lettered angles?

i want to know the what the meaning of the letters:Z F C for angles and what the degrees are for them if that makes sense 🙂

I'm not aware that those particular letters have a generally accepted meaning for angles. i.e. they could mean anything! If they have meaning, I'm guessing its specific to the problem you are looking at. You'll have to provide me more specification.
05 November 2012
Hello Jellybean. These letters are just a convenient way to see angles when dealing with parallel lines. The Z has opposite angles which are equal. The interior angles of a C add up to 180 degrees. The interior angles of an F add up to 180 degrees aswell. This may not make any sense to you which is why I have been trying to send you a support sheet but there is a problem at Tutorhub's end. I will keep trying though. The letters may be up side down, backwards or the lines may be longer or shorter. At some point you have to be a detective and spot them. Good luck.
07 November 2012
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07 November 2012
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