Chemistry A-level Help

I need help with my Chemistry AS A-level - looking for weekly tuition to cover the OCR A Exam board. Can anyone help?

Thanks, Bobby

Hi Bobby,I took that exam not too long ago and did very well. How much tuition each week would you be interested in?Best,Rachel
15 October 2014
Good afternoon Bobby,I have recently been tutoring Chemistry A-level so I would be delighted to give you the same support. I've also marked OCR Chemistry A-level papers for the past two summers, so I am very familiar with what the exam board expects and common mistakes made by students - and therefore I know how to avoid them as well!I am currently very flexible with time so can offer as much tuition as you need. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.Jennifer
15 October 2014
I can help you in this subject for your exams, please arrange lessons for the same.
16 October 2014
Hi Bobby,I'm tutoring someone else for OCR Chemistry right now, would you like me to help? Im £10 per hour, message me if interested.Thanks,Keryn
Keryn H.
16 October 2014
Hi, I have taught chemistry O-levels, A-Levels before. My rate is £20 per hour. I have trained many students to think better.
18 October 2014
Hi Bobby,I an currently teaching another student OCR A Level Chemistry so it would be no bother to help you out too.My rate is £10 per hour.Let me know if you're interested.]Keryn :)
Keryn H.
18 October 2014
Hi Bobby,I'm a full time teacher of chemistry teaching OCR A-Level. I also work for OCR as an examiner and I have written a number of revision guides for Letts.Do get in touch if you have any questions.Best wishes,Dan Evans
19 October 2014
I am a chemistry tutor , you can contact me .My rate is £ 10 per hour
28 February 2019
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