We are now just over halfway through January; the time when people tend to give up on the earnest resolutions they made at the dawn of the new year.

Getting fit, quitting smoking and learning something new are traditionally among the top resolutions uttered before (or directly after) the stroke of midnight that heralds new beginnings.

Of those three, learning something new is the easiest one to keep and, of all the learning possible, learning a new language is the goal most people set for themselves.

What about you? Did you make such a resolution?

Superprof aims to help you keep it by presenting you with venues in and around Birmingham you could learn to speak Spanish and the different ways to do so.

By the way: another popular resolution people make (and quickly break) is to enjoy life more.

If that was also one of your goals for the new year, you might knock out two birds with one stone by taking Spanish classes so you can holiday in a Spanish speaking country!

Now that we’ve got it sorted how you can keep your New Year promises, let’s get on with finding ways to do so!

How much does a Spanish tutor in Belfast Cardiff, or Edinburgh charge?

Sign Up for Online Spanish Lessons

How about meeting your ideal Spanish teacher online?
You may meet your ideal Spanish teacher online Source: Pixabay Credit: 3Dman_eu

People today are busy; your Superprof understands that quite well. In fact, it is perhaps that frenetic pace, rather than lack of willpower that makes people break their well-intended resolutions year after year.

Who has time to enjoy life if your next promotion is contingent on you working all hours?

Who has time for language lessons if the only moment you have to yourself is a bit of quiet after tea when the kids are doing their homework or glued to their electronic devices?

The ready language learning solution for those leading hectic lives is learning Spanish online.

Online Spanish classes offer you many benefits, the first being that you don’t have to leave home in order to participate.

All you need to get that party started is a stable Internet connection, a device – computer, tablet or smartphone and, if you’re worried about hearing your Spanish teacher, perhaps some headphones.

Most of today’s electronics have built-in cameras and decent speakers so, unless your electronic equipment is a bit out of date, you should not have to buy any peripherals for your Spanish lessons.

You will have to find a suitable teacher, though – with an emphasis on suitable.

Searching for Spanish classes near me would surely yield dubious results

Not every Spanish teacher will work, if only because not every Spanish speaking region will understand any type of Spanish you might learn.

For example, if you wanted to hire a car in Spain, you would call for a coche but, in Latin America, the words auto and carro are more readily understood.

However, if you are taught Neutral Spanish, that is a moot point.

Neutral Spanish incorporates terms and phrases that the majority of native speakers of Spanish will understand, with little emphasis on local dialects.

Another point to consider when looking for Spanish lessons online is your prospective teachers’ availability.

If you can only spare a couple of evenings a week, obviously your future teacher must be able to work with you during those time frames.

Italki makes that aspect of planning your Spanish courses a breeze!

You simply log on to their platform, choose a likely Spanish teacher and avail yourself to their scheduling module. If your desired class time is not blocked out, feel free to reserve it for yourself!

And then, at the appointed time, simply log on to Skype and your learning experience begins!

Italki rates for classes are set by the teachers themselves so you will find quite a range of prices. You may have to look through several profiles for the teacher who will meet all of your criteria.

Live Lingua eliminates this hurdle by setting the prices per hour of Spanish lessons. Furthermore, they offer an introductory lesson at no cost, just to see how you and your teacher click and how you enjoy the overall format.

Through Live Lingua, you may find Spanish teachers for general Spanish lessons from beginner Spanish all the way through fluency. They also have instructors who specialise in test prep for the Spanish Dele – the formal certification of Spanish language ability.

Live Lingua is quite upfront about its costs per hour of instruction; their schedule of fees is posted right on their web page! Also, the more lessons you pay for in advance, the lower your cost per lessons.

The one downside to both of these learning ventures is that group lessons would be a bit harder to come by.

Many people, in an effort to keep the promises they made to themselves at New Year, buddy up: they find a partner to undergo their revolutionary change with.

So, if you and your family or mates wanted to take Spanish classes together, it might be better to venture into town after tea, after all.

Find out if Spanish students in Manchester also run out of the house for lessons!

You might like to attend classes with your friends
You and your friends could attend Spanish classes together! Source: Pixabay Credit: MoteOo

Spanish Courses In and Around the City

Whether you were looking for lessons in conversational Spanish or totally enamoured of Spanish culture and wished to imbue yourself with both the language and culture of Spain, you should repair immediately to Brasshouse.

Their trained Spanish instructors hold classes in the library just west of the city centre at various times during the week and on weekends.

They welcome individuals and small groups alike, as well as those wanting to learn Business Spanish or Medical Spanish.

Whether you need intensive lessons – if your headed out on holiday soon, or are more relaxed in your learning; if you're seeing this venture as a long term commitment, Brasshouse is the right place for you.

They too offer online lessons and test prep for any of the Spanish qualifications exams, be it your GCSEs and A-Levels or the more formal (and internationally accepted) Dele.

Listen and Learn is a nationwide language learning venture based in London, with an outlet in Birmingham.

There you may sign up for individual instruction in Spanish or take private group lessons – just you and your mates.

Please note that all of you should be a roughly the same level: you could all be beginners or all at intermediate level. Should there be any question about your level of Spanish, you may take their placement test.

You may also join a class or take lessons online.

General Spanish, intermediate Spanish, Business Spanish... their business is getting you to speak the language of Cervantes fluently – or, at least, as well as you’d like and as quickly as you’d like.

In this table, we present other venues you may consider for enrolling in Spanish lessons; now we’d like to introduce you to another, perhaps more amenable solution to your language learning goals.

Venue NameWhat they teachWeb AddressPhone NumberPhysical Address
Brasshouse LanguagesConversational Spanish
Spanish as a second language
Test prep
http://www.brasshouse.ac.uk0121 303 0114Centenary Square, Birmingham B1 2ND
Listen and LearnBusiness Spanish
Conversational Spanish
https://www.listenandlearn.org/spanish/birmingham0845 862 0824multiple outlets
UK Language ProjectSpanish to Individual and groups
Business Spanish
Tutoring for test prep
https://uklp.com/birmingham/0121 740 140755 Newhall Street
B3 3RB
University of BirminghamOpen access; you don't need to be a student to enrolhttps://www.birmingham.ac.uk/schools/lcahm/departments/languages/sections/lfa/iwlp/open/index.aspx0121 414 3344Edgbaston
Birmingham B15 2TT

Are there such great opportunities to learn Spanish in Leeds?

Sharpen Your Language Skills with a Spanish Tutor

Many people prefer taking language lessons with a private tutor
You may find that learning Spanish with a private tutor is the best solution for your study goals! Source: Pixabay Credit: Rawpixel

Whether you are studying Spanish in school – any type of school from secondary through the undergraduate level or you would simply rather a tutor come to your home to teach you Spanish, Birmingham is home to many experienced Spanish tutors.

Gilda Ribeiro has been teaching Spanish for more than 10 years. Over that time she has amassed quite a portfolio of testimonials from satisfied students.

Her approach to teaching is that, above all, learning must be fun! To that end, she incorporates music and movies into her lessons; lots of games and, through it all, serious learning.

Gilda teaches Spanish all students from primary level to adults; she even has experience working with the learning disabled.

Did you know that Superprof also has Spanish tutors in Birmingham?

Are there any Superprof Spanish tutors in Glasgow?

With more than 50 Superprofs in and around Birmingham, surely you will find your ideal Spanish tutor.

  • Maria is a student at the University of Birmingham; her Spanish lessons focus on vocabulary building and correct pronunciation (get ready to roll those Rs!)

  • Roberta has lived both in Spain and South America; she may tailor her lessons to suit which type of Spanish you wish to learn.

  • Michael brings more than 30 years of teaching experience to your Spanish lessons; he has taught young and older alike.

  • Ben will not saddle you with a lot of homework but he will make sure your verb conjugations and grammar are spot-on during your sessions.

Every Superprof tutor is committed to providing a positive, lasting learning experience, giving you the language tools you need to succeed – whether that success is measured by high marks on the A-Levels or by the warm glow of conversation with a native Spanish speaker on your next holiday in Spain.

Are you ready to make good on your resolution to learn something new this year?

Is Spanish your new language of choice?

Now that you know where and with who you could take Spanish lessons, there’s nothing stopping you!

Find out if Spanish lessons in London are as popular...

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