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Helping you do achieve your best in Math courses. Wishing you experience Chinese teaching style in Aberdeen Scotland area.

I am a Chinese Student in the University of Aberdeen, and I would like to teach any courses about math since I have a good knowledge on mathematics.
My teaching structure is quite easy, starting from easy formula to examples. Also, I will focus on the keywords in each class, as well as give students the summary of each class and review at the beginning of next class.
My teaching is more focus the practice exercises and the questions that students made before.

I teach maths, geometry, statistics, logic. For the level(s)masters, diploma, doctorate.
I give lessons in person, at my home or the student's home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

2 reviews on Lora
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2 recommendations


Lora is enthusiastic and willing to help others. She is dedicated and faithful. She always portrays a delightful role in other people’s life, plus, she got a good hang of mathematics as well as teaching staff. I believe she will do an extraordinary job in this experience and it will be lucky to be one of students and friends as well.


I met Lora on a trip to London through a mutual friend. She is very personable and outgoing. She was always very courteous and still engaging in conversation. I would recommend Lora because I know she is well suited to interact with all types of people, and make engaging in learning new things an enjoyable process

Lora's Experience

My teaching experience is limited to my relatives, and I used to teach my cousins about their maths during summer holiday. The number is 3. They get higher achievement because of my help. However it difficult to evaluate because of they were also studying in the school. I still confident in my teaching style because it is practical and I always make them feel clear to the knowledge.

Lora's CV

Master of Science in Geographical Information System
09/2017-09/2018 at University of Aberdeen
Related main courses:
Data Management, UAV Remote Sensing, Monitoring and Mapping, Spatial Analysis and Programming.
Bachelor of Environment and sustainability
09/2013-06/2016 at Nanjingxiaozhuang University in China
08/2016-06/2017 at Keele University in the UK
Related Coursework (Final Dissertation):
How does the motivation differ between students who donate to British Heart Foundation and students taking part in clothing swaps?

Technical Skills
• Have a good knowledge about environment aspects and the assessment of environmental influence
• AutoCAD
The rendering and edition of 2D graphics in terms of drawing tools, text and tables
Three-D Design and solid modeling
• MapInfo
Have learned Cartography to measure and read some already-existing maps, make new maps as well
Remote sensing image mapping and thematic charting
• Erdas Imagine 9.1
Processing the image of remote sensing
Knowing image preprocessing, supervised classification and unsupervised classification
• ArcGIS
Spatial data modelling, digital terrain analysis, geographical information visualization and transmission
• Adobe Photoshop
Image edition, Image synthesis and color palette and color effect production
• Database systems
Use Microsoft Access, Excel and SQL to handle and analyze data)
Other Relevant Skills
· Teamwork and Leadership
I was a captain of a volleyball team in China, and leaded the team obtain a good grade in peers.
Also, I was a member of volleyball team in Keele University, and took part in some matches in Midland in the UK.
· Self-confidence and work passion
Believe myself in the face of any difficulties; as a new graduate, I am full of passion to discover new opportunities.
· Be aware of timelines and priorities
I always finish the assignments on time, and have developed a good habit of managing time in an appropriate way. I am aware of the importance and urgency of the tasks. Choosing the important and emergent things to do first, and dealing with others later.
· Patience and persistence
I always do things in a patient manner and seldom giving up half way.

First –class scholarship: 09/2014-06/2015 at Nanjingxiaozhuang University in China
Second- class scholarship: 09/2013-06/2014 at Nanjingxiaozhuang University in China
Third-class award of Environmental Knowledge Competition: 10/2015 at Nanjing in China

Third-class award of volleyball competition: 11/2015 at Nanjing in China
Teaching assistant in Nanjing Jinkoucai (07/2015-08/2015)
This is an institution for cultivating the eloquence of 5-18 years teenagers. My job is establishing a closed friendship with these children, and monitor their eloquence study. Moreover, I accompanied 2-3 children to finish their joint performance at the end. It was a good chance for me to exercise my communication and patience, as well as developed some skills about eloquence.
Online shop decoration and graphic (01/07/2017-31/08/2017)
I worked in an online company about clothing in china. My duty is mainly decorate the online shop, as well as editing photos and upload them online. The main software I use is Photoshop. It provided a chance to design new things, and developed my creation and patience.
Sewing working (01/07/2013-01/09/2013)
It was a big sewing machine factory in China, and is operated by my father’s friend. Summer holidays I used to go there help. My part is about pocket details. Although it is toilsome, I feel happy to be in a team and accomplish my part, then feel satisfied when we make clothing for significant amount of people.

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