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Hi, We are currently situated in Corfu/Greece and we are homeschooling our daughter. She is in grade 6 and she needs a tutor for Maths/Geometry, Physics, Geography, History, History of Arts, and Biology. We need tutors that would arrange a schedule to have a lesson once a week for each of the subjects. A better price would be ideal, as we would have to pay for multiple subjects. Thank you in advance, Vivianna Bartels

Hi as a science teacher, maths tutor, and just in the last few weeks of completing  history/geography related PhD this sounds like an interesting set of subjects. I'd be more than happy to work with her on all the topics, and would be happy to arrange a discount on multiple bookings. 
Ruth M.
11 August 2016
I would be happy to help with the subject of Biology - please see my profile for a list of my qualifications. We can work out a price that works for both of us. :)
Raghav A.
12 August 2016
Dear , I am an Engineering lecturer UK based with 7 years plus teaching experience  . I have been tutoring online for nearly 8 years through different wesbite. I am 100 % rated 5/5.I can guarantee good grade and can do offer 75% refund if not satisfied with my session.  
Owais R.
13 August 2016
Hello Vivianna,I am a tutor of Maths primarily but I am trained to teach Maths, Science and Geography.  I teach homeschool students and students in school both in the real world and online.  I would be happy to offer your daughter tutoring at a reduced rate you would like teaching in more than one subject.Kind regards,Nicky
Nicky L.
14 August 2016
Hi there, I would be happy to teach your daughter Art History. I have an arts/media/film background and have been teaching for over twenty years. I tutor full-time now, so am flexible and could be available at a time that best suits you during the week.I charge £25 per hour tutoring.I look forward to hearing from youJayne
24 August 2016
I would be happy to tutor your daughter in Maths. I achieved an A* grade at GCSE and can fit in with once a week lessons. 
Ella J.
28 August 2016
Which exam board will your daughter study for?
09 September 2016
I Have master degree of Biology...and expert in teaching
12 September 2016
I can tutor Maths, Physics, or Biology, but am especially adept at maths. I  would have to tutor at weekends or after five.
14 September 2016
Hi I would be more than happy to work on the history and History of Arts with you and would happily arrange a regular weekly time.
Mark C.
24 September 2016
Hello Vivianna,I would be very happy to tutor your daughter in History at £10ph. History was one of my strongest subjects at GCSE and I took it for AS level as well. Tutoring would best suit me in the evenings and at the weekends, but can happily discuss times.Regards,Laura
27 September 2016
Hi,I am an Art and Design tutor supporting many students in this field and Design and Technology. Please let me know more about your requirements and I look forward to meeting you :)Kind Regards Jemma
Jemma G.
13 November 2016
Hi, we are looking for A levels computer science teacher.  
14 November 2016
I am a Geography Tutor who can offer you an hour weekly slot. I teach a large range of ages and would be able to help.
25 January 2017
Hello!! I would be glad to assist you daughter in learning the subjects. I can arrange a schedule once a week for each of the subjects. I promise I will take good care of her. 
31 January 2017
hi there i am an expert biology tutor, and can provide your daugther with online tutoring at an affordable rate.
Vishal Z.
05 February 2017
Hi! Did you find suitable tutors for your needs? I am a science teacher, please send me a message if you are still looking fr someone. Regards, Charlie.
Charlotte E.
18 February 2017
Hi,I am a maths and science tutor. I was also homeschooled myself, so am happy to lend my subject knowledge and experience of your learning dynamic.Please do get in touch if you are still in need.
15 April 2017
HI I am a maths specialists and I have the ability to adjust hours to allow for time differences. If you are interested please get in touch..
Brendon B.
01 May 2017
Hey! I'm having an experience of 3 years. I can teach your daughter maths, biology and physics.If you still in need please get in touch :)
Varsha W.
25 June 2017
I recognise this was over a year ago, but if you are still in need of a History tutor, I am available. Please get in touch if needed! :)
Isabela A.
11 December 2017
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