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As individuals, we’re constantly striving to manage our increasingly busy lives, whilst as a society, we’re becoming increasingly preoccupied by our health, fitness and wellbeing. With everything we’re trying to juggle, how do we make time for health? And how to we ensure that the time that we dedicate to our fitness is well-spent? This is where a personal trainer or sports coach comes in.

It’s a personal trainer’s job to instruct and assist you in achieving your fitness goals, and even to help you to set those goals in the first place. Your coach will possess the knowledge, skills and abilities required to create you a safe and effective training plan, then they’ll support you in completing each session by offering encouragement, inspiration and feedback. Your personal trainer will be as invested in your training as you are, they will motivate, coach and care for you throughout your fitness journey.

Sounds perfect right? Whether you have specific fitness goals in mind or need support in setting a direction for your training, browse Superprof for an online personal trainer and start your fitness journey from the comfort of your own home.

<h3>The benefits of working with an online personal trainer</h3>

The human anatomy is complex and knowing how far you can push yourself can be tricky; it’s not uncommon that you pay the price for overtraining and incorrect practice with injury or muscle imbalance.

Personal trainers have a working knowledge of the human anatomy and the concepts of functional exercise, as well as an understanding of the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise science. They possess this knowledge so that you don’t have to, which means that they can help you to push yourself and achieve your goals safely, minimising your risk of injury and maximising the efficiency of your training. Your rest days are as important as your training days, and your personal trainer will make sure you observe them without feeling guilty!

As much as the internet is a fountain of knowledge (or a bombardment of information for some), everyone is different and our bodies response to exercise in very different ways. Unlike that video tutorial on the internet, your personal trainer will assess your fitness levels, establish your background in exercise and gauge your strengths and weaknesses before designing a training program that is completely tailored to your needs and abilities. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are seeking rehabilitation for an injury, your personal trainer will adapt your sessions accordingly.

Fitness is not always an upwards curve of improvement. There are plateaus and dips; sometimes you’ll feel like you’re going downhill and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re not going anywhere at all. This is completely normal, but it can be incredibly hard to stomach. Your sports coach has both personal and professional experience of this, not only will they be able to empathise with you, but they’ll help keep your spirits high and find ways for you to push through that plateau.  This support is invaluable as it’s often at these moments that individuals become disillusioned and give up.

Sometimes the hardest part of your training session is getting started, even though you know you’ll feel great afterwards. Your personal trainer will hold you to account so that you don’t find yourself skipping sessions and then feeling disappointed with yourself later.

<h3>What to expect in your first online session with a personal trainer</h3>

During your first session your trainer will want to assess your health and fitness levels, so you’ll probably do more talking than exercise. You should expect to do some paperwork to give your trainer details of you contact information, medical history, current fitness level and lifestyle choices.

Next your personal trainer will take some measurements that will help them to track your progress over the course of your program, these might include your weight; measurements of your hips, waist, chest, butt, arms and legs; and your body fat percentage. They may also do some flexibility and fitness tests.

Your personal trainer will ask you about your fitness goals. But don’t worry if you don’t know what they are – they can help you to create them. Put some thought into why you’ve hired a personal trainer in the first place before you go to your session too, this will help you to establish your motivation and aspirations.

Once you have set some goals your trainer will design your personal program to help you to meet them. Many trainers will also discuss nutrition with you but remember that a personal trainer is not a nutritionist. They will discuss how best to fuel up for your sessions, as well as how you can feel energised and stay healthy by improving your diet, but you shouldn’t expect them to provide you with a comprehensive nutrition plan.

If you do manage to fit a workout in too, expect your trainer to run you through some fundamental cardio and strength exercises, as well as a good practice for warming up and warming down.

<h3>How to find a personal trainer</h3>

Personal trainers are in high demand. This means that there are a lot of them about, but your choice may well be limited by your budget and their availability.

Many personal trainers work in-house at leisure centres or gyms, so that may well be your first port of call. Their rates will depend on their arrangement with the centre, some will charge according to the gym’s rates whilst others will set their own rates or charge a supplementary amount on top of gym membership.

You could also look for recommendations from friends, this can be a good way to get a foot in the door with a highly sought-after instructor.

Finally, you could type in ‘personal trainer near me’ on a search engine and see what the results turn up.

With limitations on our time and the availability of local personal trainers, more and more individuals are seeking personal fitness training online.

<h3>Why work with an online personal trainer</h3>

There are pros and cons to working with an online fitness trainer: it may not be for everyone but can be the most efficient and targeted way for you to improve your fitness.

By engaging with personal trainers online, you benefit from the possibility of working with sports professionals from around the world. This gives you the luxury of choice in your personal fitness journey: work with some of the most well-regarded fitness trainers no matter their location or seek out specialists in niche areas. Thanks to online personal training you’re no longer limited to the instructors at your local gym.

Online personal training can also be much less expensive than face-to-face sessions. There is a downside to this: as you’re not training with our instructor, you lose out on their eye and feedback on your form. However, as the demand for personal training rises, prices are inflating. By working with your instructor online, you will often find that a comprehensive training plan for the month costs little more than 1 or 2 sessions with an instructor at the local gym.

Online personal training gives you immense freedom when it comes to the time and location of your sessions so you can easily fit it into your schedule. Your personal trainer will deliver your session plan to you electronically for you to access no matter where you are – away on business or on a family holiday – and you’re not restricted to gym opening hours to train, so you’ll never have an excuse to miss a session.

Face-to-face instructors rarely commit time to communicating with their clients outside of their sessions, but many online personal trainers will offer you support and encouragement no matter what day it is. You can usually email any questions or concerns to your trainer and they’re generally happy to give you dietary guidelines too, some even assessing your weekly food journal for you.

You can’t go down to the local gym to find an online personal trainer, so where can you find one? Search engines can be helpful, but when you’re working with a personal trainer online it can be comforting to know that they are accredited by a trustworthy third party. This is where Superprof comes in.

<h3>Find an online personal trainer with Superprof</h3>

Superprof is a platform dedicated to bringing together those who want to learn with those who want to teach. We have a pool of over 2,000 personal trainers who help their clients achieve their fitness goals through online sessions. Our personal trainers come from a range of professional backgrounds and set rates according to their experience and expertise, so you’ll find trainers to fit every budget and fitness goal.

2,000 instructors... Sounds like a lot to choose between! Don’t worry, Superprof makes it simple. Choose your ability level, set your maximum budget, then browse through the results. Once you’ve chosen a few suitable candidates, you can easily compare their backgrounds, methodologies and reviews from previous clients on their profile pages.

Most of our tutors offer a first introductory session free of charge to give you a taste for their style, so there’s really no reason not to try out an online personal training session. Browse our pool of sport coaches now to kickstart your fitness journey!