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I just need someone qualified to mark edexcel past papers so I can send them to (or give them) to you and have them marked so I can improve my writing technique and see what grade I'm at and how to improve my answers. IN DESPERATE NEED AS MY EXAMS ARE SOON (I know it's REALLY short notice, my friends uncle was supposed to tutor me months ago but she keeps not giving me his email and ignoring my texts so decided to try and find my own) If you know anyone who would be willing to do this I honestly would appreciate it so much! Thank you, Sam

Hi Stevieee, I am very well versed in writing essays and assignments. I studied Health and Social Care at A-Level, gaining a double A grade. I also got a first class mark for many essays at teacher training college. I'm sure I can help you with you phrasing. Oh and my A-levels were through Edexcel too.
Susan M.
31 March 2017
Hey Steevieee. I would be happy to help you with going over your past papers, not only marking through them but also discussing how you can improve your general technique and what you may need to revise more. I used to work at a Russel Group University as a tutor making essays and helping undergraduates prepare for exams, and I obtained a first class degree in Psychology myself as well as postgraduate qualifications. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested and I will see how I can help you.
Rebecca Y.
02 April 2017
Hi, I would be more than happy to help if you are still looking for someone.  I currently study at a Russell Group university and have had 5 years of success tutoring psychology. I would be happy to look over and mark any essays as well as give constructive feedback and have 1-1 online lessons if it is something that you would like. Please let me know
04 April 2017
Hi, this may be a little late but if you are still in need of a tutor for this I am more than happy to help.I studied A level psychology and have gone on to do psychology modules in my early childhood studies degree. I am very used to writing essays as well as marking my own and fellow students to add some criticality to extend our points. Let me know. 
Emily J.
11 June 2017
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