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(a) Country X is a least-developed country with low GDP but an abundance of hydropower resources. Its neighbour, Country Z, is an industrialized nation with high GDP, a rapidly growing population and dwindling energy resources. Country Z is keen to purchase electricity from Country X, promising to fund the necessary infrastructure (large dams, power plants and transmission network) to harness Country X's hydropower and transmit the power produced to their country. Country Z has stated that the construction of this infrastructure would bring additional income to Country Z. Do you agree with Country Z's statement? Justify you opinion. Assess other possible impacts this proposal might have on Country X's sustainable development, providing at least ONE (1) impact for each sustainable development element.

(a)           You are currently working for an international energy think-tank specialising in the transport sector. The mayor for Kuala Lumpur has asked for your opinion on which transport infrastructure would be more suitable for his city in the next 10 years: bus rapid transit system or light-rail transit system. Very briefly describe the TWO (2) transport infrastructures. Provide recommendations on which system you think would best fit Kuala Lumpur, with You are free to choose one solution, a combination of both solutions, or suggest a different solution altogether
07 April 2019
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