"The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow." -Bill Gates

We can't beat around the bush anymore, we are obsessed with the internet and need it to survive our mundane lives. You might have just read the previous section and been like, 'I am so NOT obsessed,' but now answer this question, could you last a day, a week, or a month without using the worldwide web at least once?

While your answer to that question is completely personal and requires thought and meditation, we should all be aware of our dependence on the internet. And, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being connected to the internet. It's the way the world has been shaped and to stay relevant we need to remain online, no matter our age, upbringing, or culture.

Also, it's worth stating that the invention of the internet has brought so many wonderful things to the world we are living in. Such as? As the Bill Gates quote mentioned at the onset highlights, we are becoming a global village that feels much more connected than ever before. We have information much faster than in decades previous to the internet's invention. And, last but not least, we can learn valuable things through online education tools.

Therefore, to focus on the fact that the internet is a wonderful education aid, in today's article, we shall mention how interested individuals can learn about computer programming and coding online.

The Gradual Dominance of Online Learning

Before determining where, how, and when a person can learn more about programming online, it is important to start from the beginning and determine why online learning became such a beast.

For example, while receiving remedial from a tutor to help learn more about an academic discipline such as maths, science, or history has been around for a few decades due to major holes in the National Education System, online tutoring has become commonplace in the past decade shaping the world of education.

Also, as a result of the digital age, we are more closely connected than ever before and the internet is so commonplace that a person without a WiFi connection at their home might as well be a martian! So, to continue being relevant and to keep up with the trends of the new age, regular face-to-face tutoring sessions have moved online and are taking place remotely.

Not only is online tutoring trying to carry on with the times we are living in but so is the entire education industry. In what way? Well, many universities in the public sector, and further education centres in the private sector, are listening to what the people want and are offering their courses online to be more accessible to what modern individuals need. Therefore, it is not uncommon for major Unis in the UK, and abroad, to offer a course option for both in-person classes and online. And, if that's not possible there is a selection of degrees that can be taken solely online.

Although online learning will most likely never overtake the hands-on experience of in-person courses at a higher education centre with classmates and a qualified professor, there are so many advantages to acquiring knowledge of things such as computer programming and coding online. Such as? Read the following subheading to find out more!

The Benefits of Learning Essential Disciplines Online

busy moms
Online courses are a brilliant option for busy moms or other individuals who have a lot on their plate. (Source: Unsplash)

Why should I learn a new academic discipline online? How will that help me to progress in my career? While not all people are sold on the idea of online learning, it has so many advantages that merit specific attention and will convince even the most strict naysayers.

For example, the following are a few of the benefits of taking classes online instead of in-person:

  • Flexible Schedule: a lot of courses that can be studied online are adaptable and self-paced which makes it a perfect option for those who are working full-time.
  • Lower Price: it is no surprise that online courses are much more affordable than those offered at nearby further education centres which makes further learning a possibility for all people.
  • Trains Responsibility: taking self-guided courses and programmes makes a person much more independent and responsible since they are not told how to manage their time as they would have been in a traditional classroom.

All in all, taking computer coding/programming courses online is a wonderful option for those who want to add important skills to their resume while working and without having to take lengthy degrees at Uni.

computer science online
Taking classes online has become a very common aspect of the education system in the 21st century. (Source: Unsplash)

When choosing a computer programming course to study online whether full-time or part-time, there are certain things that an individual must keep in mind to ensure that they are choosing a good quality course. Such as? The following are a few suggestions:

  • Only search for computer programming courses on sites that you trust,
  • See if reputable universities that you recognise have online courses,
  • Check the reviews from past students to see if the course is trustworthy, 
  • Ask a friend in the software development field to suggest an online programming degree. 

If even after following all the previously-mentioned advice you still can't find a coding course, have no fear, Superprof is here to save the day! We shall examine some popular and recommend online computer programming degrees for all types of learners.

Complete Coding for Beginners by Hudson

A very intriguing online computer programming course that equips individuals with all the necessary tools to code and program things like a beginner. The Complete Coding for Beginners by Hudson is online and self-paced and costs £999 including the VAT and the fee for examinations.

Some of the programming languages that are available to learn include SQL, Python, JavaScript, Java, Bash/Shell, HTML, CSS, Ruby, R, C++, and C.

This course is a perfect stepping stone for those who want to start a career in programming or gain experience in software development whilst still working.

Check out the other coding and computer programming courses available through Hudson in the United Kingdom.

Anything from Pluralsight

It would've been inexcusable for us not to mention Pluralsight as an option when discussing IT courses in computer programming. Why? Pluralsight is a global leader in helping people become more tech-savvy for work or pleasure.

Some interesting software development programmes with Pluralsight include the following:

  • Software Development,
  • IT Ops,
  • Information & Cyber Security.

All of the computer programming courses with Pluralsight can be started with a ten-day free trial and gradually studied at your own pace afterwards.

General Assembly

Sometimes conducted in-person but now indefinitely moved online due to COVID-19, the coding "boot-camps" or computer science courses on the General Assembly website are great for those who want to take courses at their own pace for career advancement.

We recommend checking out their website to take courses that include essential computing topics such as Software Engineering Immersive, Data Science Immersive, and Data Analytics, to name a few.

It is important to state that all of the General Assembly's courses are priced differently, some are even free, and have distinct durations.

The three websites that we've mentioned are only a few of the various options for individuals wanting to study computer programming online. Take the time to check out all the possibilities before making a choice.

Tips to Learn Computer Programming

relaxing and calming down
Instead of working too hard and learning nothing, it is highly recommended to take time to refresh your mind when learning computer programming. (Source: Unsplash)

Whether you're learning online with a closely monitored course or in-person at a university level, there is no way to beat around the bush, learning the basics of computer programming is no walk in the park. A lot of hard work and persistent effort is necessary to become a professional computer programmer.

However, since programming and coding are used everywhere and by many people, it is possible to receive indispensable advice to make the learning process more attainable and acquire information more quickly. Also, to be eligible for the best jobs in the tech world, or any other domain for that matter, it is wise to follow the advice of more qualified individuals in the world of computer programming.

Therefore, the following are some of the best tips and tricks to follow when studying computer programming:

  • Practice What You Learn: instead of burying your head in books of theory and programming regulations, it is much better from the get-go to play with the code while you're learning it. So, after learning a new technique or aspect of programming language, spend some time on your computer putting it into practice. Try creating and working on your own project to practice new coding and programming material.
  • Look for Help: instead of thinking that you know better than everyone else, find a few people that you trust in the programming world and ask them for advice once and awhile. Also, hiring a private tutor on Superprof to take weekly classes is a brilliant idea to review basic coding concepts and work on weaknesses that you are learning with your online programme. Lastly, the internet is filled with so many different resources that you are bound to encounter some that will give you helpful advice about coding and computer programming.
  • Take Some Breaks: when tackling large projects that are relatively new for you, it is best to take some breaks and complete the work in chunks instead of wasting hours debugging something that you did wrong. Returning to a project that you were assigned as homework with a fresh perspective is a fantastic way to avoid discouragement and establish a programming pattern that you will follow throughout your career.

In all honesty, we could go on and on about effective tips to put into practice when learning how to program, but we are certain that the three previously mentioned pieces of advice are enough to set you off on the right path to code like a boss!

In conclusion, we are certain that the idea of taking a programming course online is a brilliant choice to make your career even brighter than before.

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