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sine and cosine rules

Can someone please explain the sine and cosine rules please, would help a lot as I haven't really grasped the concept of them.

I would be happy to help you with them - if you message me then we can organise a time?
12 November 2014
Hey there, i can help you out. Contact me..
06 December 2014
Hello there Mrseminemx,The sine and cosine rules are used to identify an unknown angle/length of a side. Dependent on the information they give you in the exam, will depend on the rule you will use.The cosine rule and sine rule are very straight forward once you conquer labelling the triangle accordingly.Please message me if you still need additional support!
19 December 2014
Hi, are you still looking for someone to teach you about the sine and cosine rules?Best, Matt
Matt B.
24 December 2014
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