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How to contact a tutor if he is not on line

Dear Sir/Madam, sorry but I didn't get how the system works. I would like to send first an e-mail to the tutor to arrange date and time. When everything is planned then I will pay.From what I understand from the website, first I have to pay and then what happens? I am a parent and I am organising this under my name and e-mail. Thanks.

Hi this is Jon from Tutorhub. You contact a tutor by signing up, browsing tutor profiles and contacting them via their profile. Everything is managed by Tutorhub - private messaging, payment in advance of lessons right through to the video based lesson. For more information take a look at How It Works and the Faq. 
24 February 2015
You need to get in touch with the tutor first and see if he/she is available to teach what you need. Then you can arrange a time and date for the tuition. You only have to top up your account with money right before a lesson or the lesson won't be able to take place due to "insufficient funds". It's up to you how much you top up and how long you have the lesson for, though bear in mind the lesson will pause itself if you have "insufficent funds". I hope that helped!
03 March 2015
The best thing to do is take a look at the "How It Works" page https://tutorhub.com/pages/how_it_works - everything is explained there
18 March 2015
HelloI booked an English language lesson with Rhiannon for my son last Wednesday 19/09 from 6 to 7pm. The session never happened: we could not see or hear the tutor. 76 pence was taken from my account. I would now like to get a full refund of £23 back into my card please.Thank youM Calder
26 September 2018
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