Once a baby is born, you'll find your world is turned upside down.

Why not try prenatal yoga during your pregnancy? Then keep it up with your baby after pregnancy. If you've never had the chance to try yoga, now is a good time to start!

Vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga or dynamic yoga are not recommended. Postnatal yoga, on the other hand, is the one for you!

Mother-baby yoga has developed a lot in recent years. It is a beneficial activity for both young mothers and newborns.

  • So what are the pros of doing yoga with your baby?
  • How are classes organised?

70% of mums experience some degree of baby-blues and 10 to 15% of them suffer from postpartum depression. To combat this, yoga can restore your mental health and serenity, allowing you to make the most of motherhood.

Did you know that yoga can also help with that nagging back pain you recently acquired?

The Advantages of Yoga for Mothers

Pregnancy, birth, adapting to your baby's routine, anxiety, fatigue... Mums need to time to recover.

Yoga can help mothers beat post-natal depression.
Post-natal yoga with your baby, a great way to recharge your batteries after giving birth. Source: Pixabay

Yoga classes are one of those special moments. And what's even better is you can enjoy it with your baby!

Postnatal yoga works both mind and body.

Among the many benefits for young mothers, yoga allows you to:

  • Resume physical exercise,
  • Discover specific exercises for post-childbirth,
  • Manage your emotions and regain inner peace,
  • Ward off baby blues and fight against stress
  • Talk to other mums about motherhood,
  • Avoid feelings of isolation,
  • Become aware of your own body,
  • Relieve pain related to childbirth and breastfeeding,
  • Etc.

After pregnancy, mothers need to feel pampered, supported, take time for themselves, manage stress levels all in front of the little human she has just given birth to. With so many responsibilities, postnatal yoga can be your own little bubble where you can relax and regain good mental and physical health.

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The Benefits of Yoga for Babies

It's not always easy to give yourself an hour off when you're a young mother!

The advantages of postnatal yoga near me is that I can do this exercise with my child.

Should you suffer tendinitis, yoga could help with that, too...

Free from all constraints, take full advantage of your yoga class to strengthen the natural mother-baby bond. A special moment for mum and newborn, yoga has a huge range of health benefits.

Practicing postnatal yoga with a newborn helps:

  • Stimulate their curiosity and promote self-awareness,
  • Develop a sense of balance and movement,
  • Relax, enjoy the peace and quiet,
  • Improve digestion, breathing and sleep,
  • Socialise with other babies,
  • Grow in a stimulating environment,
  • Develop self-confidence.
Meet other mums and share parenting tips at yoga classes.
Yoga exercises bring calm and serenity to little ones. Source: Visual hunt

What Happens at a Mother-Baby Yoga Class?

Are you wondering "Can I join a class for yoga near me after giving birth?" The answer is yes! Even after only a few days. Postnatal yoga can, therefore, precede perineal reeducation sessions.

Sessions focus specifically on the needs of the mother and specialised poses allow her to move in harmony with her baby.

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Each movement makes allows you to work the various points of the body that need specific attention after pregnancy:

  • Breathing exercises, specifically to lift the uterus,
  • Gentle abdominal exercises preserve the perineum while stimulating the abdominal belt, which is heavily affected by pregnancy,
  • Relax your legs, back and neck,
  • Work your muscles, through stretches,
  • Do relaxation exercises to feel calm and serene.

A common complaint of new mothers is back pain, either from carrying their precious bundle around or even due to a slipped disc - did you know yoga could help relieve those pains, too?

Thanks to the post-natal yoga, mothers can regain possession of their bodies, rediscover themselves and find inner harmony. Once you have learned the basics of yoga, you can easily practice yoga at home. Implementing a daily routine of doing yoga exercises will soon become second nature.

Did you know you could use your Wii to practise yoga?

Postnatal yoga also looks at the needs of the baby, especially through massage. The practice of yoga reinforces the mother-child bond and soothes the baby. Relaxation and improvement of digestion are some of the advantages. The benefits are not just physical but mental as well.

Yoga sessions develop at the same pace as the baby. Once the mum has physically recovered and the baby has grown up a bit, exercises will focus more on toning for the mother and turn into a play session for the little yogi. Playing aeroplane, swaying, tobogganing ...

These poses help strengthen the ab, leg and back muscles so the mother can carry her baby with ease.

Then, once they're older, you can enrol them in yoga classes for kids!

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