Should people take illegal drugs if they want to?

Refer to religious arguments in addition to your own.

Not only does it relieve stress in the depressed but it also relieves the day-to-day suffering they experience. However, is stress and suffering not a part of life? For example, Muslims consider suffering the be a test from God and bearing it would mean reward. So it is important to overcome the struggles we face everyday.
26 April 2013
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26 April 2013
Heroin and cocaine are very addictive. Like ecstasy, they can damage the heart and circulatory system. Cannabis smoke contains chemicals that cause mental illness in some people. Classifying drugs Recreational drugs, both legal and illegal, may also damage our health indirectly. For example, buying the drugs reduces the amount of money available to buy food, and may place users in dangerous situations. Injecting a drug using a needle and syringe that someone else has used may lead to a number of diseases from infected blood, including HIV and hepatitis. Users of illegal drugs may turn to crime to pay for their habit, and this affects the lives of other people. Many more people use legal drugs, both prescribed and non-prescribed, than use illegal drugs. This means that the overall impact of health from legal drugs is greater than the overall impact of illegal drugs.A research report in 2006 classified various drugs according to their health and social risks, without reference to whether they are legal or not. In the report, heroin and cocaine are the most dangerous two drugs, alcohol is the fifth most dangerous and tobacco is ninth.
Amar T.
27 April 2013
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