How long have you been working out and watching what you eat, only to see little – or worse: no results?

How often have you modified your exercise routine and diet, all with no concrete idea of what would suit your body type and metabolism the best for losing weight?

It is now time to call on a personal trainer!

This scenario has been happening with more and more frequency, the more Britons grow concerned with their health and fitness.

To meet that demand, fitness professionals have been putting their knowledge of exercise science and passion for physical activity to use to help you reach your fitness goals with a programme adapted specifically to your needs.

No doldrums for those who have found their personal fitness trainers!
When you wonder which way to turn for physical fitness, a personal trainer is the logical choice Source: Pixabay Credit: SylviaP

When to Engage in Personal Training Sessions

Working your body demands motivation, just like any other strenuous physical activity.

In spite of your most fervent desire for toned thighs and tight glutes, talking yourself into a fitness center, doing solitary workouts and designing a fitness programme on your own can kick any motivation you have out the door.

The vicious cycle then continues: one day's workout missed means the second day's routines must be doubled, still with no visible results.

Again, you skip the exercises, this time maybe for two or three days, only to be grudgingly resumed. How discouraging!

It is at that point that a fitness specialist should be called in.

A certified fitness instructor fulfills several functions, the first being a motivator.

It is difficult to work out in front of an audience in a gym, to dream up your own fitness programme – regardless of how much you know about kinesiology and nutrition, and then follow that set regimen day in, day out, all on your own.

Job One for your personal fitness trainer is to take all of that off of you. Once you've met with him/her, backsliding is more difficult.

And, if you choose an in-home personal trainer, s/he would come to your home for your personal training sessions.

No more excuses! No more putting fitness off!

Not only will your fitness coach guide you to your body shaping goals, s/he will push you to your endurance limits and beyond in order to attain results faster.

Besides motivating you, your certified personal trainer will adapt an all-encompassing fitness program, just for you.

Say goodbye to those group workouts you reluctantly participated in!

In fact, in line with your objectives and based on your history of physical activity, your coach will propose an individualised workout and nutritional guide, tailor-made for you.

S/he knows exactly what moves will work each of your muscle groups, and will counsel you on training techniques to attain muscle mass and definition safely.

Injury prevention: this is surely one of the best reasons to consult with a personal fitness trainer.

To that end, your personal trainer must have undergone a certification program in several areas of fitness education before qualifying for the position.

  • A Level 2 training certification qualifies any athlete to lead exercise programs in a gym or other fitness facility
  • A Level 3 certification from an accredited program entitles exercise specialists to practice as personal trainers in-home.
  • Level 4 is a master personal trainer diploma, the highest fitness qualification attainable.

Every trainer, no matter what level, is required to obtain a First Aid at Work qualification. As per the Health and Safety Executive, it must be renewed every three years.

With these measured competencies and, most importantly the emergency first aid training requirement, it is clear that your chosen fitness professional is fully qualified to keep you from injury as well as instruct on proper movement and form.

With a personal trainer leading your development, you can't help but to work yourself into the toned, sculpted body you want right now while developing healthy habits for life.

You must eat the right foods to gain muscle mass
Proper nutrition is essential to overall physical fitness Source: Pixabay Credit: Stux

How to Select a Fitness Trainer Specialising in Building Muscle Mass

The fitness industry is booming in the UK! That means you have a wide selection of personal trainers to choose from, but which one to choose?

An effective coach must be endowed with certain qualities: patience and experience, but also with being receptive and assertive.

Beyond that, you should ponder what method of instruction you prefer: in a fitness center, at your home or online?

Here are the steps to follow in order to rest assured that you have found the right trainer for you online or at home.

  • Search for fitness trainers – in newspapers, on bulletin boards, in gyms or online
    • Superprof trainers are highly qualified and eager to start working with you!
  • Request an interview: find out prospective coaches' areas of specialty, whether they would come to your home and, if so, would they bring the necessary equipment?
  • Verify credentials: any physical fitness trainer must have attained at least Level 3 in order to qualify as an in-home personal trainer.
  • From your first workout session together, your coach should conduct a physical assessment, adjust the proposed workout intensity accordingly and, at all times, monitor your level of physical, mental and emotional stress.
  • Should you settle on a fitness expert for the short-term – just to get you started, s/he should advise you even on future workouts and detail all of the progress you've made so far: what muscle groups to continue developing, which poses to maintain and for how long...

What is the Objective!?!

You want to build your muscles. Fantastic, but there are other aspects of physical training to consider on the way to your end-goal.

A conscientious fitness instructor should impart functional movement aimed at your fitness goals. S/he should establish a workout routine suited to you, but also develop a nutritional programme for you to follow.

From the outset, your coach should establish three main objectives on the way to excellent fitness development:

  • Muscle development: your instructor should formulate a workout regimen to your specifications. Say you want a flat stomach or tight glutes, defined pecs and six-pack abs... maybe you just want to tone your body. Your prescribed movements and reps will correspond to the the goals you have established together.
  • Nutritional awareness: the fact is, no one gains muscle mass without proper nutrition. Designing an effective eating regimen with your coach will involve when and how much to eat and, most importantly, what to eat. The right fats, the right foods, sufficient protein and water. When and what to eat post-workout should feature prominently.
  • Proper rest: an integral part of your overall fitness education is not overworking yourself. During each session, your muscles will be rigorously taxed; it is imperative that you give them time to relax, a respite from their hard work.

Overview of a Toning Workout

From your first meeting, your in-home personal trainer will establish a workout plan suited to your fitness goals.

S/he will conduct a physical assessment, and take into consideration your past physical training efforts – including sports you have played, even casually; your lifestyle and diet.

Together you will then hammer out a training program that addresses muscle development, endurance, and nutritional guidelines specifically geared toward your physical metamorphosis.

Your personal training program should be fluid: at the beginning and again at the end of every session, your home training coach should review your current state – physical as well as mental, and adjust your fitness routine accordingly. S/he should take into account the progress you've made during past sessions and build upon it.

At no time should s/he neglect your posture or moves. For your safety as well as progress, s/he should always be present to correct your pose and encourage greater effort.

After winding down from your workout, your fitness master should instruct you on exercises to do on your own, to maintain conditioning until your next session together.

S/he might suggest further fitness activities you could partake of, such as Pilates or aerobics in order to get a broader perspective on your personal fitness training – expanded ways to gain muscle mass, build strength, refine your nutritional programme, or simply stay in shape.

Get the flat stomach you've always wanted with a personal trainer
Your personal trainer can guide you to a slimmer, more toned abdomen Source: Pixabay

The Cost of a Workout Session

It is true that engaging a personal fitness trainer is more costly than working out by yourself. However, it should be  understood that, to achieve long-term results, it is best to seek the services of a sports master, one who will guide your efforts toward building and sculpting your body.

  • Should you settle on a fitness center or health club:

There are advantages as well as drawbacks to this solution because you are paying both for the use of the gym and your personal trainer's fees.

Starting from around £20 for a no-frills sports facility, you can make use of sports equipment, and perhaps participate in group sessions.

But, if your sole desire is to work one on one with a sports master, then your membership cost could be higher, averaged out over a one-year period.

  • You prefer an in-home personal trainer:

The price depends on your coach and his/her bespoke fitness plans. You should reason to spend at least £60 on the average per workout session in your home.

And, there is the question of what equipment to buy: mats, weights, special clothing, shoes and accessories that will optimise your fitness gains.

Other than clothing and shoes, your fitness guru should make use of everyday items already in your home to provide strength and conditioning.

You could negotiate a lower rate for yourself with your fitness trainer by asking if s/he would conduct a small group session in your home for a few weeks. Invite a few of your besties to share the cost and you may get away with a mere £20 per workout fee.

  • You have discovered that a Superprof fitness expert, in your home or online, is the way to go!

A level, reasonable price is this solution's greatest appeal. Over the course of your subscription – one month, three months or a year, you stand to find rates as low as £15 per session.

Enticing for its price alone, this workout solution is tailor-made for those motivated persons who find no problems with working out alone, at home, guided by their online personal trainer.

No matter which method suits you best, you now have decided reasons to find your perfect workout leader.

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