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I am looking for some assistance on my dissertation from a tutor in Glasgow. I feel as though I am not getting enough support from my university tutor and I really need some extra guidance. My dissertation is a quantitative research project about the effects of priming.

hey cdonal. I'm not based in Glasgow but if you're looking for online tutoring then presumably geographical location isn't as important? Either way I should be able to give you some help with your dissertation if you wish. My background is in Psychology, I have tutored undergraduates previously both online and as a full time university tutor, and also have a first class degree in psychology myself. If you would like to chat further please do feel free to message me. 
Rebecca Y.
03 April 2017
Hi - maybe you have found someone? I can help you - I am a professional writer - you could find me on Amazon! I also work for the OU as a lecturer & do proof read dissertations etc and help/guide with sessions.Let me know if you are still looking for someone.
Mark C.
11 April 2017
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23 March 2018
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24 March 2018
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