Psychology dissertation

Hi, looking for someone who can proof read my dissertation, provide some guidance for the discussion and check over my SPSS data analysis. Thank you

Thanks Trisha ! I’ll be in contact 
17 April 2018
Hi there,I would be more than happy to proof read your dissertation and check over your analysis. I have recently completed my integrated masters in psychology with a first class, and have a good knowledge of research and statistics. If you are interested then let me know.
Mona J.
25 April 2018
I can provide expert, accurate proof reading and give guidance where required. We would need to discuss deadlines.
Rob H.
29 April 2018
Hi Soph0996! I am happy to proof read your dissertation. I completed my masters in Mental Health last year and got a distinction - mostly based on my dissertation - so I know how important it is! Let me know if you would like help still. Meggie 
Meggie S.
19 July 2018
I can proof read your article and help with the SPSS as I did some special holiday training courses in SPSS.
15 August 2018
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