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fractions;teach me how to solve basic/developed problems!

i'm getting ready for some gcse's but i need help because my family want me to achieve a good grade in maths ,but maths isn't my thing ...if anyone could help that would be great thank you.

Next maths example you have (that looks tricky) put it up here and ask how it might be solved. Gradually you might be able to identify what areas you would benefit to have some help in. Suggest to your family that you can only do your best whatever the subject.
01 December 2011
It's not uncommon to panic about Maths. Take a deep breath and then look at the syllabus. Remember, you don't have to know Maths, you have to know what is on the syllabus. Work out what you know, what you don't know and work on the latter. It makes the problem a bit easier to manage. I would guess there isn't a single person in the whole world who knows everything about maths...
02 December 2011
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