutoring agencies are tailored to the needs of school students and sometimes require a Bachelor’s degree.

Genius Tutors works locally with high school students, focussing on the humanities and social sciences. They tend to hire undergraduate or graduate students and provide training on Scottish school curriculum requirements.

Edinburgh Tutors are located south of the city centre and provide tutoring in all major school subjects and extra classes too. Their tutors tend to be people with high school teaching experience.

MagiKats focuses on maths and english studies, offering workshops for students under 5 years old through to GSCE students and adults. In Edinburgh, they are located on Leith Walk and Blackhall.

Advertising your Tutor Jobs

It can be a challenge to get traction with as a one on one tutor if you are doing it on your own. If you build a good reputation your name will get out there. Don’t be afraid to work hard in the beginning.

Why not try

Posting on community or school noticeboards to put your ads in front of students

Having professional business cards on hand can make networking smoother

Establishing your own website can highlight your skills and share testimonials

Making use of social media is very effective, especially in locally targeted groups

Advertising on community trading websites like Gumtree can yield surprising results, too.

Tutoring jobs with Superprof

Are you excited about home tutoring in Edinburgh? We thought so! 

If you want to tutor students in Edinburgh, using Superprof is an easy and effective way for students to find you.

Create a free profile listing your hourly prices and services as an in home tutor or online tutor.  The great thing about online tutoring is it can be done from anywhere. You can tutor students in Bristol from your home tutoring business in Birmingham, or your tutor job in Glasgow.

Students contact the tutors when they want to study with you either as an individual or in a small group – perfect. You can tutor students in person or online, whatever suits your needs. Help others achieve academic success with in home tutoring and private tuition.

Its easy to get started. Just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way in no time.

  • Arrange for proof of any qualifications you want to use (consider asking for testimonials from previous students if you have them)
  • Apply for a DBS check
  • Figure out and set your rates
  • Create your free profile on Superprof to let students know you’re ready and waiting!

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