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4 job descriptions

Could I have 4 job descriptions examples in business and administration

Hi, Job description can be rather lengthy. Have you tried google-ing it? Try for example: executive assistant job description or sales manager job description. Hope this helps. 
Revi P.
18 September 2013
Charlie,A good way to tackle this is to look at job posting boards. A good place to start is Indeed ( www.indeed.com/ ).Take some jobs e.g. sales, marketing, admin assistant, HR and put them into the job description. You can choose a location e.g London or New York and then read the descriptions. It's worth looking at a few examples to see the differences.Other sites that you can look at: Monster or Totaljobs
18 September 2013
Thanks a lot guys :) 
19 September 2013
Hi,Not sure if you still need this however, below is a link that may help:www.prospects.ac.u…_graduate_jobs.htmClick on the job you want the description for and you get a job description. The website in general is great for finding the job descriptions in full detail of almost any job.:-) 
18 December 2013
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