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old english..... help me!

This is from a book written in the late 14th century in french, and translated into English in 20th. So hard to understand what it means. Pleas help me.

Hereafter follow divers dinners and suppers of great lords and others and notes, whereupon you may choose, collect and learn whatsoever dishes it shall please you, according to the seasons and to the meats which are native to the place where you may be, when you have to give a dinner or a supper.

It sounds like the introduction to a recipe book to me.  I would re-write it as :"What follows are a variety of dinners and suppers as served to great Lords and other people, as well as notes (probably on how to prepare the meals).  Out of these dishes you can select whichever ones suit your needs according to the time of year (seasonal fruit and vegetables) and what meat is available depending on your location (i.e. which animals are commonly available and eaten where you are).  These meal guides are suitable whether you are providing a dinner (large main daytime meal) or supper (smaller evening meal)."
Phil L.
06 October 2018
Thank you very very much..... Now I get it. :) It helped me a lot !!!!
07 October 2018
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