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(1) Evaluate different definition of abnormality and analyse the problems associated with diagnosing psychopathology. (2) Out line and evaluate psychological and biological treatments for schizophrenia.

Hi, not sure if you still require an answer to this or not, as I see this was posted four months ago. 1) When thinking about abnormality, it is important to think about different viewpoints. Would everyone view abnormality the same? What would different religions or cultures view as abnormal behaviour? Would normal behaviour be different across time periods, cultures, religion e.t.c. With this in mind, how would we define psychopathology? A reference to the Diagnostic manual (DSM-5) would be useful here. What characteristics or presentation is needed to be classed as psychopathology?  2) Treatment for schizophrenia can be either through medication or psychological treatments. Here, you need to think about both strains of treatment, and the advantages and disadvantages of both. Refer to research which could indicate a preference for treatment options. Would it be preferential to have both bio and psych treatments? What evidence is there? Also think about the guidelines for clinicians, especially National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines. What is recommended to clinicians treating schizophrenia?If you require further assistance, I would be happy to discuss this further. 
Marie S.
09 March 2016
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