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Seeking an experienced tutor, preferably with teaching experience and knowledge of both Chemistry and Biology (chemistry being the primary subject) A2 level AQA Board. Tutor needs in-depth knowledge, importantly to convey and teach the subject matter in an understandable, friendly and patient manner. From experience chemistry is particularly challenging with the absence of person to person interaction. Organic chemistry has been difficult to grasp. Also to help build and gain confidence and exam technique.

Hi there - I think I am your man for this! I have 20 years experience in both Chemistry and Biology A level tuition including the AQA board - which I have also taught in school (Chemistry).Please check out my profile and contact me if you want to go ahead. Best wishes - Jonathan Clark
Jonathan C.
02 January 2015
Hi JonathanThank you for your reply. Will it be possible to schedule a lesson on Monday 5th January from 5-6pm on a trial basis. If positive for both than regular sessions from there.Regards Rina (zaynab's mom)
03 January 2015
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