"Put your heart, your mind, your intelligence and your soul even in the smallest acts." Swami Sivananda

If getting dressed for yoga may seem like an after-thought, it isn't the case! The outfit we wear to express the various asana positions is important.

Nearly 1 million people practice a form of yoga in the UK and between 70%-80% of the practitioners are women.

Regardless of the shape of the women who wears it, the perfect yogi outfit will be quite similar for all: comfortable, breathable and adapted to each person's style.

If you are lost while wandering the yoga department of your local sports shop, Superprof is here to give you some tips, so you can choose your clothes with confidence.

What Does a Woman's Yoga Outfit Consist Of?

A yoga outfit, no matter what form you choose (ashtanga, bikram, hot yoga...), will consist of three essential elements:

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Undergarments
You need to wear stretchable clothing in yoga class.
Maybe Beyoncé's leather outfit is too tight to do yoga! (Source: SportsIllustrated)

T-shirt or Crop Top?

You could be tempted to simply put on your usual clothes to go to yoga classes near me: a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt. Only with yoga, there are two major disadvantages to using your usual t-shirt:

  • Practising yoga, contrary to what some might think, makes you sweat! So, you may end up with stains under your arms... Nobody really likes that!
  • A crop top or loose t-shirt will certainly not be tight enough to the body. Because in yoga, you'll often find yourself upside down. Your t-shirt will go up on your head, which is not very practical to breathe, will need adjusting, and can be embarrassing if you don't want to flash others your bra!

It is better to choose a different kind of top to practice yoga. But which one?

There are two teams in this matter: team tank top and team sports bra.

There are many yoga tops tailored for sports and perfect for yoga. It must be close-fitting but not too much so that you can still breathe freely. You could choose a racerback tank to prevent the straps from falling. It's up to you! As long as it stays very comfortable and you can do any sequence without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Others might prefer a sports bra. There is nothing to stop you from practising yoga in only your sports bra. The only criterion to take into account is your relationship to your body: do you feel comfortable wearing just a bra?

If the answer is yes, don't hesitate! When you sweat and are hot, you'll be more comfortable! Sports bras are designed to hold well and are often seamless for comfort.

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Leggings, loose pants or shorts?

A second question arises: what to wear on the bottom?

One can be tempted to just make use of your latest black leggings or jogging pants purchase. Again, it's a bad idea.

The leggings that you put on when hanging out at home or to wear under a dress are undoubtedly transparent... With the stretches that are carried out in group yoga classes near me, the fabric will also be stretched. And often, the fabrics of cheap leggings are thin and they'll end up being see-through.

Sweatpants (or harem pants, if you're a fan), meanwhile, does not allow the yoga teacher to see and monitor the movements you perform. Even for you, it will be hard to see if what you are doing is right! You may also be irritated by the folds of loose fabric when you have to bend your legs.

The other problem you may encounter with usual leggings or jogging pants is the lack of an elastic waistband. Thus, you risk revealing more than you might have wanted if the pants slip from your hips when they're too loose...

Yoga pants or yoga leggings, on the other hand, should be part of your yoga outfit!

They are usually high-waisted and snug, without being too tight on the belly or abdomen. Straight sports pants will also have more elasticity. The perfect companion to put in your gym bag for your future stretching sessions.

When it is hot and only if you are comfortable with your legs, you can use yoga shorts. Indeed, yoga often includes postures where your legs are apart. If this suits you, in this case, opt for shorts that fit snug to your body. Yoga capris are also a mid-way option.

Rabbit pose is a common yoga position.
This rabbit doesn't have to worry about what to wear during yoga! (Source: FriendsofRabbits)

The question of undergarments

With underwear, it will be up to each woman's preference: some swear by boy shorts, others will opt for spandex briefs. The important thing is comfort during your workouts, so that you'll forget all about your underwear while you are in class.

Regarding the bra, choose one without underwire, as it won't constrict your chest, while at the same time will ensure good support.

A sports bra can be considered, especially for women with larger chests. Overall, you want to make sure that it covers a large enough surface no matter your size, and has a good fit, so that you are not tempted or need to readjust during class.

Find out also what accessories you might need to practise yoga...

Comfort First and Foremost So You Can Perform At Your Best

We can never say it enough, whatever sportswear you choose, the most important quality is comfort!

To warm up, tone up, and simply relax, it's better to be comfortable in your outfit (even more so when doing prenatal yoga).

When doing yoga, it is impossible not to sweat. Thus, it is better to opt for a breathable fabric with moisture wicking to evacuate excessive sweating.

We've already talked about it, but the thickness of your yoga pants, capris, or sports leggings is very important for you to perform you sun salutations in peace. To be as comfortable as possible and not be asking yourself: "Yikes! Are my pants see-through?"

The softness of your clothing is also not to be overlooked. The softer the garment, the better it feels when you're in class, whether it's with your pants, undergarments or top.

In yoga, the body and especially the spine are mobilized in all positions through the various postures. The belly should not be compressed, the legs should be free from any hindrance, the chest should be supported so you don't hurt yourself. Everything must be done with ease.

Yoga and well-being are synonymous. In fact, the lifestyle of a yogi often includes coming into better relationship with nature and the environment. The clothes and accessories you choose can be in keeping with the values of yoga and meditation. Many brands have an eco-friendly clothing line made of organic cotton or other natural materials.

Did you know that organic cotton uses 60% less water to produce than traditional cotton?

Learn what every yogi considers essential equipment...

Show-Off Your Style Through Your Yogi Clothes!

Some choose bright colors for their yoga session.
Bright colours can give some pep to your yoga session! (Source: Pinterest)

Even if you do not come to yoga class to flounce your style like a model on a catwalk, if you can combine comfort and style, it's even better!

Being laid back does not mean giving up fashion for sport. Patterned, colourful, straight cut, flared... Printed leggings come in various styles.

Feeling beautiful in your yoga clothes is also a good way to motivate yourself to workout, right? You can also vary the colour of your outfit to match your mood that day or on the contrary, put on a bright colour to pep yourself up and make you feel happier!

For example, bright colors like red, orange and yellow can put you in a good mood and push you to be more energetic. For softer women's fitness practices, you can opt for pastel colours or heather grey.

For my part, I like a rather classic style when I do my yoga online: mostly black from head to toe. But when it comes to my yoga mat, the more bright and patterned it is, the better!

Of course, your budget can play a role in your choice of outfits. YogaRebel offers a large selection of yoga clothing and accessories online.

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Some Additional Tips to Get the Most of Your Yoga Class!

Women's group yoga class outdoors.
The goal is to be as serene as possible! (Source: Pixabay)

When you are a woman, you have to take into account other elements that can make your yoga session easier.

I always have a small bag near my mat in which I keep my wallet and phone (in silent mode or turned off, of course).

You can also plan other useful things:

  • Lipstick or chapstick
  • Tissues
  • A small towel
  • A water bottle
  • A headband or elastic for your hair
  • Yoga socks (or normal socks) to keep your toes warm during savasana
  • Leggings to keep your ankles warm, especially in winter
  • A sweatshirt to keep warm if needed (avoid the hoodie)

Remember to take everything you need during your yoga session to feel as good as possible and not be uncomfortable during your yoga positions.

Types of Yoga:

Yoga, a word everyone knows and many people practice. But had you ever thought that you needed a special outfit to practice yoga?

What is hatha yoga?

Literally "effort yoga" is the form of yoga most often taught. It focuses on postures, breathing, balance and meditation.

What is Bikram yoga or hot yoga?

It is a form of yoga derived from hatha yoga but performed in hot and humid conditions. It was created in the 1970s by Bikram Choudhury. In the UK, the practice has become more popular since 2001.

What about yoga attire for male yogis?

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