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Relaxation, better posture, inner peace, self-confidence, stronger muscles, vitality, weight loss, 鈥渏oie de vivre,鈥 reduced stress levels, concentration鈥 Now there鈥檚 a nice list of goals you鈥檇 probably like to achieve, without knowing exactly how to. But what if you decided to take yoga lessons? Superprof invites all those interested in discovering the traditional Indian art form that is yoga to make their way to our platform, where over 800 yoga tutors are ready to offer their services online or near you.

Your yoga class and its benefits

Work, going out, exercising, daily commutes, family life, etc. There are few moments throughout our daily lives where we can truly feel at peace. These moments are nevertheless crucial for our inner balance and allow us to keep moving forward, day in and day out. There are many different types of exercise out there, such as stretching, pilates, meditation lessons, cardio training, muscle strengthening exercises, and many others, that can help you finally relax. But yoga is probably the most popular and the most liked discipline among those seeking peace and quiet and deeper breathing. And this has been the case for several years now - decades, even! There鈥檚 also been a big upsurge recently in the number of yoga classes available in big cities around the country. These vibrant metropolitan areas are filled with bustling men and women, running around from one place to the other with never-ending to-do lists. At a time when it also seems like everything we do involves some sort of screen, yoga can be a helpful way to refocus on your own self, your emotions, and just letting go. That鈥檚 definitely worth its weight in gold, don鈥檛 you think? We spend all, or most, of our days with our heads buried in our computers, smartphones, tablets, GPSs and other TV screens. So much so that we dedicate less and less time to just getting up and admiring the world around us. This, among other things, is what we call full consciousness. For those of you who identify with the above description, and even for those of you who don鈥檛, Superprof can help you find a competent yoga instructor. Someone who will be able to orient you towards hatha yoga, improved breathing, nidra yoga, flexibility exercises, stretching, finding your vital energy, yoga sutra, vinyasa, dynamic yoga, ashtanga yoga, breathing exercises for your abs, relaxation techniques to fight stress and to improve sleep, specific yoga poses that will help foster a more efficient meditation, a better physical condition, kundalini yoga, prenatal yoga for pregnant women, in order to help you prepare for childbirth, meditation yoga, natha yoga, qi-gong, sivanada yoga, yoga for kids, etc.

Breathing, feeling zen and general well-being: let your personal yoga instructor come to you!

So, we know that you鈥檙e probably well-informed of the many benefits of yoga. And when you lead a life as dynamic and fast-paced as yours, these little moments of complete and utter well-being are essential. But where can you take yoga lessons in the UK? Are you more interested in training with other people, in group yoga classes, attending a hatha yoga class with a bunch of people you don鈥檛 necessarily know? Or, instead, to maximise your efficiency, do you prefer to enjoy a one-on-one lesson with your own personal yoga tutor? It鈥檚 easy to see that the 2nd solution is clearly more tempting. To truly feel relaxed after your yoga class, there鈥檚 nothing better than working your flexibility, breathing, stretching, muscle strengthening and meditation in the comfort of your own home. Even more so if your online tutor is giving you your lesson via webcam and all you have to do after your lesson is shut your computer off to find yourself alone again. By choosing an instructor that offers this option, not only will you be able to follow your yoga class from your own living room, but you will also get the benefit of being the only physical person in the room during your class, further enhancing your self-awareness and helping you achieve a higher state of consciousness. Also, these one-on-one lessons also help you feel more confident in your methods, so it鈥檒l be easier for your yoga instructor to teach you the appropriate poses and the proper breathing techniques. Keep in mind that yoga instructors have also followed one or more training programmes themselves to get to where they are.

What about becoming a yoga instructor yourself?

Your instructors have followed the necessary training and have obtained the yoga knowledge needed to now pass on their learnings to their new clients and to help them find inner peace. But not just inner peace, since yoga is much more complete than that. In a few words, here鈥檚 what can help you master this ancient discipline, for those of you who wish to become yoga instructors one day: human anatomy and physiology (having a good understanding of how the human body works, its anatomy, the different muscles that compose it, the nervous system, etc.), Hinduism and its culture, knowing how to spiritually find your centre, finding your own wisdom, focusing on your vital energy (or prana), perfecting your breathing to teach your students the proper technique, reducing stress in your everyday life, doing meditation yoga (iyengar), being at one with your own emotions, working with your yogi to finally let go, increasing your endurance, working your abs and finding your inner strength, etc. Practicing yoga is everything we just listed and more, all at the same time. By way of example, you can find below a sample of the vocabulary used by a yoga instructor, which will help you better understand this unique Indian art form.

Hatha yoga, asana, and raja yoga: A combination of relaxation and ancient history

鈥淪un salutation,鈥 鈥渄eep breathing,鈥 鈥減renatal yoga,鈥 鈥測oga poses,鈥 etc. When you sign up for yoga teacher training, the different concepts characteristic to yoga are probably still a bit vague. Just like its benefits. Even if you already have a pretty good idea of what they are. Nevertheless, there are many different terms and branches that you should know of, within the spectrum of Indian philosophy. This will help you better decide which type of yoga class is best adapted to your needs. Let鈥檚 start, for example, with the term 鈥渞aja yoga,鈥 also called 鈥渁stanga yoga鈥, which refers to the pratice of yoga based on Patanjali鈥檚 yoga sutras. It鈥檚 important to distinguish raja yoga from 鈥渉atha yoga,鈥 which does not belong to the same tradition. Raja yoga actually consists of 8 different disciplines: yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, prathyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi. In turn, the 鈥測oga sutras鈥 refer to the collection of 195 aphorisms that were drafted somewhere between 200 B.C. and 500 A.D. and which codify the practice of yoga as we know it today. Patanjali, for his part, is the author of the Yoga Sutras. When we talk about hatha yoga, we鈥檙e talking about a demanding type of yoga that includes a kind of spiritual awakening, a myriad of different poses, breathing exercises and meditation. 鈥淧ranayama鈥 is a discipline entirely focused on your breath and on controlling your 鈥減rana,鈥 which means 鈥渓ife force鈥 in Sanskrit. 鈥淎sana鈥澛爄s the physical act of performing a yoga pose. The term is often used to describe the pratice of yoga as a whole, but the word 鈥渁sana鈥 itself refers to the different body postures you鈥檒l be practicing during your lessons. When we talk about nidra yoga, we鈥檙e also talking about lucid sleep. This can improve your sleep quality, thanks to a series of breathing or deep sleep exercises. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga can refer to a yoga centre or studio based on the synchronisation between movement and breathing. Many other terms are also useful to know, such as: samadhi, surya, kundalini yoga, mantra, ayurveda, ayurvedic medicine, natha yoga, mudra, qi-gong, sivananda yoga, karma yoga, sadhana, power yoga, ashram, bhakti, gita, tikhimiroff, savasena, vedanta, kriya yoga, iyengar, shri, vinyasa, etc.

Find inner peace thanks to an online yoga instructor

There鈥檚 no need to try to find a yoga class near you. Just go to the Superprof website and take a look at the different yoga instructors who have put their faith in us. Over 850 yogis, or yoga instructors, are already waiting for you, ready to encourage you to open up about your personal life, your life philosophy, and to teach you the different yoga poses. You鈥檒l be able to schedule your classes on the weekends, or during the week - whatever works best for you! Your teacher will adapt to your schedule. Also, keep in mind that the average hourly rate for our yoga lessons is around 拢25. Rates vary depending on the instructor you choose, their level of experience, where they鈥檝e trained, etc., so make sure you set some criteria before choosing your yoga teacher. Now that you鈥檙e all set, you can schedule your first lesson! You鈥檒l see that you鈥檒l be reaching higher levels of consciousness in no time.


馃挵What is the average price of Yoga lessons?
The average price of Yoga  lessons is 拢18.

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