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Do you need Maths A-level to study Chemistry at University?

Not really, though it would be helpful. If you love science, specifically chemistry, but aren't a maths fan it is possible to a) get a place at a good university b) do well on the course.

At degree level, chemistry is roughly divided into three areas, organic, inorganic and physical. The first of these only require GCSE level maths for small parts of the course. Physical chemistry also largely only requires this level, but some integration/differentiation is necessary, and certain modules are more maths heavy. So well over two thirds of your degree would be science only, and the final third would be science with a bit of maths!

That said, having maths A-level is still advantageous, and some courses require it. Universities such as the University of Bath offer top up maths courses so you can learn just the bits you need when you get there.

If you also love maths, then you will enjoy chemistry, but why not consider chemical engineering? This is largely about designing factories to make chemicals on a large scale, but also devices such as solar cells, deodorant cans, and football stadiums.

What about if you want to study Forensic Science at university? Do you need Maths A-Level then?
19 November 2012
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