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Making equivalent ratios


You need to divide both sides of the ratio by the same amount. To get from 4 on the right to 2 on the right divide by 2 so 2 on the left is also divided by 2 to get 1. 2:4 = 1:2
Ryan A.
05 October 2016
I can make equivalent ratios if you contact me for tuition I can make practice questions
05 October 2016
Hi Calilove, you have some good suggestions below on how to solve your problem. What I want to add is that you can work with your strengths whether that is fractions or ratios. I have lots of experience explaining fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios. Let me know if you would like any further help.
Ryan N.
09 October 2016
This is dealing with basic probability and I think when dealing with ratios as in this problem the solution is 2:4 =  4:2
25 October 2016
Hello. We have to find the highest common factor (HCF) of 2 and 4 and divide both 2 and 4 by it. The HCF is 2. After division, we get 1:2.
08 November 2016
Hi Calilove, Making equivalent ratios are easy. It is just like equivalent fractions. Step 1: Let's first look at the two ratios.  LEFT : RIGHT   2  : 4     _  : 2 They are in proportion. First ratio is twice in value than the second ratio. Step 2: Look at the right hand side of your first ratio. You have 4. If you divide this number by 2 you will get the right hand side of your second ratio. Step 3: You do the same for the number on the left hand side of each ratio. You divide this left hand side by 2. The answer will be 1. 2  : 4 1  : 2 
Esther L.
02 December 2016
Graham R.
05 December 2016
22 December 2016
just simplify.So, if 2:4=_:22/2 : 4/2 = 1:2 (answer)
31 March 2017
10 March 2021
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