Rain and drizzle fall from a gunmetal sky. It’s cold and wet in Leeds this time of year; some wonder if the sun will ever shine again.

If we told you the sun is shining in Madrid right now, would you pack your bags with a swiftness? After all, there are 14 different ways to get to Spain from Leeds; some of them take only a few hours!

Eagerly you search the attic; where did you put those suitcases?

Wait; not so fast! How will you communicate once you get there?

Granted, English is the lingua franca of these modern times but that doesn’t mean that everyone understands even a modicum of English.

No, it would be much better if you learned a bit of Spanish before setting out.

Besides, learning a second language has proven health and cognitive benefits, so why wouldn’t you study the language of Cervantes?

And then, by the time you return home from your vacaciones en el sol – holiday in the sun, you may have already decided to continue your Spanish language studies.

You so enjoy the mellifluous tones of spoken Spanish...

Say no more!

Superprof is on task to find you the very best Spanish courses in and around Leeds, suitable for A-Level candidates and younger, adventurers looking for new horizons to explore or desperados craving type of sunshine that can only be found near the equator.

Finding Spanish Lessons in Leeds

Finding your best Spanish lessons need not be a confusing affair
Let Superprof guide you through the labyrinth of lessons to find your ideal Spanish teacher Source: Pixabay Credit; 3Dman_eu

For the wealth of Spanish courses available to Loiners, one might say nothing could be easier than finding Spanish classes!

In fact, if you are enrolled at the University of Leeds, you may already be working toward fluency through their Spanish language program. Take note, A-Level candidates: this may be the course for you!

What if you’re not headed to university or there already but still want to learn how to speak Spanish?

Leeds City College would be the place for you. There, you could find a range of lessons, from beginner Spanish to intermediate level lessons.

What’s so great about these courses is that they intertwine language and culture so that you get a deeper understanding of the language, its roots and the people who speak Spanish.

The downside is that they are not necessarily suitable for children younger than, say 14 years old.

If you are planning for your entire family to study Spanish together, we may have to direct you elsewhere...

We’ll discuss those options in our next segment.

Suppose you are in a real hurry to grasp the fundamentals of Spanish vocabulary and grammar ahead of your holiday. You could sign up for intensive language training with Cactus.

Established 20 years ago in the UK, the Cactus learning network has expanded to include language tutors and training schools all over the world!

You would think that such a facility would have a hefty price list but you might be surprised to know that Spanish courses are their lowest-priced!

So reputable is Cactus that their client list reads like a Who’s Who of the business world: Tripadvisor, Siemens, Eurostar... You?

They don’t just teach Business Spanish or Medical Spanish for people going abroad for work, either. Indeed, Cactus does private as well as corporate language training, either one to one or in small groups.

See? That’s the perfect solution for your family to learn together!

Are you curious about how families learn Spanish in Birmingham?

We would be remiss if we failed to mention you could learn Spanish at the Instituto Cervantes.

The Cervantes Institute is dedicated to teaching the languages of Spain as well as the diffusion of Spanish culture in different Spanish speaking countries.

Languages of Spain? Plural? That is a salient point, Dear Learner.

Not only is there more than one type of Spanish spoken in Spain and all of its outposts, such as Majorca, but the Spanish spoken in Chile is vastly different than what you would hear in Argentina or Mexico.

We’ll discuss that in our next segment; for now, let us talk about the Spanish courses on offer at this wonderful Institut.

Their courses are set up to mirror the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, with A1 representing absolute beginners, B2 being high-intermediate and C1 being fluent.

Their language classes, taught by native speakers, are meant to be progressive; as you move from basic Spanish to the next level, you would build your vocabulary and grammar foundation that will support any future learning.

The best part about learning Spanish at Instituto Cervantes is that your learning will be well-rounded.

Instead of following a language learning guidebook – first greetings, then directions and then colours and numbers and so on, you will be immersed into the very culture of Spain, both through your curriculum and participation in cultural activities the institute regularly hosts.

They even offer preparation for Spanish language exams and online tutoringThere’s that word again... tutoring: we’re getting there; promise!

What if you need Spanish classes in Manchester?

If you decide on Barcelona, Catalan would be the language for you
If you intend to explore the works of Gaudi in Barcelona, you'd better learn to speak Catalan! Source: Wikipedia Credit: Baikonour

What to Look for When Arranging for Spanish Classes

To our knowledge, Instituto Cervantes is the only language training school in the UK that specifies which type of Spanish they teach.

As we mentioned before, this is a very important point to consider when arranging Spanish lessons.

If you were learning Spanish to travel or relocate to Spain, the language you learn should depend on the region you intend to frequent.

Whether you are a potential holidaymaker or a prospective international student in any of Spain’s fabulous universities, at some point you will surely have a conversation with native speakers.

Castilian Spanish is not the same as Catalan and both of these are wholly different languages than Mexican or the Spanish they speak in anywhere in South America – should any of those countries be your desired destination.

For this reason, you should make sure your Spanish teacher or tutor will instruct you on the language that will suit your goals.

Spanish teachers in London are especially mindful of which type of Spanish they teach...

Learn Spanish with a Spanish Tutor

Finally, we get to what we’ve been alluding to all along: engaging a private tutor to teach you Spanish!

There are many advantages to working with a tutor; the main one being is that your Spanish learning is tailored specifically to your language learning needs.

Do you wish for more emphasis on conversational Spanish or do you think equal time should be spent on reading and writing? Whatever your learning goals are, a home tutor will work hard to help you reach them.

That contrasts with classroom learning which tends to be more of a set curriculum; where your learning is guided by the professional leading the class.

A further benefit is that tutors often work with small groups of learners, so if you and your family or you and a group of friends wish to learn together, your tutor would happily oblige!

You should, of course, discuss such matters in your initial consultation. It wouldn’t do to arrange for private lessons and then show up for class with a group of people!

Obviously, when we think ‘tutor’, the first answer is Superprof.

Leeds is home to more than 45 Superprof tutors, any of which would work with you in your home, their home or online.

Mostly, they are native speakers of Spanish, with a few bilingual Spanish speakers thrown in.

  • Ana has taught at private academies and secondary schools; she also teaches adults and young children

  • Madeleine is a language virtuoso whose focus is teaching conversational Spanish; she has earned high praise as a Spanish teacher!

  • Franco-Antonio is doing his postgrad work at the University of Leeds. He has a wealth of experience tutoring his native Spanish to school-aged children and adults

  • Esther teaches Spanish to students as young as three; she also works with students preparing for exams and adults.

All of these tutors and others have a proven track record of teaching success and the credentials to affirm their ability to teach Spanish.

Perhaps more enticingly, the average rate for a Superprof Spanish tutor in Leeds is £18 per hour and they all offer their first hour of lessons at no cost!

How much does a Spanish tutor in Glasgow or Edinburgh charge?

The jungles of Costa Rica are rich with wildlife and people who don't speak English!
Exploring wildlife in Costa Rica would call for a different Spanish altogether! Source: Pixabay Credit: Fintan O'Brien

Find out the best places to take Spanish lessons in Belfast and Cardiff here.

One couldn’t say the same for Spanish tutors on the Italki platform... although to be fair, Italki tutors post a discounted rate for their introductory sessions.

Italki is a tutoring marketplace where you first create your learning profile, after which you would peruse tutor profiles to select a possible match.

Through their built-in scheduling utility, you would then select your meeting time and, logging in to Skype, your sessions begin!

Everything happens online; learning as well as payment. No chance of an Italki tutor materialising on your doorstep.

The same holds true with Live Lingua, whose tutors do permit no charge for their first lesson.

However, unlike Italki, Live Lingua tutors do not set their own rates, so you have a more even price range to budget for.

Furthermore, if you pay in advance for a block of lessons, you will be treated to a discounted per-lesson rate!

Are you feeling a sunny Spanish getaway coming on?

Lessons first! Your Spanish teacher will be delighted to help you make the most of your holiday by making sure you learn Spanish quickly and well.

But s/he probably won’t help you pack.

Need a Spanish teacher?

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