algebra 4


Are you trying to simplify this expression? If so, you need to cancel common factors in the numerator and the denominator. For example, there is a y in both so you cancel it out. However there may be another common factor...but to find it, you will have to factorise the quadratic term in the denominator.
13 April 2013
4y(y-3)(y+4)/y(y^2-y-6)Cancel y on top and bottom:4(y-3)(y+4)/(y^2-y-6)Lets factorise y^2- y - 6(y-3)(y+2)So now we have:4(y-3)(y+4)/(y-3)(y+2)We can now cancel (y-3) on top and bottom to leave us with:4(y+4)/(y+2)
Paul L.
17 April 2013
Assuming simplification is what you are after then follow this:
Paul L.
17 April 2013
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