"The mathematician's patterns...must be beautiful...beauty is the first test; there is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics." -G.H Hardy

Mathematical problems can be made beautiful when flawlessly executed. The intricate details of mathematics are logical and rightly placed when correctly understood. Those who have a more rational mind cannot think of anything more exquisite than the academic discipline of mathematics. 

Nevertheless, not all of us were born to follow the steps of Einstein. Many individuals, including myself, struggle with understanding the principles of fundamental mathematical aspects such as trigonometry, geometry, calculus, and algebra.

While some basic maths subjects are studied in primary and secondary school, some the previously mentioned subjects such as advanced algebra and calculus are reviewed in later years of schooling to prepare for specific degrees in economics, medicine, or engineering. 

Also, since we are focusing on calculus, the mathematical study of continuous change, we are here to instruct our dear UK readers about where to find a professional calculus tutor near them for those who are having some academic difficulties; it happens to the best of us!

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one-to-one learning
Teachers mean well; therefore, it is not their fault that they cannot provide one-to-one assistance to all students. (Source: pixabay)

Struggling with any academic discipline can be downright heartbreaking for the pupil, the parents, and the educators. Of all subjects studied throughout primary and secondary school, there is one subject that frequently comes up as being the most difficult.

Which Subject is That?

Without a doubt, the most complicated academic discipline for pupils in the United Kingdom is maths. Reasons for this include a lack of understanding, large-sized classes where the teacher does not have time to take care of every student individually, and a flawed curriculum from the education board. 

Nevertheless, there is no need to fret! Plenty of solutions exist to remedy the issues experienced when analysing maths. For instance, probably the best resolution is hiring a private tutor that is an expert in all things mathematics.

The following are some of the best reasons for completing maths tutoring classes for children, pre-teens, teenagers, and adults:

  • Boost of Confidence: after some failed exams and discouraging moments of thinking that you will never pass maths subjects such as calculus, a private tutor is like a breath of fresh air. For example, individual educators help their pupils gain confidence by commending them for their efforts and encouragingly provide them with the tips they need to master calculus. After passing some moments of embarrassment for asking questions in maths class, confidence is slowly gained again through the magic of private tutoring.
  • One-to-One Attention: the greatest failure of education systems in the world is the fact that there is not much time for personalised attention. It's important to state that teachers do not plan to neglect a student meaningly; however, there simply isn't enough time for everyone. Also, it may be tough for professional educators in a classroom setting to pinpoint the mathematics issues a pupil is having. Therefore, by hiring a private educator that spends much time with the affected individual, excellent progress in calculus is achieved.
  • Available Study At All Times: while secondary schools and universities have specific times of the year when everyone is on break, private tutors can be consulted at all times. This is the perfect solution for those who are having a hard time and need to catch up during the summer or winter holidays. Your calculus professor will be impressed by your dedication and soaring grades.

While there are countless reasons for hiring a tutor when analysing calculus, the previously mentioned reasons are 100% truthful and if they aren't enough to convince you we don't know what will!

Nevertheless, many teenagers and young adults may not be accustomed to making decisions on their own, and the fact of choosing a private tutor from the overwhelming amount of options may seem more stressful than helpful. Therefore, to make the search more endurable, we shall focus on hiring tutors from the internet's best private educator locator: Superprof!

What are some basic calculus equations and examples?

The Best Calculus Educators in the United Kingdom

From the Isles of Scotland to the cliffs of England, the United Kingdom is a diverse land with so much history. Known for its Royal Family, Aston Martin's, spectacular tea, bangers and mash, and some of the best musical exports of all time (Oasis, Adele, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Coldplay), the UK has everything a person could want.

Such as is the case in many lands, across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, foreigners and natives have flocked to the major cities for educational, social, political, and economic reasons. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the best tutors specialising in a wide range of topics can be found there.

We'll focus on finding calculus tutors in London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, and Belfast. 

Calculus Tutors London

writing down calculus problems
When you don't understand anything anymore, it is time to hire a private calculus tutor. (Source: pixabay)

The largest and most cosmopolitan city in the UK has something for everyone. Not only is London a mecca for migrant workers and tourists, but it is also a major education centre in Europe. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of maths tutors. 

While sites such as Tutorful, Tutorhunt, and Preply have thousands of private educators offering their services; however, none of them is on par with the brilliance of Superprof tutors. 

According to our site, there are currently 106 calculus tutors offering remedial lessons in person or online. Reviews are glowing for the vast majority of tutors with many happy students providing positive feedback. For example, Tracey has received 10 five star reviews and charges £45 per hour for her online lessons; she specifies in teaching mathematical subjects and has the qualifications to back up her knowledge.

Also, it is worth mentioning that prices for London-based tutors range from £14-95 per hour depending on qualifications and previous experience. 

What are the origins of calculus?

Calculus Tutors Birmingham

Known as England's "second city", Birmingham has a significant metro area with many qualified professionals in a variety of sectors.

Struggling calculus tutors have the hope to learn!

Based on the most updated version of the Superprof website, there are currently 16 tutors that offer classes for learning more about calculus in the Greater Birmingham area. Take Nour for example, she is originally from Lebanon but has now immigrated to the UK and offers brilliant calculus lessons for only £9 per hour.

Did I read that correctly, only £9?! 

We recommend reviewing the other educators' profiles to find one that suits your needs.

Calculus Tutors Cardiff

Cardiff is a diamond in the rough hidden away from the rest of the UK in the Western part of the island. Nevertheless, Cardiff is a significant sporting town and has gained a very favourable reputation in recent years.

Also, since it is the educational hub of Wales, there are many university students and graduates looking to make a few extra pounds by offering their tutoring services. The most common subject that is tutored to individuals is mathematics. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that there calculus tutors available in Cardiff. 

Consider checking the bulletin/announcement boards at universities to see the potential tutors providing remedial lessons. In addition, the Superprof site registers five professional and engaging calculus tutors in the Cardiff region. Prices are from £10 to £25 an hour.

Calculus Tutors Glasgow

not too expensive private tutoring
You don't need to break the piggy bank or take out a loan to hire a private tutor for calculus lessons. (Source: pixabay)

With Glasgow as the largest metropolitan area in Scotland (sorry Edinburgh, you're trailing behind), there are many distinct educational, professional, and economical options open to its citizens.

Some of the best academic institutes in the UK are located in Scotland, and many educated ones offer private tuition classes for those in need of educational assistance. 

Pupils in need of help to prepare for their calculus exams are smart to consider the expertise of Superprof's tutors. For instance, there are 24 Glasgow-based maths educators offering private online or in-person sessions in calculus; review their profiles to find the best one for you!

Calculus Tutors Belfast

With just a little under 1.9 million inhabitants, Northern Ireland is the territory with the least amount of citizens in the UK. Many of NI's population is located in its largest city Belfast.

Belfast is small yet powerful! 

Similar to all relatively large cities in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, it is relatively simple to find a tutor for any type of academic discipline and calculus is of no exception. Though not all maths tutors specialise in calculus, there are two Belfast-based tutors currently offering their services to struggling university or A-Level students. 

One of the tutors, Willy, has over 20 years of experience teaching some of the world's most complex topics such as astrophysics, natural science, and physics; therefore, calculus is a piece of cake for him!

There is no doubt about it, Superprof is the best online resource to find professional calculus tutors working near you at a time most convenient for you. Also, want to know the best part? All of the first lessons are 100% free of charge!

Hire a Superprof calculus tutor today to remedy your academic woes!

Did you know that many calculus resources can be found online?

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