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similarities and differences between english civil war and french revolution

I need some simple answers quickly please

There are lots of history tutors on this website that will be able to help. You can search for them via the 'Find a Tutor' section, or just click https://tutorhub.co...tutors?query=History
20 January 2013
Similarities: both kings had absolute monarchy. Both kings didn't like parliament Didn't give poor much power to vote Punished haters of government Differences: Charles 1st didn't care how people thought of him but Louis did Louis killed people who were against him Charles did not. He just imprisoned them English fought to protect rights, French fought for say in government and better taxes. Hope it helps. I hate this kind of stuff
Liam McLeod @_Lammy._ insta
14 October 2020
Similaries and differences between WW2 and the English Revolution
17 March 2021
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