Interested in becoming a tutor in Cardiff? Tutoring is a great way for you to engage with your passions in a beautiful city.

Cardiff (Cymry) is the capital city of Wales and has a population of 346,100, about a third of the total population. Students make up around 66,000 of that number. Thats a huge potential tutoring base that doesnt even include professionals looking for in home and online tutoring.

The economy of Cardiff is growing too. It makes up around 20% of Welsh GDP. The captial region of Cardiff is looking forward to £1.2bn investment between now and 2036. While the traditional industries are quietening, tourism, media, sports and arts are booming. Finance, business services, distribution, hotels and restaurant sectors are all playing a major role in boosting the economy. Due to the large amount of foreign students studying at Cardiff universities, learning English as a second language is a growing business too.

The economy is no longer reliant on a single industry, which means there is a hugely diverse student population and workforce. This means there is a fantastic market for tutors to earn money teaching across a variety of areas. There is great scope not just for educational and business tutoring & alternative jobs for teachers, but for expanded learning in areas of personal interest, too.

Why not start a home-tutor business in Cardiff?
The economy of Cardiff makes up around 20% of the Welsh GDP. Source Pixabay.

Tutoring Students in Cardiff

The student population in Cardiff totals around 66,000.

There are four major higher education institutions in Cardiff: Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of South Wales and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. There are two main further education colleges: Cardiff and Vale College and St. David's College.

As the range of further education opportunities in Cardiff shows, tutors are able to offer services across a broad range of subjects and at varying educational levels.

Cardiff also has public, religious and independent schools. Students from these schools come from various economic backgrounds and may be seeking tutoring at any level. There is a demand for A Level and music tutors. The International Baccalaureate is offered in Cardiff too, which opens up a niche tutoring opportunity for those knowledgeable about IB requirements.

Learn how you could start to teach English online.

Tutoring Professionals in Cardiff

It’s not just students who are seeking the support private tutoring can provide. Professionals in diverse industries are looking to extend their knowledge in different areas. The ten most successful industries in Cardiff in 2017 are:

  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Wholesale and retail (including car sales)
  • Construction and building
  • Business services
  • Tourism, culture and sport
  • Finance and ICT
  • Transport
  • Energy and environmental
  • Healthcare and education
  • Primary and other

Imagine for a moment what these professionals may need. Some may be looking to learn an additional language to communicate with foreign clients. Business skills may need honing. Networking skills may need polishing. What if they need to update their mathematics or accounting knowledge? As industries modernise, employees may need to get across coding or other technical areas linked to software and IT.

Full time workers are often time poor, so offering efficient, well delivered tutoring is a great way to solve their problem.

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In Cardiff, theres opportunity to teach almost anything youre passionate about.

Cardiff holds a fascinating mix of business, sports and culture. There is a rich spread of arts from music and opera, to ballet, dance, comedy, musicals and photography. The city has a invested a great deal in supporting sports too, and is well known for it’s love of rugby. Cardiff also has a rich history and gorgeous natural walking trails near to the city.

With this expansive list of interests, there is surely a place for you to share your expertise. And these areas are just the ones supported by local events and organisations. If you speak a second language, or love to cook a specific cuisine, or even if you know how to juggle, theres probably someone out there looking for you to teach them.

What hobbies are you skilled in? What is your relevant experience? How can this turn into a valuable offer for people who want to learn?

Necessary Tutoring Job Qualifications

In the UK, there are no legal requirements for specific qualifications to become a private tutor. There is such a diverse range of topics that can be supported with tutoring.

Not all of them have official qualifications to begin with. Instead, tutors are sought after based on experience, teaching ability, and fee schedule. For more information, check out our blog on tutor qualifications. 

Tutors will always be in demand to give maths lessons, piano lessons and every subject you can think of.
A tutor with experience can be just as valuable to students as those with official qualifications. Source Pixabay.

If you’re going to tutor in Cardiff there are a few things you should do to legally protect yourself and your students. For a more detailed look, check out out our blog on the legalities of tutoring from home.

Report your income to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). It’s important to keep your income and taxes up to date.

Insure yourself. It’s not a legal requirement to be insured as a tutor in the UK, but it’s a standard practice to do so. Consider public liability insurance, business and portable equipment insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

Be aware of health and safety. This means providing a safe environment for students to learn. This is very important if you plan to teach at your home.

Advertise honestly. Every claim you make must be factually correct, and you should be able to provide documentary proof of any qualification you claim to hold.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). It’s not a legal requirement for tutors to have a DBS check in the UK. However, this can provide reassurance, especially to parents of students.

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Volunteering as a Tutor in Cardiff

If you’d like to build your confidence and contribute to the community at the same time, here are some local Cardiff organisations looking for volunteer tutors. These focus mainly on school based subjects, but there are plenty of opportunities to share your knowledge elsewhere, too. You could try volunteering to coach a local junior sports team or run sessions in nursing homes, for example.

The Learning Club (TLC) offers free education support to disadvantaged children in the Butetown and surrounding areas of south Cardiff. You could work with students across Core Subject Focus (CSF), GCSE, Literacy & Numeracy, support homework clubs or work with students from Cardiff Sixth Form College.

While not compulsory in the UK, The Access Project requires tutors to hold a Bachelor’s degree. The project works with state school students in the following subject areas: Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English Literature, French, Geography, History, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Spanish.

Volunteer with Cardiff Homework Clubs and work with a diverse range of school students across many subject areas.

At the Welsh Refugee Council you can work with refugees from diverse backgrounds to master English as an additional language.

Tutoring Agencies in Cardiff

Depending on your preferences, schedule and job availability, working for a bricks-and-mortar tutoring business may be for you. These are tailored for school students and often require a Bachelor’s degree.

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There are several bricks and mortar tutoring agencies in Cardiff. Source Pixabay.

Located in Thornhill, Explore Learning also offering Maths and English tutoring along with complementary classes in creative writing and other pursuits.

Kip McGrath Centre offers English and Maths tutoring up to GCSE level. Their tutors are required to be fully qualified and experienced teachers. They are located in Whitchurch.

Inspire Tuition provides one on one tutoring for students in Maths, English and National Tests. They are located in Llanishen,

Advertising your Tutor Jobs

You can always try to build your own cohort of students without the aid of an established tutoring network. Its hard work to get started but you can see excellent results if your reputation spreads by word-of-mouth. To get started try  the following:

Posting on community or school noticeboards will put your name in front of students looking for tutors

Having professional business cards printed can make it easy to network on the go

Establish your own website so you can direct enquiries there and see organic search results

Making use of social media sites like Facebook is efficient, free and very effective.

Advertising on community trading websites like Gumtree can help get your name out there.

Tutoring jobs with Superprof

Are you excited about home tutoring in Cardiff? We thought so! 

If you want to tutor students in Cardiff, using Superprof is an easy and effective way for students to find you.

Create a free profile listing your hourly prices and services as an in home tutor or online tutor. The great thing about online tutoring is it can be done from anywhere. You can tutor students in Bristol from your home tutoring business in Birmingham, or your tutor job in Glasgow.

Students contact the tutors when they want to study with you either as an individual or in a small group - perfect. You can tutor students in person or online, whatever suits your needs. Help others achieve academic success with in home tutoring jobs and private tuition.

Its easy to get started. Just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way in no time.

  1. Arrange for proof of any qualifications you want to use (consider asking for testimonials from previous students if you have them)
  2. Apply for a DBS check
  3. Figure out and set your rates
  4. Create your free profile on Superprof to let students know you’re ready and waiting!

We think tutoring in Cardiff is a great idea. That’s why we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to know how to get started. If you’ve got any questions or want to know more check out our other useful guides on How to become a tutor from home and Tips for first time tutors.

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