"Calculus is the most powerful weapon of thought yet devised by the wit of man." -W.B Smith

Although the previously stated quote is 100% true, students who are struggling with the mathematical subject of calculus may fail to appreciate its relevance and overall use.


Lack of support from academic advisors in the classroom setting, multiple failed examinations/quizzes, and complete frustration from trying to understand what is being taught, are all valid reasons why A-Level and university students begin to despise calculus. 

Nonetheless, calculus is an essential topic is can be defined as the study of continuous movement and can be broken down into two sections: derivative calculus and integral calculus. 

Calculus is indispensable in the professional sectors of economics, medicine, engineering and many more. Without the useful techniques of calculus, the rapidly changing world would be complicated and take longer to calculate.

The best aspect of calculus is its primary applicability and utility, discovering the rate of change of functions and calculating variables. Honestly, there are many parts of your life and things that you own that have been figured out due to calculus. Are you growing an appreciated for calculus yet?

Realising the overall uses of calculus does not happen overnight; it may take time. Nevertheless, we are confident that by finding highly recommended online resources such as sites, podcasts, and apps will make the process of acquiring essential calculus bases more enjoyable!

The Best Calculus Websites

learning about calculus
Searching the web can be an exhausting process to find useful calculus websites; nevertheless, it can be done successfully! (Source: Unsplash)

With millions and millions of websites currently online covering a wide range of topics, it may seem almost impossible to find hugely suggested sites to learn more about calculus.

However, there are some individuals who have completed extensive research to find the best calculus websites of all time. It is vital to bear in mind that while a few people may suggest some sites, on the other hand, others may recommend different online resources. 

How Can This Issue Be Solved? 

By revising all of the online resources suggested by the experts you have talked to, it is crucial that you come to your own conclusion and find calculus-based sites that suit your unique needs; whether you're in secondary school or university.

Without further delay, the following are Superprof's well-informed choices for the best calculus sites:

  • Weebly: perhaps lacking a few stunning graphics to effectively engage younger students, the valuable information about calculus and algebra featured on Weebly more than makes up for the lack of website design. The original PDF documents featured on the site were initially produced by Philip Lloyd for teachers and students in the last years of secondary school in the United States; the equivalency or A-Levels in the UK. Calculus topics considered on the Weebly site include a short guide to calculus, simple derivatives, sketching polynomial graphs, maximum problems in realistic contexts, rate of change, and velocity and acceleration problems; the choice is yours to review! Also, we highly recommend revising the exam preparation section to practice questions to ensure success and confidence in the future.
  • TheMathPage: with the opening quote of "never believe the math teacher", experts at the TheMathPage firmly believe that students should practise self-guided learning when revising essential topics such as calculus. With the recently constructed webpage, learning calculus on TheMathPage is a brilliant way to solidify previously grasped concepts. Calculus topics featured on the site include continuous versus discrete, limits, infinity, uninterrupted functions, rules for derivatives, maximum and minimum values and many more! We highly recommend taking a peek at TheMathPage website to learn more about calculus effectively.

While the world wide web is filled with plenty more online resources about calculus, we are 100% certain that the two previously mentioned websites will be all you need when reviewing calculus at an A-Level or university grade; have trust in knowing that Superprof knows things like this!

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Most Instructive Calculus Applications

learning electronically
The applications on your phone are not just for social networking, many useful subjects such as calculus can be acquired. (Source: Unsplash)

Although we acquire a great deal of information in the classroom setting, taking the time to review fundamental theories and concepts of calculus during school breaks or weekends sets students apart from the rest and launches them towards success!

Also, even while commuting to your Uni or A-Level classes, calculus information can be revised on the go; how's that? 

The answer is by downloading practical applications about calculus onto your cellular phone. Stop scrolling through Instagram or Facebook for the tenth time since 8 am and learn something useful!

The following options are the best mobile apps for learning calculus: 

  • Calculus Pro: developed by Larry Feldman for the App Store, Calculus Pro has excellent reviews from past users and is probably one of the best calculus-based application on the market. It can be downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad for a small fee that is charged to your credit card if you have an iTunes account. Nevertheless, like everything in life, some downsides include the fact that it is unavailable for Android users and that the interface is not very aesthetically pleasing. Advantages of the Calculus Pro app include its user-friendliness, usefulness, and wide range of sample exercises for topics such as limits, continuity, differentiability, optimisation, derivative tables, and double integrals to name a few. There are tutorials, examples, and solvers for each calculus topic. Also, the application creator, Feldman, warmly welcomes comments, questions, and suggestions.
  • Calculus for Beginners: if your goal is to study for calculus topics before attending a calculus university programme or A-Level calculus, we hugely recommend the Calculus for Beginners application that is available for download off the Google Play Store for Android users. The app has been beautifully designed by Pker Productions to aid those who have a basic knowledge of some calculus topics yet want to brush up their skills. Nevertheless, the app should not be viewed as a substitute for the textbook. Receiving a 4.4 out of a 5-star review on the Play Store, Calculus for Beginners has helpful graphs and explanations. However, it's important to state that it is only available on the Play Store for Android.

Other informative calculus applications that are worthy of recommendation include Learn Calculus, Brilliant, Khan Academy, and Cymath, to name a few; they can all be downloaded either off the Play or App Store.

Technology has made learning on the go so much more interactive and possible. Your cellphone can become a powerful learning tool that is not just used for taking selfies and scrolling through the pages of social media. By using your time wisely, to learn calculus, you will reap fantastic benefits.

In the following subheading, we shall discuss the best podcasts to acquire more information about calculus.

webcams and podcasts
Learning by listening to podcasts is frequently done today; even for subjects such as calculus. (Source: Unsplash)

Podcasts were not very popular 15 years ago; however, in the past five years, it seems as if they couldn't be MORE well-liked. There are podcasts currently available in literally all types of subjects. From personal care to rocket science, there's a podcast that describes the topic in an engaging way that is, to some people, much more interactive than reading a series of articles.

Therefore, without further ado, the following are the best calculus-based podcasts available for download:

  • Khan Academy Calculus: Khan Academy, in the education sector, is an industry leader that provides fantastic and truthful information about all types of academic topics. The calculus-based podcasts are some of the best available for download. Themes include line integrals and vector fields, introduction to the surface integral, limit examples, and indefinite integration. All podcasts have a duration of approximately 10-14 minutes and can easily be listened while on your way to work. Check out the Khan Academy Calculus podcast on Player FM or Apple Podcasts.
  • The C-Word - Talking Calculus with Steven Strogatz: produced by The Numberphile Podcast that is recorded at the Royal Society in London and focuses on information about various types of maths subject, The C-Word episode is brilliant for listeners who want to become more familiar with calculus and its multiple concepts. Published on The Numberphile podcast 25 weeks ago, Steven Strogatz's discussion about calculus is just over 51 minutes long. Listeners are assured quality since Strogatz has dedicated his entire life to the study of maths; so he knows what he's talking about! Visit Player FM to listen to The C-Word.

We highly suggest looking through the pages of Player FM and Apple podcasts to listen to various podcasts before deciding on the best one or two for you; let's face it, you won't have time to be subscribed to five or more podcasts about calculus!

In conclusion, using online resources such as well-known websites, useful apps, and informative podcasts to learn calculus is a brilliant way to stay up-to-date with all the concepts studied in the discipline of analysing the eternally changing world. 

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