"The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles." -Unknown

Everybody wants to have a successful life that they enjoy and feel proud to call theirs. However, to be successful a lot of hard work and perseverance is necessary to achieve goals at work or in your personal life. Yet, nothing in this life is impossible!

So, how does one become one of the most successful, equipped, and talented computer programmers in the UK? By reading this article!

Without further delay, in today's blog, we shall prepare aspiring coders with all the necessary information to become successful and enjoy what they do.

What is Computer Programming?

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Learning distinct coding languages is a major asset. (Source: Unsplash)

Before the commencement of a field of study has begun, one must be aware of the options available to them and what is included in that specific sector of study. Therefore, before a person even thinks about the idea of selecting a career in software development, and more specifically computer programming, the job must be described to them.

So, what is computer programming? Is it a non-stop thrill ride that never has any dull moments? Well, that mostly depends on you and what you take out of it. But it is quite a rewarding type of work that can be defined as the process of designing and building computer programs that complete a specific task or computing result.

Computer programmers use code and distinct programming languages to design and create patterns that are used daily by users on smartphones, tablets, or PCs. 

The most common tasks undertaken by computer programmers include things such as the following:

  • Testing,
  • Debugging, 
  • Source Code Maintenance, 
  • Building Systems, 
  • Management of Artifacts. 

And, as briefly mentioned above, computer programmers are trained to do all these tasks by using a programming language that is specific to the software or hardware in question. What are some of the coding languages? Different types of the computer programming language used include:

  • C++, 
  • C, 
  • Pascal, 
  • Fortran, 
  • Java, 
  • Perl Language, 
  • PHP Language, 
  • LISP Language, 
  • Scheme Language. 

All of these computing languages are designed to complete both imperative and declarative computer paradigms; which are all necessary for software development and maintenance.

Computer programmers have to possess skills such as problem-solving, an affinity for maths, tech-savviness, adaptability, and concentration to address issues that are presented on the daily. If you think you've got it, we highly recommend studying computer programming since it is a job that shows no signs of decline now and in the future.

What Can I Do With a Computer Programming Degree?

After getting the necessary training in computer science and programming at either a university, vocation college or through online courses, you are ready to join the job force and make a dent in the tech world. Nonetheless, many individuals may feel uncertain about what types of jobs are available for those who have a computer programming degree.

Have no fear, Superprof is here to save the day yet again! The following are some of the best jobs for computer programming geniuses:

  • Software Application Developer: do you like apps and coding? If so, the perfect job for you is a software application developer. Software application developers work in a specific field of computing and are recommended to have at least a Bachelor's in Computer Science. Their main tasks are to ensure that apps are running slowly on the phones and tablets of users and to address problems that may occur.
  • Computer Systems Engineer: becoming a computer systems engineer is a creative career for tech-savvy individuals who love to use programming and code to assure cybersecurity and effectiveness on the networks of their customers. A computer systems engineer is often in frequent contact with their clients which is great for computer programmers who are more social in nature.
  • Cloud Computing Analyst: a relatively new field of work, a cloud computer analyst is ideal for an individual who enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in the tech world and who enjoys troubleshooting concepts that were never seen before. Cloud maintenance works make sure that migrating information to the cloud is effortless for users. A median salary of nearly £100,000 per year is common for experienced cloud computing analysts.
  • Computer Programmer: for those who want to work in the general field of computer programming solving software issues and completing regular maintenance to make sure systems are running correctly, a computer programmer position is perfect for you. Having an overall knowledge of all things code and being fluent in multiple programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, C++, and Python are major assets for future computer programmers.

It is important to state that not only are the previously mentioned jobs interactive for computer programmers, but they are also a few of the most in-demand employment positions right now; win-win!

Also, for those who want to impart their wisdom of computer programming to others, it is a brilliant idea to offer tutoring classes on reputable sites.

Where Can I Find a Programming Tutor?

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Tutors lead an extremely rewarding life helping others. (Source: Unsplash)

Has it been a few years since your computer programming course and you want to brush up on the newest skills of software development? Do you need to acquire a basic understanding of computer coding to be eligible for some of the best jobs? If so, there is one solution that will work best for you: hiring a private tutor.

The private tutoring industry has been booming in recent years and has made its way online to reach millions of people all over the world to instruct individuals about thousands of topics.

Whether you are using a tutor to acquire knowledge about knitting, sushi making, or computer programming, you have the option to study with the instructor online or in-person. But, what are some of the benefits of learning with a tutor? The following are a few advantages of tutoring:

  • Adaptability: classes are at the hour you want, with the tutor you want, and where you want if you decide to study online with a computer programming instructor. This makes learning more accessible and flexible to all despite their crazy schedules.
  • Price: tutors offering their services on large online tutoring communities know that to attract potential clients, prices must be slow and affordable to all and that is what is done for learners of all ages.
  • Experienced Educators: the majority of educators offering tutoring classes have years of experience and fancy qualifications to boast which makes classes more engaging and instructional.

While all of the previously mentioned points are true and irrefutable, one might wonder, where can I find a programming tutor near me? Have no fear, Superprof is here to save the day!

Offering both online and in-person lessons to pupils, Superprof tutors are diverse, experienced, and engaging. According to our website, there are hundreds of computer programming tutors in the UK's largest cities such as London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Belfast, and Cardiff, to name a few.

A bonus of choosing Superprof tutors to learn more about computer programming is that over 95% of instructors offer their first lesson completely free of charge!

What are the Best Universities to Study Computer Programming?

While there is nothing wrong with taking computer programming courses online or through short-term vocational training to start working in the software development sector, it is important to state that to be eligible for the best jobs, a university degree is recommended.

So, what are the best Unis in the UK to complete a further education course in a computer programming related field? The following is a brief list of universities offering the most greatly suggested computer science programmes:

  • University of Oxford: recently voted one of the top ten universities in the United Kingdom, the University of Oxford is excellent in every single way. Also, it's worth stating that the four undergraduate computer science programmes are the cream of the crop and boast over 95% employment rates for graduates.
  • University of Cambridge: another prestigious Uni in the UK is the University of Cambridge for its worldwide reputation of greatness and it's worth stating that all computer science programmes are fantastic and possess glowing testimonials from past students. Students of computer science at Cambridge are blessed with the best teachers who instruct pupils programming languages, distinct code, and the debugging of advanced algorithms.
  • Queen's University Belfast: offering 14 computer science degrees, the Queen's University Belfast is the number one choice for aspiring computer programmers in Northern Ireland. All courses for undergraduates last between 3-5 years depending on the expertise.

We recommend checking out whatuni.com to get even more information about potential universities offering computer science degrees.

But why do I keep mentioning computer science? Are we not talking about computer programming in today's article? Yes. However, it is important to state that at a university level, computer programming and coding classes are encompassed in computer science. So, learners grasp information about computer programming and other aspects of software development at the same time; it's the best of both worlds!

Can You Learn Programming Online?

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Working as a programmer or software developer is increasing in demand all over the world. (Source: Unsplash)

Online learning has become a behemoth industry in 2020 and it is showing no signs of slowing down shortly. Therefore, we must all adapt and be ready to acquire essential concepts over the internet. But, what about computer programming? Are there any online courses available to learners in the UK? Of course!

The following are a few courses that are available for aspiring programmers online:

  • Complete Coding for Beginners by Hudson: a self-paced online course for beginners who want to start working the software development industry, this course offered by Hudson is a steal for a little less than £1000.
  • Pluralsight: known for excellent courses in the field of computer programming, Pluralsight has various coding and programming courses depending on the area of expertise and skillset of the online learner.
  • General Assembly: the coding "boot camps" and computer science courses on the General Assembly website are great options for those who want to take programming courses to advance in their career while working at the same time.
  • Codecademy: founded in 2011, Codecademy is a brilliant option for coding and programming beginners who have a small budget. Try it out today!

All of the previously mentioned online courses merit attention for virtual learners. Also, it is important to mention that taking online computer programming classes is a fantastic possibility for working professionals, busy parents, or students who want to always continue their knowledge.

In conclusion, we are confident that all the information we have provided in today's article is enough to guide aspiring computer programmers in the right direction. Let's get coding!

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