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How to convert terminating decimals into fractions?

I don't really understand this.. it is foundation level GCSE. Here is an example: 0.7 = 7/10, 0.036 = 36/1000=9/250,2.56=256/100=64/25=2 14/25

Errmm.. can you explain this please and example questions will be very helpful. Thank You

A decimal number is just a sort of "standard" fraction. The special fact about such a fraction is that the denominator (the number on the bottom, below the line) is 10, or 100, or 1000 and so on. To find out which, look at the decimal. How many digits must the decimal point jump over before it gets to the end? 0.4 only one jump, so the denominator is 10. But 7.98734 is 5 jumps, so the denominator is 100000. When you've done that, you might be able to simplify the fraction by cancelling. Does this help?
18 January 2012
Thank You so much, I really understand this now
18 January 2012
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